Quitriam Finance (QTM) proves a strong challenger to Avalanche (AVAX) and Shiba Inu (SHIB)

The Quitriam Finance platform will provide a savings and lending option for its users through its decentralised exchange. Avalanche and Shiba Inu have shown strong price action in the previous few weeks and the QTM presale is going to end soon. Let’s find out if these three cryptocurrencies can provide you with good returns in the near future.

Quitriam Finance might rally as retail investors accumulate huge volumes

The Quitriam Finance presale has attracted retail investors who are busy accumulating huge volumes, and the QTM Token could rally soon after the listing process is completed.

The Quitriam Finance platform consists of a decentralised multichain AMM, an incubator platform, and DeFi yield farming options.

The Quitriam Finance platform will work on multiple blockchain networks and will enable users to get the best possible rates, as the order can be fulfilled through different blockchains rather than relying on a single network.

Users will also be able to earn a passive source of income by staking the QTM Token. The DeFi portal will charge a flat fee at the rate of 2% rather than a dynamic fee model. A stablecoin will be introduced for easy farming options, and will be known by the ticker QT and backed by the Quitriam Finance treasury wallet at all times.

In addition, Quitriam Finance will also function as a launchpad incubator service allowing upcoming interesting projects to launch tokens on the decentralised exchange site.  Given the wealth of services being provided by the QTM team, it could attract institutional investors in the future and is a good bet for the potential long-term future. You could benefit from purchasing the QTM Token during the presale period as the prices are very attractive and low.

Avalanche offers $15 million incentives for a planned metaverse

The Avalanche network has announced incentives worth $15 million for a planned metaverse platform. It will help users and project developers launch metaverse applications on the Avalanche platform, and the subnet feature launched recently will also allow users to migrate to the metaverse easily. In addition, AVAX also has plans to integrate KYC to its subnets providing greater accountability and transparency. The AVAX Token has remained range-bound for the previous month but has also displayed signs of consolidation and a bullish rally cannot be ruled out in the near future. With multi-chain integration almost completed through the subnets, large-scale adoption could follow soon and help in a price rise for the AVAX Token.

Shiba Inu marches ahead with metaverse 

The Shiba Inu ecosystem has recently launched a land plot sale for select buyers on its platform. It will also launch a layer 2 solution known as Shibarium that will help in burning tokens. The Shiba Inu ecosystem has recently also introduced a burn mechanism that has helped in reducing token supply. Shiba Inu is currently built on the Ethereum blockchain but the launch of Shibarium will provide another option for the community. It will also help in bringing down gas prices and achieving quicker transactions. The SHIB Token might see a rally as the metaverse is launched fully.

The Quitriam Finance Token can be considered for the long term along with Shiba Inu and Avalanche. All three tokens have great use cases and are coming up with exciting updates explained above. Always do your own research and build a portfolio through the dollar cost averaging method. Most cryptocurrency investors buy and forget about the coin. However, it is recommended that you keep a tab on the token’s progress to remain updated about developments that could affect the price in the future.

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