Stocks Edge Up After US Confidence Improves in November

Mix sentiments were spread among investors after the data that was released today, as the British data showed a better than expected growth in the final reading of the third quarter, furthermore, the US jobless claims declined last week to give some hope in markets.

However, the US GDP report showed a slowdown in growth during the third quarter as today’s reading came below expectation to reach a growth by 1.8% compared with the previous and the estimated reading of 2.0%.

Noting that Asian stocks ended today’s session in red, while the European and American stocks inclined on the jobless claims and better than expected US confidence.

In Europe DAX jumped nearly 1.0% while CAC 40 rose by 1.1%, on the other hand, the euro returned to the opening levels trading around the 1.3038 level compared with the highest level today of 1.3118, and same thing happened to the pound trading around 1.5666 level.

The yen is trading around the 78.11 level. The AUD rose trading around the 1.0127 level. The CHF is inclined slightly trading around 0.9369 level, on the other hand, the USD returned also to the opening levels trading around the 79.97 level.

As markets returned to the mix view, gold dropped to trade around the $1603.70 level from the opening at $1614.85, while oil is trading around the $99.34 per barrel level.

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