Uniswap Labs Takes Aim at Web3 with New Ventures Division

Key Insights:

  • Uniswap Labs targets Web3 with a new ventures division.
  • The ventures division will focus on broad-ranged projects, including tool development and customer apps.
  • More platforms are likely to target Web3 to drive innovation and Web3 integration into the real world.

It’s been a big first quarter for Web3, which has broken out of its shell as more mainstream players target NFTs, the Metaverse, and beyond.

While it has been an impressive start to the year, Web3 is still nascent and has a long way to go before integration into everyday life.

Investment and innovation remain the key to the success of Web3.

Uniswap Labs Launches Uniswap Labs Ventures to Drive Web3 Innovation

On Monday, Uniswap Labs (UNI) announced the launch of Uniswap Labs Ventures (ULV), a new division targeting Web3.

According to Monday’s announcement,

“Uniswap Labs Ventures will invest in teams at different stages and levels of the Web3 stack, from infrastructure to developer tools and consumer-facing applications.”

The new division aims to support innovation and growth by actively participating in on and off-chain governance and collaborating with communities.

Immediate Uniswap Lab Ventures plans include participation in MakerDAO (DAI), Aave (Aave), Compound (COMP), and Ethereum (ETH) Name Service protocols.

To date, Uniswap Lab Ventures has invested in 11 companies and some native protocols within the Web3 ecosystem.

On Twitter, Uniswap Labs tweeted,

“At Labs, we want to onboard millions of users into the Web3 economy, with the goal of unlocking universal ownership & exchange for all. But we know we can’t achieve our mission alone.”

Uniswap Labs added,

“And in keeping with our ethos of decentralization and community engagement, ULV will be participating in the governance of portfolio protocols. To start, these include @AaveAave, @compoundfinance, @MarkerDao, and @Ensdomains.”

Uniswap Labs is not alone in targeting Web3 through investment and partnership to drive innovation and growth.

Investment Funds Target Web3 to Drive Innovation and Growth

Uniswap Labs Ventures follows in the footsteps of Cake DeFi Ventures (Cake) and FTX Ventures, which are looking to support growth in the Web3 space.

One of the biggest VC names in the game is Andreessen Horowitz, also known as 16z, which raised $9bn to further its involvement in both crypto and tech.

According to Institutional Investor, VCs invested $32.8bn in crypto-based projects in 2021.

The 2021 total was reportedly more than all previous years combined, suggesting another strong year for 2022.

17% of the 2021 total went into NFT start-ups, DAOs, Web3, and the Metaverse.