Trade more than 10,000+ products in 15 global markets with SquaredFinancial

With offices in the Seychelles, London, Hong Kong, Geneva, South Africa and the head office in Cyprus, SquaredFinancial covers 15 markets worldwide to cater to traders of all generations, different backgrounds and trading knowledge. It offers retail and institutional clients, partners, and white labels, the most popular stocks, more than 60 Forex pairs, commodities, indices, futures, ETFs, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and more. It has also established a payment solution that enables clients to deposit and receive funds from all over the world through trusted payment providers, while insuring clients’ funds up to USD 1 million.

On another note, clients who prefer passive investments can choose from a series of strong investment programs run by experienced portfolio managers and based on analysis, best practices, Artificial Intelligence and success stories.

“SquaredFinancial is winning the trust of an ever-growing generation of clients looking for a reliable investment partner, and for immediate and secure access to global markets”, stated Husam Al Kurdi, SquaredFinancial CEO. “Despite the challenges posed by the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic and the constantly changing jurisdictions and restrictions imposed by regulations in different parts of the world, we will keep on expanding our product base and optimizing our customer experience to deliver to our clients a seamless trading journey”.