Who is creating all these new jobs in the US ?

The US federal government reported broad-based gains in jobs for last month, supported by the ADP payroll report and the Non Farms Jobs report released last week, but which industries will be adding over next year?

The information-technology sector is ready to add jobs, while more financial-services firms and the government will be cutting back, according to an evaluation of more than 2,000 executives by Company Executive Board, a research firm. The survey, which questions executives worldwide but is heavily weighted in Northern America, revealed that 64% in the IT sector which includes PC hardware, software and services firms target to add on to their headcount in 2012.

The February payrolls report noted computer-systems design as one of the most powerful sectors, adding ten thousand positions last month. Against this just 27% of fiscal services executives, which include banking, insurance and property worker, plan to add staff this year, and 42% expect to scale back their headcount.

In the payrolls report, finance activities managed to add six thousand positions in last month, but which has come on top of contemporary cuts in the sector. The government sector was most under stress, with just 9% hoping to add staff in the CEB survey compared with 71% planning on cutting jobs.

According to US Statistics Agency information, government continued to cut jobs in last month after trimming about 22,000 positions a month all though 2011. Overall, the human resource managers in the CEB survey were more hopeful for 2012 than they were in 2011. Some 66% of respondents predicted income at their corporations to increase compared with 57% in the prior survey.

Far more inspiring, a majority 52% expect their peers to increase up from 43%. Survey respondents have a tendency to be more hopeful about their own prospects than those of their peers. 


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