The New Year of the Ox 2021: Bullish Holiday Promotions at OctaFX

The worthy mascot to set all this in motion is ‘Ox’ the bull. And he means business since the prize draws and bonuses are exceeding expectations.

Every year the holiday season has its way to pump the trading industry with great offers, promotions, and giveaways for the community. This time is no different. The Forex broker OctaFX has launched a festive and intriguing promotional initiative suiting every trader’s desire.

Furthermore, according to the traditional Chinese calendar, the upcoming year belongs to ‘The Ox.’ How about that? The community indeed has every symbolic reason to be bullish for the future.

So to end this year’s run on an enthusiastic note, the friendly OctaFX mascot ‘Ox’ the bull will guide the trader daily from task to task.

Starting on 7 December 2020, the OctaFX user simply needs to visit the official website’s event page and follow Ox the bull and his instructions. The same goes for clients who operate from within the OctaFX Trading App running on their mobile devices. The more tasks the trader completes, the higher the chance for a reward. The promotion runs daily, on weekends also, and ends on 24 December at 11:59 a.m. The grand opening of gifts takes place on 25 December 2020.

The Challenges

Among the missions that each participant must complete:

  • Solving puzzles
  • Answering quizzes
  • Closing an order while being in profit
  • Giving feedback to OctaFX

What’s in the Box?

The awarded gifts on 25 December 2020 are relatively straightforward:

  • MacBook Pro × 3
  • iPad Pro × 3
  • MacBook Air × 5
  • PlayStation 4 × 5
  • Samsung S20 × 5

These are among the many other gadgets up for the giveaway on that day. Not to mention the OctaFX merchandise, which comes on top of all that. OctaFX has 6,063 (2021×3) gifts during this promotional offer. Not all gift boxes necessarily have content, but every collected gift box is a chance to receive a present. So, the participant could, in fact, draw more than one item.

The Ox hands out Offers to trade like a Bull

As mentioned above, instead of gift boxes, traders could also receive offers for their effort right away as trading bonuses, without waiting for the promotion to reach its finish.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Doubling the profit of a successful order
  • A 5% increase of a new deposit
  • A unique deposit bonus, which is twice as easy to withdraw
  • Instead of the usual 1:500 leverage, if selected, OctaFX can award the winner with a leverage ratio of 1:1000 for trading
  • Cashback: for every traded lot, irrespective of loss or gain, the trader receives 2, 3, or 4 U.S. dollars the very next day, depending on the volume of trades
  • 3, 5, or 10 U.S. dollars as a gift.

Keep in mind, the actual number of offers and trading bonuses is much more extensive. The detailed list is on the OctaFX website’s event page.

Happy holidays and happy trading!

OctaFX is a Forex broker that provides online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to more than two million trading accounts. OctaFX has won more than 30 awards since its inception, including the Best ECN Broker 2020 award from World Finance. The company is well-known for its social and charity activity. It also regularly conducts diverse holiday promotions throughout the year with valuable money and product prizes.

Turn $500 Into A Tesla, 4XC Launches Volume Trading Competition, Win A Tesla Every Month

4XC has created a totally unique competition based on volume

You simply need only $500 to enter the competition and the trader who manages to trade the most volume with this limited amount will win the Tesla, or one of the other two fantastic cash prizes.

Each trader can see their position live on the competition dashboard for full transparency.

The competition is perfect for traders who like to trade volume, what better way to sweeten your trading activity than to be included in a live volume-based trading competition with the chance of winning a Tesla Model 3 for the trader who has traded the most volume, each month, for 10 months.

3 levels of prizes

Not only does the winner of the monthly competition get the Model 3 Tesla, the runners up in place 2, and 3 also get a cash reward of $3000 and $2000 USD withdrawable credit, respectively.

Live trading competition dashboard

On entering the competition, you are automatically linked to the live trading board so you can easily see who you are up against and where you stand in the overall rankings.

Starting from as little as $500, each month the competition is reset so you have a full 30 days (or whenever you register) to trade that volume so you are within a chance of claiming one of the top prizes.

Introducing Partners Benefit

If you already have clients who trade volume, why to introduce them to the offer also, we offer an attractive $5USD/lot for your clients.

Can I use EA’s?

The competition is open to all EA’s, including scalping options.

First volume-based trading competition

Never in the history of the FX industry has a volume competition been held, this is a unique opportunity for existing traders, new traders and IB’s to help their clients gain more form their trading activity in a fun and rewarding way.

How to get involved?

For existing 4XC clients simply request that your wallet be opened to the competition.

For new 4XC clients you need to register on the competition portal to take part.

Key rules:

Any limits on the amount of trading accounts per client to use in the competition?

Yes, you can use up to 100 trading accounts for the competition every month with each needing to be funded between $495-505 USD to enter.

How much does it cost to enter the competition?

There is no fee at all, you simply need to deposit between $495-505 USD per account (max 100 per client) and you must try to generate the highest volume in order to win the prizes.

See the FAQ section to learn the full competition details:

Got more questions?

Contact us to learn more:

The Hidden Opportunities Behind Commodity Trading

Plenty of opportunity is there for short-term gains too, provided that a trader has solid fundamentals and understands how events can ripple through the market. Considering the objects of trading are physical goods such as energies and metals, market movements usually boil down to supply and demand. Both sellers and ultimate buyers are looking for stability in their investments, therefore pricing also comes down to supply and demand.

Traders can come across volatility in the commodities market if the scarcity or abundance of a commodity is affected by events like political turmoil, as is the case with crude oil. However, the market is still very much about the fundamentals: the spotting of long-term general trends that will drive up or down general market prices, and their interplay with short- and medium-term impacts, like the love-hate relation of the USD and gold. Gold is considered to be one of the oldest safe haven assets that investors can turn to when the currency markets are fluctuating.

Considerations making commodities a must-have in every trader’s portfolio

The first such consideration is one of the most overarching trends setting up commodities for a steady path in the long term: population growth. Population growth and growing industrialisation across the globe are setting up energy commodities, and not only, for growth. However, how this growing demand will be allocated among the different energy commodities – think fossil fuels and renewables, but also the varying options under both labels – and which particular commodity will be the largest winner, is anyone’s guess. Generally though, renewables seem like a safer bet while oil and gas will be subject to the contrasting influences of scarcity and fewer use cases as transportation is shifting towards electric vehicles.

Another consideration would be inflation hedging. Growth comes with inflation, which means the same amount of commodities or goods will be worth more currency at a later date. Thus, investors purchasing commodities directly and then selling them later can turn a pretty penny. Holding certain commodities for the long term (commodities with no expiry date) could be a smart use of a portion of one’s savings.

Last but not least, commodities are a valuable asset for portfolio diversification. The foreign exchange market, company stocks, or cryptocurrencies are all appealing to investors, but it is advisable not to keep all eggs in the same basket. Spreading investments across several asset types, and even several commodity types, could help ensure that one falling market does not bring the house down around the investor – while numbers in one market are in the red, good performance in others could balance out the losses.

Trading commodities in the form of CFDs

Besides the fact that commodities are an excellent way to diversify one’s portfolio, there are also an abundance of benefits to be considered when trading commodities in the form of CFDs (Contracts For Difference), as compared to other means to access this market. Buying or selling a CFD of a certain commodity is equivalent to buying or selling a certain amount of the commodity, thus speculating on the price movement, without having to deal with taking ownership of the physical commodity itself. As opposed to trading the commodities physically, CFD trading enables you to speculate on price movements in either direction, which allows you to trade on markets that are heading down as well as up. The other advantage is that you will need a fraction of the amount you would need to buy the commodity itself because CFDs come with high leverage which maximises your buying power. Some of the other advantages of trading CFDs are instant access to the market through one digital platform on a PC or even a smartphone, and ultra-fast execution with low or no fees.

CFDs trading with unlimited leverage

Multi-asset broker Exness offers CFD trading on a variety of commodities, namely precious metals such as gold and silver, and energies like crude oil, giving investors the opportunity to trade commodities online at the market’s best prices and with extremely low trading costs. According to Exness, portfolio diversification is absolutely essential for every investor and our diverse product offering stands as a testimony to it. In addition to offering CFD trading on commodities, the broker also offers CFD trading on stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and currency pairs.

Exness is, to date, the only broker in the world to offer CFDs trading with unlimited leverage. This means that in addition to starting costs for trading being low and minimum deposit requirements non-existent, a trader has unlimited buying power regardless of their trading strategy and can tap into opportunities otherwise unimaginable to investors who don’t have huge sums of money to trade with. Losses can also be incurred as well as profits, this is why Exness offers a negative balance protection policy which makes sure that no trader ever loses more than they invested or enters a balance before zero.

Other benefits include around-the-clock access to the financial markets, a very wide variety of financial assets to choose from, the ability to take both long and short positions and the opportunity to make profit regardless of the market’s direction, and the abundance of risk management tools, such as Take Profit and Stop Loss – predefined parameters closing an order when it reaches a certain price, respectively either secure a profit or prevent a loss.

Aspiring traders need to know their commodities, their main supply and demand sources, and keep an eye out for anything that could alter the balance. Equally important is to make sure that this wealth of opportunities is tapped into through a regulated financial company.

Professional Traders Named RoboMarkets Mobile Platform the Best of 2020

December 14, 2020 – Limassol, Cyprus – RoboMarkets, a company providing trading services to clients all over Europe, announces that it has been awarded the “Best Mobile Trading Platform” prize of the “Professional Trader Awards”. Professional traders voted for the winners.

There are 14 nominations singling out companies that have reached impressive results in technologies and innovations, trading conditions and the quality of trade execution, loyalty programs and client support.

On October 5th, 2020, when the nominees in each category were chosen, open voting started. During three weeks, the organizing committee communicated closely with the professional traders’ community via media partners and trade representatives; also, individual market players trading on professional accounts were polled. All traders were asked to vote for the best companies based on their personal experience. This is how the professional traders’ community chose the winners of “Professional Trader Awards 2020”.

Denis Golomedov, CMO at RoboMarkets:

We are happy that this year the professional traders’ community named RoboMarkets mobile trading platform the best one. R MobileTrader is a complete trading platform that lets you not only trade via a smartphone or tablet but also deposit your accounts quickly, analyze the market efficiently, and get support from our RoboMarkets Live team. Also, at the end of the previous year, we launched a mobile version of R Trader. Now traders can check the prices, control their investment portfolios, and make orders via their gadgets faster and easier than ever else.

About RoboMarkets

RoboMarkets is an investment company with the CySEC license No. 191/13. RoboMarkets offers investment services in many European countries by providing traders, who work on financial markets, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. More detailed information about the company’s products and services can be found at

The ‘Best Copy Trading Platform’ Title Goes to OctaFX

OctaFX is an online broker providing Forex trading services since 2011. They’ve also recently claimed the title as the Best Forex Broker in Asia, too, from Fx Daily Info.

With OctaFX’s app, beginners are able to utilise the copy trading platform directly within the app. You can view the world’s top traders by sorting through multiple options to help you choose the Master Trader that fits your style. Often, the Master Traders reveal their trading strategy, enabling you to select the risk level you’re willing to take on.

According to OctaFX, interest in copy trading grew during COVID-19 pandemic. Interest in the OctaFX platform is steadily growing as the number of new clients tripled in October compared to March 2020 while the monthly trading volume increased by 2.5 times.

OctaFX charges no fees for their copy trading service, but the OctaFX Master Traders do set commissions, which you can sift through, and decide which one is right for you. With more and more people opting for OctaFX, the potential of their platform seems limitless. Especially when you consider their efforts to continuously improve all aspects of their service.

Whether you’re a newcomer seeking to earn additional income or learn the ins and outs of trading or even a trading professional, OctaFX provides you with the tools to prosper. With small deposit minimums, it’s easy for anyone to get started.

OctaFX is a Forex broker that provides online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to more than two million trading accounts. OctaFX has won more than 30 awards since its foundation, including the Best ECN Broker 2020 award from World Finance. The company is well-known for its social and charity activity. It also regularly conducts global and local promotion campaigns with valuable money and product prizes.

FXCubic Announces New Partnership With Multi-Asset Broker M4Markets

FXCubic will provide M4Markets with its proprietary liquidity aggregation and price management systems. More specifically, M4Markets will enjoy FXCubic’s intelligent low latency software for Bridging, Connectivity and Risk Management automation solutions.

FXCubic is a fast-growing low latency and high-performance connectivity provider, based in London and Cyprus offering sophisticated bridging solutions, price aggregation, and risk management software to institutional and retail brokers worldwide.

The CEO of FXCubic, Ege Kozan, commented: “We are overly excited to be trusted by yet another broker who is serious about their technology. M4Markets & FXCubic have a lot in common, as we both aim to be the best in our industries. I am confident that our high-performance liquidity systems, stable pricing and risk management software will help them in their mission to offer a superior trading experience to their clients.

M4Markets is a regulated multi-asset broker offering forex, commodities, and indices for online trading to a global client-base. Built by industry experts with more than 30 years of experience, M4Markets focuses on offering a superior trading experience to traders through cutting-edge technology, low spreads, and lightning fast execution.

Deepak Jassal, Executive Director at M4Markets remarked “At M4Markets we are passionate about offering a technologically advanced trading environment for our clients and partnering with FXCubic will allow us to tap into more depth of liquidity, as well as ensure low latency in trade execution. This partnership perfectly aligns with our growth plans, while more importantly, helps our clients achieve their trading goals.”

For more information about FXCubic and M4Markets visit their respective websites at &

BDSwiss Group Awarded “Best Market Research Provider 2020” by FxScouts

The “Best Market Research Provider 2020” award was recently granted to BDSwiss by FxScouts, one of UK’s most popular industry portals.

The “Best Market Research Provider” award recognises BDSwiss’ consistent efforts to deliver exceptional education and market-leading research services to its global client base of more than 1.5 million registered traders. 2020 has been a milestone year for BDSwiss, as the company has rolled out a number of new tools and services aimed at providing top-quality market research and analysis.

The launch of BDSwiss’ Research Portal, gives traders ample access to the latest financial commentary through world-class market analysis and daily videos. Headed by world-renowned fundamentalist and financial commentator Marshall Gittler, BDSwiss’ Research is internationally acknowledged and regularly quoted by the world’s most prominent media including MarketWatch, Nasdaq and Reuters. It should be noted that Mr Gittler’s 30-year career spans high-profile positions in elite banks, including UBS, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, BoC and Deutsche Bank. As a distinguished investment strategist and fundamental analyst, Marshall has been featured on global news agencies and appeared on CNN, BBC and Bloomberg News.

Always going a step further, BDSwiss complements its research and analysis efforts with a wide range of high-quality educational resources, including live analysis and strategy webinars, educating traders in real-time and enabling them to hear the exclusive insights of industry professionals. BDSwiss Technical Analyst and Professional Trader Frank Walbaum is leading the company’s webinar efforts, delivering a series of morning briefs, weekly outlooks and real-time analysis webinars. An experienced trader, portfolio manager in his own right, Mr Walbaum puts his strategies to the test, in real-time, and in a live MT4 environment.

Commenting on BDSwiss’ most recent award, Head of Investment Research Marshall Gittler states:

“I’m delighted that FXScouts considered us to be the “Best Market Research Provider.” This award recognizes the investment that BDSwiss has made in enhancing customer experience. The company has spared no effort in providing my research team with the tools and exposure necessary to deliver to our traders’ timely financial commentary across markets and geographies. This prestigious award by FxScouts acknowledges our collective efforts and reinforces our determination to provide all investors with actionable research and credible insights of the highest possible standard. It’s our job to empower traders with in-depth analyses to help them make well-informed investing and trading decisions.”

About BDSwiss Group: BDSwiss is a leading financial group of companies, offering Forex and CFD investment services to more than a million clients worldwide. Since its inception back in 2012, BDSwiss has been providing top-class products, a wide range of platforms, competitive pricing and fast execution on more than 250 underlying CFD instruments. BDSwiss Group complies with a strict regulatory framework and operates its services on a global scale under different entities. With over 200 personnel, BDSwiss Group maintains operating offices in Europe and Asia.

M4Markets Rolls out Multi-Asset Trading Platform Metatrader 5

This latest addition showcases the broker’s dedication to creating a cutting-edge trading environment for all its traders. With its extensive capabilities, MT5 offers access to a wider choice of assets improving on many of the functionalities of its predecessor, the leading Metatrader 4 platform.

Commenting on the release of the M4Markets MT5 platform, Executive Director Deepak Jassal noted “We are committed to creating a superior and technologically advanced experience for our clients and will continue to invest in technologies to serve our clients’ needs. Adding the MT5 platform to our range of platforms is the logical step for us as it features advanced functionalities and will create a seamless trading experience for all our clients”.

Some of the features that M4Markets traders will now gain access to include more in-depth analytical tools, EAs, hedging, one click trading and a more user-friendly experience overall. Paired with M4Markets’ ultra-low latency, competitive spreads starting from 0.0 pips, negative balance protection and segregated accounts for client funds, M4Markets’ clients have the opportunity to

gain a competitive edge in the global markets.
For more information:

About M4Markets

M4Markets is one of the fastest growing regulated Forex and CFD brokers with a multi-asset offering and a focus on trader experience. With low spreads and no requotes, segregated trust accounts, ultra-fast execution and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the Seychelles, M4Markets is one of the most trusted brokers. The company is in the process of also applying for a European License

Cryptocurrency Is Plagued by Problems Which IronX May Solve

If no organization works towards eliminating these hindrances, the cryptocurrency industry will never become a legitimate part of the global financial industry. Security is another issue that needs to be taken care of at every step. All along investors have been comfortable trading with the interface of traditional online trading through common trading portals. But cryptocurrency trading presents a completely different perspective compared to conventions. Yet organizations have been vying to make it convenient for traders and investors to create a platform that would effectively balance both formats.

Not losing touch with the basics

The IronX Exchange seamlessly intermingles cryptocurrencies trading with traditional online trading through a common trading portal. Additionally, it also provides benefits to the holders of its native token IRX in using both its platforms IronFX Group trading platform and the IronX Platform providing traditional online trading on spot FX, CFDs, futures, commodities, and much more.

The task of bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto trading has been the mainstay of several crypto enterprises but how many have succeeded? IronX Exchange stands as a successful venture that is the end-solution to many of the existing problems.

Lack of futuristic tech tools

The lack of optimized technical architecture in exchanges makes it less conducive to trading activities. New users who are not acclimatized to the trading atmosphere find it complex to use. IronX has an advanced platform that doesn’t make it complicated for new users. The architecture has been mandated for tackling global-level transactions, error detection, fail-safe modes, encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections, and the undeniable 2-facto authentication through Google Authenticator application.

All the new deposits go-to cold wallets from the stated online system to undisclosed locations. Only a limited number of tokens hee are stored in semi-cold wallets on machines that are doubly protected with locked drives under strict internal operating procedures. The terminal is built with advanced technology that lets users trade without any fuss on the listed IronX currency pairs.

Lack of Liquidity

Most crypto exchanges do not have dynamic order books which means that the list of buyers and sellers is not fastidiously updated. New users then become skeptical about beginning crypto trading. You can’t then blame the investors for not pushing liquidity

Emerging crypto exchanges lack dynamic order booking facilities. In the absence of a continuously updated list of buyers and sellers, new users are skeptical about starting crypto trading. This creates low liquidity in the market, which has been a consistent problem in this industry. Traders often face extensive slippage in trading cryptocurrencies, which makes the digital asset an unpopular investment instrument. The IronX Exchange is all about a coherent melding with traditional online trading to allow access to the FX market with the best and the deepest liquidity available at the global level. It has a dynamic database for new traders with a new set record of 1 million transactions per second.

Fiat money restrictions

Imagine a situation in which an exchange you are dealing with does not allow deposits in fiat money. As a new investor, you will be demotivated and would prefer to withdraw from the idea of entering the market. How will the markets expand if there are no new entrants in the market. This is another problem that hinders progress and IronX exchange believes inaction that allows seamless fiat deposits and withdrawals boosted by the interconnection of the platform with leading crypto-powered financial bodies existing globally.

What will drive innovation?

Innovation can stem either from a future-oriented outlook or when problems emerge but it is the end-user who will benefit and that is an ideal situation. With more and more organizations joining the ranks, it is on them to provide the convenience of easy trading, liquidity, security, and flexibility, according to Yuki Terai Director of IronX Sales in Japan.

IX Social App Makes Trading Accessible to Everyone

Referring to PwC’s Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024 report, Jay Mawji, Managing Director at INFINOX Capital, says that smartphone internet access is on the rise as more and more consumers are capable of accessing the internet on their mobile devices. “Considering that this is the largest singular contributing device to consumer data usage, brokers should be looking to technology to ensure that trading is accessible to traders anywhere and at any time, and this means putting the power of trading in the palm of their hands.”

“IX Social provides clients with the interactive functionality to social trade, see what other traders are doing, and follow and engage with them,” he explains. “Trading can be a lonely place, and the method of social trading allows clients to connect with other successful and profitable traders, and almost emulate their trading style and strategies. Further, once following a certain trader, clients have the ability to have notifications sent to them each time the trader they follow actions a trade.”

Mawji attributes IX Social’s functionality to that of social media platforms such as Instagram, where it allows clients to ‘like’ certain trades of the traders they follow, even going so far as to comment on them and to converse about why a specific trade was chosen. Apart from merely trading on the app, IX Social also incorporates community group functionalities, where traders can create sub-communities to share information, create an education portal, or even trade as friends. Further, it allows clients to share their trades and the knowledge as to why they were chosen.

This lends to the idea of the app not only making trading accessible, but bridging the education gap and providing potential traders with the knowledge to make informed decisions in future trades. While education in trading is usually learnt over time, the idea behind social trading is being a way to fast track the often lengthy process.

Although there are other apps of its kind on the market, what separates IX Social from its competitors is twofold – the first being a more social element than others, as well as the physical presence of the brokerage behind the app.

“While INFINOX Capital is a large organisation with global representation, we still maintain that we operate as a small organisation, with the ability to converse with INFINOX Capital employees anytime,” notes Mawji. “We understand that any financial transaction involves client’s money, and by putting a face to an otherwise faceless industry builds both trust, confidence, and support.”

INFINOX Capital vets providers that use the app, ensuring that they meet certain criteria before they can offer strategies or share trade ideas with users. This adds an element of security in knowing that the providers that users are communicating and interacting with are in fact real, have integrity, and knowledgeable trading brokers. Furthermore, influencing providers that meet certain criteria also have the ability to be paid a retainer based on their following, engagement and successful quality trading advice offered to others.

With the global landscape being thrust to adopt digital means, the time is rife for the trading industry to follow suit. And with IX Social, the time for potential traders to reap the rewards of trading is now.

IX Social is free for users and available on both iOS and Android platforms. For more information, kindly visit

M4Market Launches New Festive Rebate Promotion for its Clients

M4Markarkets, global Forex and CFD broker announces the launch of their festive rebate promotion which will be exclusively available to all direct clients on the Standard account for a limited period of time.

Rebates allow traders to earn extra cash while they trade and reduce the overall cost of trading. Between December 1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2020. M4Markets clients will win $2 for every lot they trade with no minimum lot requirements and no cap on rebates earned. The rebate promotion paired with M4Markets’ ultra-low spreads, negative balance protection and lightning fast execution will create an enhanced trading experience for all traders.

The Festive Rebate Promotion is available to all direct M4Markets clients on the Standard Account. New clients can register directly through the M4Markets website for a new account, verify their account and meet the minimum deposit requirements of $50. Existing clients who meet the criteria will be automatically enrolled to the promotion. Rebates earned will be credited to the clients’ wallet automatically 10 minutes after a trade is completed.

Commenting on the Festive Rebate Promotion, Mrs. Marilena Iakovou, noted that it’s an opportunity for people to test M4Markets’ conditions while trading at a significantly lower cost. “We have invested in cutting-edge technology and we want to give more people the opportunity to try our services. Our cashback rebate promotion is a wonderful gift to all traders for this holiday season”.

For more information about M4Markets’ promotion visit the dedicated page here:

About M4Markets:

M4Markets is one of the fastest growing regulated Forex and CFD brokers with a multi-asset offering and a focus on trader experience. With low spreads and no requotes, segregated trust accounts, ultra-fast execution and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the Seychelles, M4Markets is one of the most trusted brokers. The company is in the process of also applying for a European License.

Libertex Adds Yet Another Payment Method

Famed for its accessibility, convenience and security, PayPal will offer Libertex clients yet another quick, easy and secure method for funding their accounts and withdrawing profits.

Nowadays, there aren’t many people who don’t have a PayPal account or haven’t at least considered opening one. And you don’t have to look far to see why. Its ease of use and integrability is unrivalled. All you need is an e-mail address, and you can make and receive payments in a variety of currencies in just one click. Then, your balance can just as easily be converted into the currency of your choice and transferred directly to your personal bank account. The service’s appeal to consumers everywhere is one of the reasons Libertex has been so keen to support this deposit method…and now it does!

This momentous agreement with PayPal puts Libertex firmly among the leaders of the online trading market, and everybody involved really couldn’t be prouder of this fact. Now Libertex clients can add funds to their accounts and withdraw their profits via virtually every method imaginable. In addition to SEPA bank transfers and debit/credit card payments, Libertex has long supported Sofort, Trustly, Skrill and many other deposit methods. Despite this wealth of choice, it always felt as if there was one big hole that needed filling — but not anymore.

Speaking on this special occasion for the company, Libertex CEO Michael Geiger commented: “We truly couldn’t be happier to be able to offer our clients this new payment option. PayPal is a real household name whose user-friendly reputation precedes it. With the addition of this exciting method, we will be making depositing and withdrawing funds even easier and more convenient for our valued customers around the world.”

Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any better, there’s more. PayPal deposits will be completely free for Libertex users. That’s right! The broker won’t take any commission on funds added to your trading account using this latest supported payment option. The service is set to go live on 1 December, and the hope is that this will become a date to remember in Libertex’s history!

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and registered your own trading account with Libertex, this could be the perfect opportunity. With this new deposit/withdrawal method, it really never has been easier to dive head-first into trading. Libertex has a wide range of different instruments available from a variety of asset classes, and its generous leverage helps you boost your potential profits even more. Register now and start your career in the financial markets today!

FBS Gives Presents Daily in Christmas Advent Project

Starting from December 1, the participants can open a cell in the calendar daily and get a random gift to catch the Christmas mood. The multitude of gifts are stunning – stylish merch from FBS, exclusive analytical lists for traders, educational materials of different types, videos, books, and courses. Educate yourself, trade, enjoy the holiday with presents from FBS.

The FBS Christmas Advent Calendar is active until December 25. On December 29, the live stream will be held on the official FBS Facebook page where the grand prizes will be drawn among all the participants. The grand prizes are iPhone 11 Pro Max, an FBS trader pack, or a personal consultation with FBS analysts.

There are no special rules to participate in the project:

  1. Go to the FBS Christmas Advent site.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Open a gift in the calendar every day on December 1-25.
  4. Wait for the grand prize draw on December 29.

Join the project and get presents daily before Christmas to get in the holiday mood with FBS, a reliable Forex broker by your side.

FBS is an acknowledged, CySEC licensed international online Forex broker and the official trading partner of FC Barcelona. FBS is a broker with an international outlook that serves clients in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the MENA. Its primary focus lies in offering financial products for currency, metals, and indexes trading for clients with different goals and backgrounds. The company features a low barrier to entry and top-ranking apps. Over 11 years in the field, the broker won 50 international awards, including Best International Forex Broker, Best Forex Brand, and Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe.

AGEA.Trade: Guess the Price Value of the Bitcoin and Win $50

This cryptocurrency’s further moving is uncertain, so AGEA has created the contest for their clients.

They have specific time to guess the closest value price in dollars of the Bitcoin in the exact given time and date.

After the contest closes they will announce the winner whose answer was the closest to the value price of Bitcoin in the given time and date.

The contest will take place on official social media profiles, and you can choose from Twitter and Facebook. Simply find the post related to the contest and place an answer in the comment section. You have a right to post multiple times, but your final guess will enter the competition. Edited comments will not be considered. In case there are two winning answers – two people have given the price that has the same difference from the expected price, the winning answer would be the one that was posted first.

How to participate?

To join AGEA.Trade contest you must have a verified account to track Bitcoin price value movement, which means if you don’t have an account you’ll need to open one. Opening an AGEA account is free and implies filling out the registration form with your personal information for access to the services.

Put truthful information for your safety, which will go through the verification process done by an expert support team. After your account has been verified, you can trade with AGEA’s no-deposit bonus of $5.

Participants must like the contest post and follow social media account to enter the competition.

How much can I win?

Client who is closest to the price value of Bitcoin in the exact given time and date wins $50 that will be credited to his/her balance. Read more about the contest.

What is the duration of the contest?

The contest starts on Monday, November 30th at 11:00:00 GMT. Voting closes on Friday, December the 4th at 11:00:00 GMT. Guess the price value that Bitcoin will have on Friday, December the 4th at 13:00:00 GMT Give your best prediction of Bitcoin movement. Good luck!

Links to the contest: Twitter, Facebook

More about AGEA.Trade

AGEA International AD is a regulated and exchange-listed investment company. We offer currency, cryptocurrency, index and commodity contracts, and financial instruments of other asset classes through several trading platforms. Among other benefits we offer:

  • No Fees When you Deposit Money
  • No-deposit $5 Bonus
  • Swap-free
  • Intuitive Platform
  • No Time Limit on the Bonus Spending
  • Minimum Deposit $1
  • Money Rewarding Contests
  • Islamic Trading

XOSignals – The Best Trading Signals App

The XOSignals team aims to provide advanced financial signals for trading various markets, empowering traders to make informed decisions. This vision has led the company to create advanced financial analysis software that is available via mobile apps and as a desktop version. They offer both free and paid versions of the signals to suit every type of trader.

The Need for Trading Signals

A trade signal is a means to identify opportunities to open a trading position. These signals are not just used by retail traders but also large institutional traders, to accurately identify buying or selling opportunities for the asset of their choice. Trade signals for forex, or commodities are generated through robust technical analysis, based on the market performance of the asset, along with fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, and other market factors, such as economic indicators.

The goal is to provide traders an automated system, devoid of human emotions and errors, to predict potential price changes and the direction of change. Apart from very simple sell and buy triggers, trading signals can also be used for modifying a portfolio. This is done by determining when it might be a good time to buy more of a certain asset and reduce investments in another. It can also be helpful in asset class allocation. It can help investors determine how to shift money among the forex, commodities, cryptos and other markets.

Additionally, trade signals also do the task of educating the trader. With these signals, traders can determine the logic behind their trades. This shortens their learning curve. However, there are multiple trading signals to choose from and not all of them are as helpful. This is why the XOSignals’ app for trading signals, compatible with both iOS and Android, can be a great way to analyse the markets.

How XOSignals Trade Signals Work

The success of the XOSignals app is evidenced by the fact that it is already being used by more than 1 million traders. The app aims to make complex market trading easy to understand and assess, even for beginner traders. The trading signals are based on software generated technical analysis. These can help identify variations of values within an economic system, long before they are witnessed in the marketplace.

Some of the inputs used by the app include:

Technical Patterns

Technical patterns are distinct formations that are created by the price movements of an asset on a chart. The pattern is identified with the help of a line connecting the common price points, such as lows or highs, or the closing prices, within a timeframe. These patterns are used to predict future price movements of the asset. Patterns can be based on ticks or seconds, minutes, hours, and even months. These can then be applied to candlestick, line, and bar charts. A trend line is the simplest form of technical patterns.

Broadly, technical patterns can be divided into two categories: continuation patterns and reversal patterns. Continuation pattens, such as ascending and descending triangles and flag patterns, indicate that an existing trend is likely to continue in the near term. On the other hand, reversal patterns, such as head and shoulders patterns, point towards a change in direction of the trend.

Moving Averages

Moving averages is a statistical calculation, used for analysing data points. The calculation is done with the help of a series of averages of the various subsets of the complete data set. The moving average helps in creating a constantly updated average price of an asset. This is achieved by smoothening out the price action. This minimises the effect of unexpected, short-term fluctuations on the price.

Moving averages are generally used for identifying the support and resistance levels, or the trend direction of a security.


Volume refers to the amount of a security or asset that is moved during a particular period of time. For instance, with stocks, the trading volume means the number of shares traded of a particular stock during one trading session. Usually, assets that see higher trading volume tend to be more liquid. This makes high volume one of the things to look for when opening a position in the market.

Interest Rates

Changes in interest rates can also lead to changes in the price of stocks, commodities and currencies. For instance, a country with a higher interest rate is considered a more attractive option for investors, since they offer higher income. This makes the currency of that nation more popular.


Volatility is the statistical measurement of the dispersion of returns of an asset. In simple terms, volatility refers to how much swing the price of an asset experiences during a particular period. Assets that see greater volatility are considered riskier, since their price movements are more difficult to predict. But these price fluctuations also provide great trading opportunities for skilled traders. Extreme highs and lows in price can also trigger market changes.

Market Cycles

The financial markets tend to move in a cyclical manner. This essentially means that a period of price rise is likely to be followed by a period of price decline and vice versa. This is generally true whether they are non-trending or in a steady trend. A popular saying in the stock markets is “sell in May and go away.” This is based on the historically weak performance of certain stocks during the summer months, from May to October.

Market Sentiment

Market sentiment refers to the attitude of investors towards a certain financial market or an asset. It is generally used as a contrarian indicator. When there is excessive bullishness towards actual trading activity or surveys, it can point towards market tops. Conversely, a highly bearish sentiment can indicate the potential for a market bottom.


Valuation is the process of figuring out the projected or current worth of an asset. An incredibly high valuation, in comparison to the market, stock, or sector, can lead to sell signals.

When trading signals are generated by taking all these factors into consideration, the accuracy of the signals is likely to be incredibly high.

Benefits of Using the XOSignals App

Technical analysis requires the evaluation of market occurrences at an incredibly detailed and in-depth level, which can be complex. It takes time to master the ability to read charts and identify trading signals. However, with the XOSignals mobile trading signals app, all the complete calculations are completed by the software and the result is presented in an easy-to-understand formal.

The IT professionals at XOSignals use the highest levels of security while communicating signals, with cutting edge technology being used to make market predictions. The company also offers excellent customer support to help beginners navigate the complex financial markets.

“We realised very quickly that one of the trading challenges, especially for beginners, was analysing the market effectively to identify trading opportunities. It’s something nobody talks about which creates a knowledge vacuum. That’s why we created an app that would provide support to traders, regardless of their level of experience.” stated Yossef A, Chief Operating Officer at XOSignals.

Some of the key advantages of XOSignals are:


Today’s traders want to stay connected to their trades even on the go. This is exactly what XOSignals helps achieve with its highly compatible app. The app can be accessed on a mobile device, desktop or tablet. Both the mobile and app and desktop platform can be used for automated trading.

The website even has an auto translation feature to French, Danish, Filipino, Spanish, German, Hindi and many other languages. So, if English is not your native language, you can still take advantage of the trading signals app. Traders can choose to receive trading signals directly on their mobile device as alerts or push notifications.

Live Trading Signals

Forex, stocks, index and crypto trading signals are available on both the demo and live account. Traders can also access live price feeds and a live charting service. With the live feed, they can choose to stay updated on the prices of chosen stocks, forex, cryptos, indices, and commodities.

Additionally, traders gain the benefit of live support where they can chat with other traders and participate in social trading. This is a great way to discuss strategies or ideas and hone trading skills. On the live chat, there are almost 1 million users across 25 countries. If a trader has questions on how to use the XOSignals app or anything else trading-related, other traders can help answer them.

In addition, traders can access educational resources to enhance their familiarity with the financial markets. They can even check the real time win ratio of their signals. This allows them to gain greater confidence in their trading decisions.

Free Forex Trading Signals

Most platforms or apps that promise free trading signals have certain hidden costs that come as a surprise to traders. Even if traders do manage to find completely free forex signals, such functionalities might not be based on robust, cutting-edge technical analysis and fundamental analysis. This makes them less accurate and reliable. In fact, they could end up doing more harm than good.

On the other hand, XOSignals offers free stocks and forex signals, which have been developed with advanced software-generated technical analysis. Therefore, the company vouches for the accuracy of the signals. To date, traders have won over 183,500 pips via these signals. This is one of the best figures in the market.

Customised Updates

To cater to the needs of diverse types of traders, XOSignals offers customised trading signals for index, commodities, forex, and crypto trading. This helps traders develop suitable trading plans for the asset of their choice. XOSignals takes into account how a specific client’s account has performed in the past, the expected future events, and what the technical indicators are pointing towards to prepare the customised updates. This feature is not offered by most of the other trading signal providers.

Forex Charts

Charts and market data are extremely important for traders. With XOSignals, traders gain quick and easy access to all analytical reports, charts, and forex data. They no longer need to search through different sites for the information they need to make trading decisions. This saves significant time and effort that would have otherwise been required to optimise a trading strategy.

Free Open Chat

With XOSignals, traders also gain access to a unique live chat. With this chat box, users can interact directly with traders from over 25 countries. To ensure smooth communication between users, the chat comes with an auto translation feature. This means that regardless of the language that the trader is comfortable with, they can exchange tips and insights with each other seamlessly. This helps create a much more inclusive and educational trading community.

Support for Beginners

The multiple trading opportunities that various financial markets offer have been increasingly attracting traders in 2020, due to the pandemic-led uncertainty. However, many give up early due to the complex nature of the markets. Among those who do try to trade, many might lose confidence in their decision making. This can be highly detrimental to trading success. XOSignals offers prompt and responsive support, while also providing rich resources through the education section on the platform.

In this section, traders can choose from six courses that offer vital training to navigate the markets. The first course introduces forex trading. This is followed by courses on how to trade forex, how to read trading signals, technical analysis, and market sentiment.

More than 5,000 traders have benefited from these courses, which have seen a success rate of around 97%.


The XOSignals app also has a leaderboard feature. Here, users can follow top traders and see how they deal with various market conditions with just a click. Traders can check the total pips won, win streak, and signals chosen. This is another feature that helps educate traders and improve their trading strategy.

Free vs VIP Trading Signals

There are 2 types of accounts on the XOSignals trading signals app. The first is the basic plan, which is completely free of charge. Even with the free version, traders can access a wide range of features, such as the dashboard, live feed, leaderboards, and win ratio.

The second type of account is the VIP account, which requires a monthly fee. Traders can lower the fee by subscribing for a longer period. With the VIP account, traders gain access to features such as:

  • Daily Market Signals
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Email Signals + Support
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Trading Objectives Review
  • Free Telegram Signals
  • 1-on-1 with XOSignals Head of Research
  • Mobile Access
  • US Stocks Analysis + Signals
  • CAC, DAX Stock Analysis + Signals

“Our team is constantly innovating and improving its offerings in line with real trader demands.” added Youssef A.

XOSignal is a global trade signal provider for a wide range of financial instruments. Known for their high degree of accuracy, these trading signals are available for the forex, commodities, stocks, index and crypto markets. The XOSignals app backs the trade signals with sound technical analysis. With a successful track record of four years, the company has already garnered a user base of over 1 million traders.

Whether it’s charts or technical indicators, a visitor can explore real-time data on the platform. The XOSignal team has created an ecosystem where anyone can learn to trade without expensive software, books or tuition. With a vision that’s set to a global and diverse audience, the company also offers auto-translation features on their website.

For more information, click on: XOSignals

LegacyFX Is Excited to Announce the Launch of Their Very Own Loyalty Membership Program

Some programs offer convenience, credit, prizes, or monetary rewards. Overall, its purpose is the giving of any benefit that would entice the loyalty of a customer.

LegacyFX believes that its program will enable us to maintain a positive rapport with our clientele by incentivizing them to transact, trade, review, and promote us in attempt to garner various rewards and branded merchandise. Additionally, we hope to use this as a great marketing tool, as loyalty programs increase growth, help retain customers, and improve reputation.

Our loyalty program is tier based starting at Tier 1 or “Smart” level. To be qualified for the program clients must meet some basic criteria which include having an active account with the company, be fully KYC compliant, transact 1-4 times, have a net deposit of 250, and have traded between 1-9 times over the course of 30 days from the date of registration. Each subsequent tier following this one has more demanding requirements needed to reach the next level.

Though while the demands of each tier get more arduous the higher you go, so do the prizes and rewards offered. Rewards included start from specialized webinars or bonus coupons and range through to branded pens, hats, t-shirts, and backpacks. Exclusive rewards offered to the most proficient and involved clients are subject to change, but currently include a personalized Amazon© gift cards.

“We as a company understand the importance of catering to the behavior of our client demographic. Thus, we have developed a strategic plan to present our products in a way that promotes the most optimal activity and buying behavior. We hope this will enable us to better understand what triggers our target audience into investing with us as well as allowing us to retain a positive image with our consumers.”
– Mara Porter; Public Relations Manager at LegacyFX

In summary, clients who believe they meet the requirements for the program may register for the Loyalty Membership Program via the company’s dedicated webpage, Registration is also available by contacting ones personal account manager.

InteractiveCrypto Fast Becoming Traders Favourite Crypto News Platform

The site offers the latest crypto news, educational articles and guides, in-depth studies, expert opinions, information on trading and the best brokers for cryptocurrency trading, along with digital wallets.

All the cryptocurrency information and news offered on the InteractiveCrypto platform is based on comprehensive market research, so visitors gain access to accurate and recent information from the crypto space. The latest market updates are also available via a mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android.

A Platform for All Levels and Interest of Investors

With a mission to be the most complete and professional source of information on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies news, InteractiveCrypto satisfies both novice and experienced investors and traders in cryptocurrencies.

People are interested in bitcoin and blockchain development for a variety of reasons. From trading and investing, to mining and developing. Which is why InteractiveCrypto provides news and education covering the entire range and breadth of virtual currencies.

Standout Features of the Platform

The InteractiveCrypto platform also provides indicators and robust technical analysis. With this, traders can review the results of technical analysis, at a glance, for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin and Ether to Polkadot and Cosmos; visitors can check what the key indicators signal, across various timeframes. For instance, they can see what the moving averages line as well as overall indicators signal for Bitcoin across 5-minute, 15-minute, hourly and daily charts.

Other key features of the platform include:

Crypto News

Visitors can access the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency space with this feature, along with expert opinions and analysis. For instance, traders can read about the how the cryptocurrency market has been doing after the US presidential elections and the Biden win. They can check whether volatility levels have been impacted by the results or whether the market is seeing greater stability now that the results are out.

Traders can also learn about new developments, such as Coinbase introducing a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The new technology will speed up Ethereum transactions and make them cheaper. This could impact market sentiment on and demand for ETH. The stepping down of crypto exchange BitMEX’s CEO, following criminal charges being filed against him, could be a cause for concern for market participants.

On the other hand, many might not be familiar with the recently launched GoldToken, the value of which is backed in physical gold. The Crypto News feature offers these insights, helping traders make informed investment decisions.

Among the features that users can access are live rates of cryptocurrencies. The user can choose to view the rate of a specific digital currency against a fiat currency, such as BTC/USD or against another cryptocurrency, such as BTC/ETH. These rates can be seen in real time for informed trading decisions.

Users can also set watchlists on their favourite cryptocurrencies and be alerted to price moves, latest news and reviews.

Crypto Reviews

The cryptocurrency space is a rapidly developing one, with new coins being launched at regular intervals. With the Crypto Reviews segment, InteractiveCrypto offers traders of all skill levels an avenue to learn more about each coin.

From this segment, they can choose any cryptocurrency and read crucial information about their ecosystem and the blockchain technology they are based on. Traders can also check the historical price performance of the coin and how it compares to other digital currencies.

Reviews are constantly updated, so that visitors always have access to the latest information.

Broker Reviews

Cryptocurrencies have gained favour among traders not only due to the numerous trading opportunities that their volatility offers. They have seen an increase in popularity especially in 2020, since their value remains unaffected by the geo-political and economic factors that influence the price movements of other assets. With the covid-19 pandemic persisting through the year, economies across the world have been severely hit, as have fiat currencies.

This has raised cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to the status of safe haven investments, along the lines of gold. With the rising popularity of digital assets, the number of traders, both new and experienced, has also seen a significant rise. And, when there is a rise in demand for a service, it is only natural for service providers to mushroom to fulfill the supply gap.

The cryptocurrency space has seen a similar mushrooming of brokers, with traders now being spoilt for choice with brokerage firms. This makes deciding which broker to open an account with, confusing. Every firm appears to offer similar services, while claiming to be reliable and trustworthy, assuring of low latency trade execution and tight spreads.

To ease the process of making an informed choice of service providers, InteractiveCrypto offers comprehensive reviews for hundreds of brokers operating in the cryptocurrency market. Each broker review offers information on the history of the firm, their client base and track record, if they are regulated and the financial instruments offered for trading.

In addition, traders can check the process for deposits and withdrawals, security measures undertaken, customer services offered, and commission and fees charged. For an informed decision, traders can also check a table of pros and cons, which provides information on the brokers.

InteractiveCrypto also rates the brokers and informs visitors on their top picks with in-depth reviews.

Wallet Reviews

To trade cryptocurrencies directly on the exchange, traders first need to open an exchange wallet. This is where the cryptos they purchase will be stored while they hold on to the digital currency. InteractiveCrypto offers reviews of a wide range of exchange wallets, from the most popular to the latest entrant in the market. Each review provides basic information on the wallet, when it was launched, which exchange it is linked to, etc. In addition, the key features of the wallet are described. The user interface, security features, fees and customer services have also been reviewed for each wallet.

How to get started with the wallet and its pros and cons are reviewed. Traders can also check the consumer ratings given to the wallet on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


With cryptocurrency still being a new market, knowledge is vital for long-term trading success. For this, InteractiveCrypto offers rich educational resources in the form of articles and guides. From information suited to beginners in the crypto world, such as what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are and how they work, to trading strategies for skilled traders. The education segment covers a wide range of topics.

Traders can learn about every aspect of the crypto market through these resources. Topics such as how to choose a broker, how to choose the best exchange, ways to trade digital currencies, including derivative instruments like CFDs, bitcoin mining and how it works, have been addressed.

The educational resources are available only for registered members of InteractiveCrypto.

Cryptocurrency Community

InteractiveCrypto has become a hub for the digital community. With a dedicated following on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram, their monthly newsletter is sent out to over 15,000 people. They also invite press release submissions from bitcoin, blockchain, technology, cryptocurrency, ICO, fintech and finance companies.

Registering on the Platform

Signing up to be a member is a simple two-step process. Visitors simply provide basic contact information, such as their name, email address, region and phone number. Once the phone number is verified via a code sent through SMS, the user’s account is activated. This offers access to the various features of the platform.

Once a user registers on the platform, they can customise the news and alerts they wish to receive. Members can create their own watchlist on the InteractiveCrypto platform, so they stay updated on their selected cryptocurrencies in real time. In addition, with the mobile app, users can receive notifications directly on their mobile phone, ensuring that they never lose touch with the market, even on the go.

“Our aim is to ease cryptocurrency trading and make it accessible to everyone. Therefore, we created a platform that does all the groundwork. You don’t need to be an expert to analyse the market and create a robust trading plan. Our team performs comprehensive market research to provide the most accurate data helping our members make informed trading decision,” states Yossef A, Chief Operating Officer at InteractiveCrypto.

About the Company

The team at InteractiveCrypto has over a decade of experience in the trading domain. Their experience with the financial markets and passion for trading led them to create a comprehensive platform that would ease crypto trading for people of all levels of experience.

The company has already garnered an active user base of over 100,000 customers from around the world. To offer a seamless experience to visitors, regardless of their country, the InteractiveCrypto platform comes with an auto-translation feature. The main aim of the platform is to provide traders with all the information they need to get started. The mobile app is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Discover the platform at

Trade Crypto, Stocks, and More with $100 Reward! Black Friday Offer

However, that is not as good as Ethereum’s 370% YTD surge. Ripple also surprised everyone with its biggest intraday gains of 42%, 39%, and 12.83% all in the same week.

BTCUSD rally strengthens with 169% YTD gain, SimpleFX WebTrader

Altcoins received a needed lift from Bitcoin’s steady rally as investors flock to Bitcoin as a hedge to inflation. Digital coins brought in new interest from Wall Street and Main street recently, with investing titans backing the idea of Bitcoin being a “fantastic” hedge.

Derivatives trading platforms like SimpleFX are becoming popular venues for everyone to profit from the crypto rally without investing a huge amount. CFDs make it possible to trade with leverage from anywhere using only smartphones or web browsers. The best part is that profit comes in from both falling and rising markets.

Meanwhile, tech stocks like Tesla continue the strong uptrend. Tesla Motors is trading at $545 as of writing, which is a swift turn from the $80 price in January. That’s a colossal 581% increase in almost a year.

Tesla surges by 581% this year to date, SimpleFX WebTrader

Vaccine-related stocks like Pfizer are also attracting more investors including Billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Market uncertainties continue to shadow economies ravaged by COVID-19. Pfizer could experience a near-term upside as it’s 95% effective coronavirus vaccine was submitted for emergency approval in the US.

Moreover, coronavirus vaccine news propelled the Dow Jones Index to above $30,000 as of writing. DJI30 is up by near 13% in November, pushing stocks strongly into a bullish market.

This week, don’t miss these Black Friday deals on SimpleFX. Trade with 20% off spreads on November 23­–30, 2020 and grab up to $100 Tether reward. Opt in to the promo to redeem your perks. With as little as $10, start trading with up to 1:500 leverage for maximum profit boost. Try it out!

New Cashback Program in FBS Trader

FBS Trader – all-in-one trading platform – credits Cashback for every closed order. The rule is very simple: more trades – more Cashback.

FBS Trader is the first mobile trading platform with Cashback. Constantly updating its features, FBS Trader is a choice #1 for traders in Asia and the Middle East*. Cashback is one of its promotions that make trading more beneficial for FBS Trader clients.

How to get Cashback

Cashback is credited on just two simple conditions. When a trader:

  • activates Cashback in FBS Trader
  • has at least 5 lots traded for the past month.

After that, the trader gets as much Cashback as the level grants. There are four levels to take advantage of (5%, 10%, 15%, and even 20% of spread), and they are so easy to upgrade anytime. To get a new level, a client simply needs to continue trading.

Who can get Cashback

Cashback is available for both new and regular users – no restrictions on that. Anyone can try out new mobile trading with Cashback and see how beneficial it is.

Unlike most programs that credit Cashback once a month, Cashback in FBS Trader is credited right on the next day after the order is closed. The waiting time is reduced to a minimum so that a trader would enjoy Cashback as fast as possible.

Important to note that there are no restrictions on trading instruments to get Cashback. Any instrument counts. Forex, metals, commodities, stocks – they all wait for a trader to take advantage, profit, and get extra cash with every trade.

What is FBS Trader

FBS Trader is a product of FBS, a trusted broker, which is well-known among the global trading community. FBS strives to offer services and products of the highest quality. This trading platform is available for iOS and Android devices and allows to trade anywhere.

The easy-to-use interface and outstanding customer support of FBS Trader attract clients from all over the world. *In 2020, Global Banking & Finance Review awarded FBS Trader Best Mobile Trading Platform Asia. This November, FBS Trader got one more award, “Best Mobile Trading Platform”, at Smart Vision Egypt Investment Expo 2020.

Join the “Classics without Borders” Contest and Get Real Money Prizes

FXOpen has been pleasing traders with its Forex contests for many years, and this time it is launching the contest for beginners and those who have registered with FXOpen no earlier than January 2020. 10 best traders will share the prize fund of 1500 USD.

The “Classics without borders” contest starts on November 30, 2020 and will last until December 24, 2020. Registration is open now and will be closed on December 13, 2020.

Terms of the contest:

  • Start deposit: 5000 USD;
  • Leverage: 1:100;
  • Trading instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP and stocks;
  • Account type: contest demo ECN;
  • Advisors and locking: allowed.

Terms for receiving the prize:

It is required to increase the initial deposit by at least 20%, and to make at least 10 trades with total volume of 10 lots. The winners will be the best 10 Equity traders who have met the above conditions.

How to join the contest?

New users must register in ForexCup and join the contest with data from your personal account. Existing FXOpen clients have to pass verification in MyFXOpen and join the competition with data from MyFXOpen or ForexCup. It should be noted that all contest accounts are blocked until the contest starts.

Please visit FXOpen broker official website to learn more.