Bitcoin Up, While Litecoin Makes the Headlines Again

Following a mixed weekend, the bullish trend resumed for Bitcoin on Monday, with Bitcoin rallying 9.4% to an end of day $11,414.26.

With Bitcoin hitting an intraday high $11,430.44, there remained little chance of a move through to $12,000 at the start of the week, but with sentiment towards the cryptomarket continuing to improve, a break out later in the week remains possible, should the news wires remain silent from a regulatory perspective.

The upbeat sentiment was also reflected in the Cboe Bitcoin futures market, which continued to provide relative support through the day, though the more sedate moves through the beginning of the week likely contributed to Bitcoin not seeing larger gains on Monday.

While Bitcoin’s significant move through the weekend and into Monday was a hold at above $10,000, the new found base of $11,000 will be another step in Bitcoin’s recovery and we will expect speculation to mount on whether Bitcoin can begin to move towards its just shy of $20,000 record high.

The bullish talk of $40,000 has abated somewhat in recent weeks and the fact that Bitcoin is moving slowly through the levels will likely keep the exuberant calls at bay for now.

As sentiment improves, with the Litecoin fork having provided some comfort across the cryptomarket, a scam likely to have been a blow to the recovery, Bitcoin has seen its dominance continue to creep up, sitting at 38.1% this morning, up from yesterday’s 36.9%. The rise in dominance suggests a shift in sentiment towards Bitcoin and whether it can survive as a viable alternative to fiat money.

Investor money has certainly returned to the table, with the total cryptomarket cap now sitting at $511.72bn, up from yesterday’s $481.33bn low, with Bitcoin’s market cap sitting at $195.5bn this morning.

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BTC/USD 20/02/18 Hourly Chart

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was up 2.95% to $11,502.55, easing back from an intraday high $11,580, with a bullish trend still in play through the early part of the day.

Bitcoin’s first major resistance level sits at $11,759, which has yet to be tested through the early part of the day, as selling pressure coming off the back of a 10.2% rally since Monday’s open pins back a run at $12,000 in the early part of the day.

Looking at the futures market, the Cboe Bitcoin Futures March contract has rallied $1,485 to $11,620, with the smart money reflecting the improved sentiment towards Bitcoin and the cryptomarket in general.

This morning’s gains in the futures market should continue to provide upward momentum, with Bitcoin having some wriggle room before hitting the March futures contract price and its first major resistance level.

We won’t expect Bitcoin to be testing its first major support level of $10,612, with any pullback through to the 23.6% FIB Retracement of $11,243 likely to find buyers as Bitcoin continues to see its base level rise from the lows seen in early February.

Elsewhere, Litecoin is the story of the day, rallying to an intraday high $251.9, before easing back to $246.22 at the time of writing, a gain of 10.86% for the morning, while NEM’s XEM and Stellar’s Lumen bring up the rear, down 4.33% and 2.26% respectively.

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Crypto Update: ICO’s Getting Attention from Swiss Authority, Ripple Rises Solidly

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin issued a warning about cryptocurrency scams on social media yesterday. And the Swiss FINMA has said it will look at ICO’s based on their individual merit.

Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin Issues a Warning on Cryptocurrencies

The co-founder of Ethereum provided insights regarding cryptocurrencies yesterday, saying the asset class could fall violently in value at any moment. Vitalik Buterin also warned about scams on social media sites like Twitter in which sites are offering free tokens. Cryptocurrency values have come off highs established on Friday, but do remain near their short-term ratios which have been strong.

Ripple Produces Solid Gains, New Bull Trend or Downturn Emerging?

Ripple has enjoyed a steady rise in value the past week. After trading near 90 U.S cents per coin on February the 11th, Ripple is now around 1.10 U.S Dollar per coin. The main catalyst for Ripple’s rise is the fact that Ripple is now listed in Coinbase. Resistance looks to be about the 1.22 juncture, with support remaining around 89 cents near term. Gains before going into the weekend put Ripple near 1.18, but it did find some headwinds. Speculators who have enjoyed profits short term are looking at other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and wondering if digital currencies are again entering a bull trend, or if another downturn will emerge?

Ripple 4H Chart
Ripple 4H Chart

FINMA Issue Statement on Initial Coin Offerings a Potential

Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority, known as FINMA has said it will issue guidelines on how to deal with Initial Coin Offerings depending on the ICO’s individual merits. FINMA has said it will issue principles which focus on an ICO’s function and its ability to transact tokens. FINMA has indicated transparency and regulation will be important moving ahead for ICO’s, but also said it believes Blockchain as a technology offers innovative potential.

Gathering of Blockchain and Payment Experts in New Delhi, India

A Blockchain conference will get underway starting tomorrow in New Delhi, India and last until Wednesday, which is part of the BlackArrow Series.

  • 20-21st, India, BlockDelhi

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Bitcoin on the Move, While Litecoin Cash Steals the Show

Bitcoin had a mixed weekend, with Saturday’s 9.2% rally going into reverse on Sunday, with Bitcoin ending the day down 5.6% at $10,474.99.

There was certainly no risk of a move through to $12,000 levels, with investors quick to lock in profits ahead of what continues to be a Sunday sell-off.

With the Cboe Bitcoin Futures March contract having closed out the week at $10,150, there was very little chance of Bitcoin holding on to $11,000 levels by the end of the weekend.

In spite of the Sunday fall, it was a positive week for Bitcoin and the cryptomarket, with a lack of regulatory chatter seeing Bitcoin rally 29.7% from Monday’s opening $8,077.25 through to the end of the weekend.

Of greater significance will be the fact that Bitcoin has managed to cover to $10,000 levels and find strong support at $10,000, a far cry from the first week of February’s $5,920.72 low, from which Bitcoin has gained 77% to Sunday’s close.

While market sentiment towards the cryptocurrencies has improved over the last week, Bitcoin’s dominance has been on the rise of late, currently sitting at 36.9%, with the crypto market cap having eased back through the weekend, with the total cryptomarket cap now sitting at $488.7bn, pulling back from the week’s $519.43bn high hit on Sunday morning.

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin was up 1.24% to $10,549.99, with the Chinese New Year and public holidays in North America providing little negative chatter to impact Bitcoin and the majors, while volumes were on the lighter side this morning.

In spite of the lack of a market chatter, the general sentiment has seen a significant improvement since the beginning of the month, which continues to support a bullish trend for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s first major resistance level sits at $11,132, which is still some way off this morning, but a move through to $10,850 could provide some momentum to test $11,000 resistance levels later in the day.

Looking at the Cboe Bitcoin futures March contract, this morning’s $425 rise to $10,560 has provided some support, but as has been the case since the launch, the futures market has produced plenty of resistance for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies.

While we will expect Bitcoin to hold on to today’s gains and have a run at $11,000, there will be plenty of support at $10,000, with any pull-back through to the 23.6% FIB Retracement of $10,030 likely to draw in plenty of interest barring any particularly negative regulatory news.

Elsewhere, the story of the day is the Litecoin fork and Litecoin Cash, which has rallied 145% to $3.2 at the time of writing, with Litecoin standing its ground, up 0.99% to $216.45, avoiding immediate sell-off following investors receiving their Litecoin Cash coins after the Sunday night fork.

It’s looking bullish, following Sunday’s slide…

BTC/USD 19/02/18 4-hourly Chart

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Bitcoin Gives up $11,000 as the Market Prepares for the Litecoin Fork

Bitcoin was amongst the top performers on Saturday, gaining 9.17% to end the day at $11,139.03, just shy of an intraday high $11,159.81.

There was plenty of support through the day, with a lack of regulatory chatter through the week supporting a move through the early part of the weekend.

As the cryptomarket evolves and the tech becomes more user friendly, we may begin to see volatility in the true cryptocurrencies ease, but over the near-term, until the regulatory environment has been established and exchanges have incorporated jurisdictional KYC and anti-money laundering procedures, volatility will continue as the crypto market continues to be exposed to the possibility of harsh measures by some governments.

This week, in spite of continued uncertainty, investors have returned to the market, though this morning’s reversal has seen the total cryptomarket cap fall to $493.47bn, with Bitcoin’s market cap down to $181.24bn.

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One area of focus later today will be Litecoin’s hard fork that is expected to result in the distribution of Litecoin Cash coins to Litecoin holders.

There have been calls that the fork is in fact a scam and may not actually happen. While Litecoin would certainly be impacted should the fork actually be a scam, the rest of the cryptomarket could also fall foul of such an outcome. Market manipulation has been rife in recent times and the talk of a fork led Litecoin to more than 50% gains last week, with the rest of the crypto market benefitting from a week free of major fraudulent activity and government noise.

Any fraudulent activity and we can expect the regulatory chatter to resume and, as we have seen this year, that’s not something that will be well received by the cryptomarket.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was down 5.22% to $10,521.8, with Bitcoin pulling back from an early morning intraday high $11,300.

The Sunday reversal is underway, as investors look to lock in weekend gains ahead of the start of what could be another choppy week ahead.

With the Cboe Bitcoin futures March contract sitting at $10,150 as at Friday’s close, Bitcoin could see further declines through the early part of the day, with Bitcoin’s first support level sitting at $10,203, though sub-$10,000 levels are unlikely with a lack of negative sentiment present in the market ahead of this evening’s Litecoin fork.

Elsewhere, Ripple was amongst the largest fallers through the early part of the day down 7.45%, with Stellar Lumen down 7.88%.

Bitcoin dominance has held above 36% through the weekend, currently at 36.7% and we will expect Bitcoin to continue to maintain current levels through to the early part of Monday.

BTC/USD 18/02/18 Hourly Chart

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Bitcoin Eyes $11,000 with Bitcoin Dominance on the Rise

A solid week for Bitcoin, which gained 26% Monday through to Friday’s $10,204.85 close, with Bitcoin managing to recover to $10,000 levels for the first time since the early February sell-off kicked in.

Bitcoin gained just 1.93% on Friday, but the key consideration is the fact that Bitcoin managed to hold on to $10,000 going into the weekend, with Cboe Bitcoin futures closing out Friday up $55 to $10,150.

Following a 6th February low $5,920.72, the recovery has been a gradual one and with it, Bitcoin seems to have found a new base level, with plenty of support sitting at sub-$10,000 levels.

Interestingly, while the cryptomarket breathed a sigh of relief last week, with the total cryptomarket cap rising from Monday’s $409.88bn to $502.2bn at the time of writing, Bitcoin’s dominance has also been on the rise, hitting 36.2% this morning.

In the weeks prior, Bitcoin dominance was attributed to negative sentiment, but times have changed and this could be off the back of Bitcoin being included in Coinbase’s commerce software that allows businesses to be paid in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

When considering Bitcoin’s standing in the cryptoworld, the Coinbase offering certainly brings the crypto one step closer to the mainstream, the only real issue remaining being the fact that the value of Bitcoin and the other cryptos continue to see sizeable fluctuations, with outside forces able to influence and even manipulate.

The cryptoworld gets more and more interesting each day and we can expect other payment platforms that facilitate payment with true cryptocurrencies to continue hitting the market, which can only be a good thing for the likes of Bitcoin.

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With a lack of regulatory chatter to influence investor sentiment through the weekend, it’s been a positive start to the day, with Bitcoin up 4.61% to $10,666.49.

BTC/USD 17/02/18 Hourly Chart

Bitcoin hit an intraday high $10,780.14 this morning, breaking through its first and second resistance levels before easing back.

A move back through to today’s intraday high would support a run at $11,000 and, while we can expect plenty of resistance at $11,000, the weekend phenomena may be just the tonic needed to pull Bitcoin through.

We will expect Bitcoin to continue to find plenty of support at sub-$10,000 levels, with Bitcoin’s first support level sitting at $9,842. It would be quite a turnaround for Bitcoin to open Monday at $11,000 levels, when considering the amount of bad press the cryptomarket received through the start of the year.

Investors are returning and Bitcoin has yet to lose its sparkle, with Bitcoin’s market cap rising from a 2018 low $103bn to $178bn this morning.

Elsewhere, Stella Lumens is up 4.84%, with Ethereum up 3.06%, Ethereum not only finding continued support from the Initial Coin Offering market, but also from its inclusion in Coinbase’s commerce software offering.

Onwards and upwards, but not without volatility is the order of the day and Bitcoin $11,000 could well entice more investors back into the market.

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Bitcoin Coughs up $10,000 as Cryptos Go Into Reverse

It’s been a good week for Bitcoin this week, with Bitcoin seeing just one day of decline Monday through to Thursday, with Tuesday’s 3.2% fall as bad as it got for the crypto.

While Monday and Wednesday saw Bitcoin see double digit gains, Thursday’s move through to $10,000 levels was the key move of the week. Bitcoin having languishing at sub-$10,000 levels since the start of the month sell-off that saw Bitcoin fall to sub-$6,000 levels.

A lack of regulatory commentary from governments and regulators through the week has certainly eased the negative sentiment towards the cryptomarkets, with levels through the earlier part of the week having been considered on the attractive side for investors.

Thursday’s 8% gain to a closing $10,253.41 was an impressive one considering the fact that all of the limelight through the day had been on Litecoin, it’s Sunday fork and the planned roll out of LitePay later this month.

Interestingly, news of the Spanish government looking to create a tax haven for cryptocurrencies and blockchain techs had little influence on the cryptomarket this morning.

Spain may not be amongst the largest crypto jurisdictions in the world, but regulatory arbitrage is likely to evolve as certain jurisdictions come down hard on the cryptomarkets.

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Through the early part of this morning, Bitcoin has pulled back from a week high $10,300 hit at the start of the day, with some profit taking likely to have contributed to the 1.58% decline to $9,859.97 at the time of writing.

While a negative trend has formed through the morning, we will expect Bitcoin to find support at sub-$9,760 levels, with any fall through $9,760 likely to see Bitcoin pull back to sub-$9,700 levels before any recovery ahead of the weekend.

Bitcoin’s dominance of 35.6% reflects the negative moves across the cryptocurrencies this morning, with only Bitcoin Cash in positive territory amongst the majors at the time of writing, up 5.4% at $1,430.

Across the rest of the majors, Ethereum was down 1.71% to $913.4, with Litecoin down 4.6% to $211 and Ripple down 3.18% to $1.067.

There will be hopes of another Saturday rally that the cryptomarket has become accustomed to in recent weeks, though with Cboe Bitcoin future March contract down $235 to $9,860 this morning, any major rally ahead of the close may well be hold through the middle part of the day.

It’s a 22% gain since Monday’s open and, while it may not be spectacular, some investors will be happy to call it a week.

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Crypto Update: Calm and Collected Trading for Cryptos Seen

A petition regarding ICO’s has been sent to the SEC asking for the right to update accounting and auditing. And South Korea has issued new mandates regarding cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptos Gaining and Regulation Questions Lurk, SEC Petitioned on ICOs

Cryptocurrencies have continued to perform well this week as most of the major assets have added value. Questions and concerns regarding regulations are still ripe, and South Korea has announced today it will crack down on bank accounts which are held by corporations which trade anonymously. And in the States, the Securities Exchange Commission has been sent a petition asking that Initial Coin Offerings which have already taken place, be given the right to file updated accounting and audits. This would help the ICOs comply with new regulations in an effort to provide more clarity for investors and help overall supervision.

Bitcoin Still Adding Value, Solid Advance Since Feb 6th Low Water Mark

Bitcoin has continued to add value this week and is near 9870.00 U.S Dollars per coin. After touching lows of near 7800.00 on Sunday, the cryptocurrency has progressively added value without any major downturns. Important support continues to be around 7,700.00 and resistance could grow strong near the 11,000.00 juncture. Bitcoin has experienced a rough past month, but it has been able to gain steadily since falling below the 6,000 U.S Dollar mark on February the 6th.

BTC/USD 4H Chart
BTC/USD 4H Chart

Russian Agency Asking for Stricter ICO Requirements

Russia is taking a harder look at Initial Coin Offerings. The Ministry of Communications has stated it would like to see new requirements for ICOs before they can legally proceed in the country. One of the mandates would include the stipulation for a minimum value of 100 million Rubles to be enforced before an ICO can effectively launch.

Crypto Conference About to get started in Dallas, Texas

A Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference will start in Dallas, Texas tomorrow and last throughout the weekend.

  • 16-18th, U.S, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference

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Bitcoin Holds on, While the Litecoin Rally Kicks in Again

Bitcoin reversed Tuesday’s losses with interest on Wednesday, gaining 10.5% to end the day at $9,395.83.

While Bitcoin moved in the shadows of Litecoin through the day, it was an important move, with the Cboe Bitcoin futures market having pinned Bitcoin back of late.

Bitcoin managed to outperform Bitcoin Cash on the day, in spite of speculation that Bitcoin Cash could ultimately take over Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat money.

A lack of regulatory news chatter through the day certainly contributed to Bitcoin moving through its first two major resistance levels on the day.

Breaking through $10,000 was a step too far however, with Bitcoin having last touched $10,000 levels at the beginning of the month.

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin was up 2.62% to $9,740, with Bitcoin having hit an intraday high $9,778.66 early this morning.

A bullish trend formed in the morning and, with Bitcoin dominance hitting 35%, there has been building support for the crypto in spite of more broad based gains seen across the major cryptocurrencies on Wednesday.

Moving through $10,000 may be quite a test however, with Bitcoin currently facing its first resistance level at $9,772. A break through to $9,850 would support an attempt at $10,000, though investors may look to lock in gains and wait for the next rally, particularly with Bitcoin up 20.6% since Monday’s open.

Adding to the tug on Bitcoin will be the Cboe Futures Bitcoin March contract, which is sitting at $9,710, up $440 for the day. This week’s moves have been driven by the cryptomarket rather than the futures market, but we continue to expect some influence from the futures market.

For the day ahead, any sideways moves could see Bitcoin fall back to $9,500 levels, though we would expect support to kick in well before its first major support level of $8,762, with sub-$9,000 levels an unlikely end to the day.

The good news for the Bitcoin Bulls will be the fact that money is coming back to the table and it’s getting its fair share, with Bitcoin’s market cap now up to $163.8bn, recovering from last week’s $103bn low.

Elsewhere, Litecoin’s shadow gets every larger, with Litecoin up 10.30% to $233.67, while Ethereum continues to struggle to recapture $1,000 levels, up just 1.5% to $934.19 at the time of writing.

For Litecoin, the market will need to see whether the recent rally was as a result of the announced launch of LitePay or as a result of the Litecoin Cash fork talk. If it’s the latter, the broader market could fall foul of a sell-off, as the news would be considered as yet another market manipulation that will likely garner even greater attention from regulators and governments.

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Cryptos Stronger as Stability Soothes Nerves

Citibank has banned the use of its credit cards in India for cryptocurrency speculation. The UAE is set to issue new regulations regarding ICO’s in the near future.

Citibank Bans Credit Cards for Cryptos in India, Tax Issues on Rise

Citibank announced early this morning it will no longer allow its credit card clients in India to trade cryptocurrencies. The ban comes in the wake of other banks deciding to quash the use of credit cards to trade digital assets. The India government has made it known it will continue to crackdown on tax issues surrounding profits which are not being reported via traders. It has been reported that over 100,000 notices have recently been sent to cryptocurrency traders in India by the income tax department.

Ripple’s Offers Appealing Speculative Opportunity, Stable Range Short Term

Ripple is near 1.00 U.S Dollar per coin early and its range has been stable this week. After hitting important resistance around the 1.15 juncture on Friday and coming under pressure, Ripple has climbed back from lows of approximate eighty-seven cents. The stability of Ripple in the short term may be appealing for speculators who are looking for an opportunity, which remains extremely cheap compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum – and allows for a greater amount of coins to be speculated upon.

Ripple 4H Chart
Ripple 4H Chart

United Arab Emirates Financial Services Regulatory Authority Taking Action

The broad cryptocurrency market has continued to test short-term highs this week even as regulatory winds continue to build regarding the use of credit cards and issues regarding taxes. The United Arab Emirates Financial Services Regulatory Authority is reportedly close to publishing a new set of regulations regarding Initial Coin Offerings to make sure activities and risks are handled with due diligence.

Oil and Gas Blockchain Event in Calgary, Canada Today & Tomorrow

Calgary, Canada is hosting a Blockchain, I.O.T and Machine Learning conference today and tomorrow for the Oil and Gas Industry.

  • 14-15th, Canada, Blockchain, IOT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas

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Bitcoin on the Move, but in the Shadows of Litecoin

Following a choppy weekend that left Bitcoin in the red, Bitcoin gained 10% on Monday to end the day at $8,922.12, with a relatively quiet day on the news wires providing support to the cryptomarket through the day.

It was a mixed day for Bitcoin on Tuesday, with the first half of the day seeing Bitcoin test sub-$8,400 levels, before making a partial recovery to end the day down 3.2% at $8,608.27.

There has been strong resistance at $9,000 of late, with Bitcoin struggling to break through to Saturday’s $9,090.8 high, which had been touched all too briefly.

Few major cryptocurrencies were able to end the day in positive territory on Tuesday, with Bitcoin amongst the majority that partially reversed Monday’s gains.

In spite of the news wires doing little damage to the cryptomarkets through the first half of the week, investors have remained relatively cautious, which has been reflected in Bitcoin’s dominance levels that have held at 34.7% – 34.9% levels.

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Following Tuesday’s fall, which stemmed from a bearish start to the day that saw losses too great to recoup by the close, sentiment across the cryptomarket has seen some improvement through the early part of the day today.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up 3.74% to $8,841.57, easing back from an intraday high $8,915 hit in the last hour, with a bullish trend having developed through the start of the day.

With Bitcoin’s first major resistance level sitting at $8,920, a move through to $9,000 levels will be needed to avoid an afternoon pullback towards this morning’s low $8,504.57, which could test the first major resistance level of $8,328 later in the day.

With the Cboe Bitcoin Futures February contract, expiring today, sitting at $8,870 and the March contract sitting at $8,880, the futures market continues to give Bitcoin little room for manoeuvre, with the ranges sitting tightly against resistance levels.

It feels like a breakout is needed, but whether today is the day remains to be seen.

Elsewhere, Bitcoin Cash continues to sit in the shadows of big brother, currently up 3.74% to $1,263.7, while the story of the day is Litecoin, which is considered by many to be Bitcoin’s main adversary in the battle to become the first viable alternative to fiat money.

Litecoin has managed to hold on to early gains, currently up 14.26% to $181.57, with many in the market having long speculated on whether Litecoin will eventually replace Bitcoin at the top of the crypto tree.

There’s a long way to go for Litecoin to get there, with Bitcoin’s market cap having recovered to $150.4bn, significantly higher than Litecoin’s $10.1bn. But, as we saw with Ripple in late 2017, money can flood in rapidly and when considering where the current total cryptomarket cap sits, there’s around $400bn that has yet to return to the table, and that’s more than enough to propel Litecoin to the top.

It sets up for an interesting showdown at the end of this month and, while early movers embraced Bitcoin and its concept and alternative payment method, functionally LitePay must be a far superior platform for the Litecoin team to be rolling it out this month.

Time will tell, but pressure on the alternative true cryptocurrencies is on and this can only be the beginning of more true cryptocurrencies hitting the market.

While we see fiat money come in many forms, whether U.S Dollar, UK Pound or EUR for example, the next debate will be whether there is a place in the world for multiple cryptocurrencies. It’s hard to see the benefit, so who comes out on top could spell the end for the rest.

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Hero Token Swoops in Over $30 Million In Just 12 Hours of Launch

The total contributions Hero Token has received at the time of writing is 36,399 Ethereum, 38 Bitcoin, 1420 Ethereum Classic, 218,000 Ripple, and other amounts of Litecoin and Waves.

When looking at the USD value, it is currently at $ 33,376,556 — visibly lower than what it was days ago but this is bound to jump up to over $40 million once Ethereum climbs back up to $1100.

Meanwhile, the current prices provide a great opportunity for those who either want to buy more HERO tokens or who have not bought HERO tokens yet. You have until February 28. Create an account at to buy HERO tokens. Keep in mind that tokens are issued only at the end of the sale period.

Hero also announced their partnership with Japanese cryptocurrency exchange QRYPTOS just days before the launch of the token sale. This news was welcomed greatly by early investors and those who just bought in or were planning to since it solidifies the liquidity of the token. It’s also an impressive move on the Hero Token team since most ICOs announce their coin listing days or weeks after they complete the funding stages.

While cryptocurrency experts and social media evangelists have been singing to the tune of 2018 is the biggest year for ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general, the market has seen some very strong bearish movement the first two months of the year. Many, however, remain bullish on the future of digital currency amidst strong regulatory forces taking action all over the world. Through the launching of solid new projects such as Hero Token, the chances are high that the market is on an upward trend from here on.

For more information on how to join the Hero Token ICO, visit the website and read through the whitepaper. There is also a strong community on Telegram of over 6000 members which you can join to talk directly with the developers and other investors.

Crypto Update: Traders Looking at Crypto Exchanges and IRS

Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchanges Scrutinized, Coincheck & BitGrail Troubles

Hacked cryptocurrency exchanges have made news the past few weeks, and it is being reported that disgruntled traders who are clients of Coincheck in Japan are starting to file lawsuits. Coincheck claimed after being hacked it would repay all traders who lost money, but until now that has not happened, and clients seeking to withdrawal money have not been allowed to do so either. Coincheck claims it must complete technical safety procedures before it allows clients to withdrawal. And reports indicate BitGrail of Italy and Nano are escalating their ‘blame game’. Nano has issued reports showing BitGrail had questionable transactions take place as early as October 2017, calling into question BitGrail’s responsibility and transparency the past week after they reported being hacked.

Bitcoin Achieves Stability in February, However Volatility Remains Present

Bitcoin this morning is near 8,400.00 U.S Dollars per coin. The cryptocurrency has certainly recovered from lows last Sunday, which saw its value drop below 6000.00 U.S Dollars. Resistance continues to look like 9,500.00 in the near term. Bitcoin has achieved a fair consistency range in February, but volatility remains ever present.

Bitcoin 4H Chart
Bitcoin 4H Chart

Americans Not Reporting Cryptocurrency Taxes to Uncle Sam

A vast majority of cryptocurrency traders still do not report their profits as required by the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S. Estimates indicate up to 7% of the American population is holding some type of cryptocurrency, but a distinctly smaller minuscule amount of the population are reporting their gains via taxes to the U.S government. And as tax season approaches in the States, expect this to become an important talking point from the IRS.

FinTech Banking Innovation Seminar in Chicago

Two days of seminars will be held in Chicago discussing Fintech development and digital innovation in banking.

  • 14-15th, U.S, Fintech and Banking Seminar in Chicago

Yaron Mazor is a senior analyst at SuperTraderTV.

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Another Day of Red for the Cryptos as the Market Turns Bearish

Following a choppy weekend that left Bitcoin in the red, Bitcoin gained 10% on Monday to end the day at $8,922.12, with a relatively quiet day on the news wires providing support to the cryptomarket through the day.

While the cryptos and Bitcoin find support when the regulatory chatter is on the lighter, investors are quick to lock in profits, with the U.S government, the South Korean government and the PBoC likely to be working on frameworks in the background that could have a material impact on investor profiles and the initial coin offering market in the coming weeks or months.

Just when new regulations will be rolled out is an unknown and how restrictive the regulations will be is also an unknown and that’s never going to be a positive for the cryptomarket.

Smaller jurisdictions made regulatory announcements this morning, with Thailand and Russia looking to take greater control of the cryptomarket and, news will be a reminder to investors of what is around the corner.

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Following Monday’s gains, it’s been a bearish start to the day, with Bitcoin down 4.44% to $8,503.46 at the time of writing, Bitcoin having hit an intraday low $8,409.01 in the last hour.

With Bitcoin testing its first major support level of $8,442.66, we will expect some upside from current levels, though downward pressure remains on Bitcoin and the market in general, with the declines broad based at the time of writing.

A move through to $8,600 levels could see Bitcoin make another move towards $9,000 though sentiment will need to shift through the middle of the day and, following Monday’s gains, buyers are likely to hold off for a fall back towards sub-$8,000 levels before jumping back in.

The negative sentiment is reflected in Bitcoin’s dominance level, which has crept up to 34.8%, with any move above 35% likely to add further pressure on the cryptos.

With the Cboe Bitcoin Futures February contract down $395 to $8,440, we’re unlikely to see a shift in sentiment however, with the February contract sitting at Bitcoin’s first major support level.

Elsewhere, Bitcoin Cash is down 6.13% to $1,204.7, with Ripple giving up the all-important $1.00 handle, down 5.41% to $0.9853. Cardano and Stella Lumen have also seen heavy losses, with the pair down $6.55% and 4.78% respectively.

We’re seeing volatility across the asset classes and, while we will likely hear more talk of correlation between cryptocurrencies and other asset classes, this morning’s moves have gone against the grain, with Asian equities having mostly closed out the day in positive territory today.

We’re in for another choppy day and one does question how much more stomach the less sticky investors will have for the cryptocurrencies that have failed to rally since the middle of January. It will boil down to risk and reward. The rewards may not cut it when there is so much uncertainty in the market at present…

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Crypto Update: Reversal off Lows for Cryptocurrencies Builds

News regarding the hack of BitGrail continues to be heard. And malware criminals are now targeting computers for cryptocurrency mining.

BitGrail and Nano Arguing, Hack of 170 Million U.S Dollars of RaiBlocks

News regarding the hacking of the Italian Cryptocurrency Exchange BitGrail continues to make the news. And interestingly, there appears to be a large disagreement about who is to blame regarding the outcome of the hack. BitGrail claims the hack occurred because the cryptocurrency, RaiBlocks, which has been developed by Nano is to blame because of a vulnerability within its code. However, Nano has hit back at BitGrail and said this is not the case. In the meantime, one thing is for certain, hackers have stolen 170 million U.S Dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Stages a Recovery, Important Resistance Coming Into View

Ethereum has staged a recovery. Ether is trading near 860.00 U.S Dollars per coin. The cryptocurrency bounced off yesterday’s lows, and traders are likely looking at potential resistance around 960.00 Dollars as an important level. Support appears to be 750.00. After falling to low water marks early last week, Ethereum has now accomplished a fairly stable trend without an incredible amount of volatility. Ether continues to be a good barometer for the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Ethereum 4H Chart
Ethereum 4H Chart

Malware Moves from Ransomware to Cryptocurrency Mining Sphere

Intriguing and dangerous phenomena has been getting attention lately. Ransomware criminals have apparently moved into the cryptocurrency mining arena. Instead of taking over a computer and asking for money, malware criminals are now infecting computers with a virus which allows them to use the hacked computers to ‘mine’ for cryptocurrencies. It has been reported that many of the National Health Services websites in the U.K have been recently hit by an attack.

St. Petersburg Blockchain Event Tomorrow

A conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia tomorrow and focus of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

  • 13th, Russia, Blockchain Conference in St. Petersburg

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Bitcoin’s on the Bounce and the Cryptos are Following

It was a choppy weekend for Bitcoin, with Bitcoin hitting a weekend high $9,090.8, before taking a tumble through to a Sunday morning low $7,820. Bitcoin ended the weekend down 5.61%, with most of the weakness coming from Sunday, where Bitcoin fell by 4.14% to end the weekend at $8,205.97.

Things were always going to be relatively soft for Bitcoin, with Cboe Bitcoin Futures February contract having closed the previous week at $8,600.

News through the weekend was relatively light, with the only material news being further clarifications on the U.S government’s intentions vis-à-vis the ICO market and cryptocurrency classifications.

A growing concern amongst some people in a position of power in the U.S is that a significant clamp down on the ICO market could put the U.S behind on innovation. With blockchain technology expected to become mainstream in the years ahead, such an outcome would once again put Asia at the forefront of technological innovation, with China becoming an ever prominent global power.

There’s a long way to go and there will be plenty of noise between now and the actual introduction of regulations that will continue to rock the markets over the near-term, though such fears may ultimately play into the hands of the cryptos.

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Following a weekend stumble, a lack of major news has provided some support to the cryptos at the start of the week, with Bitcoin gaining 4.37% to $8,419.37, sitting marginally above the Cboe’s February futures contract $8,410 at the time of writing.

The relatively upbeat sentiment at the start of the week was reflected in Bitcoin’s dominance, which was down to 34.4% this morning.

For the day ahead, we will expect Bitcoin to face strong resistance at $8,570, with investors likely to be conscious of where the February futures contract sits ahead of Wednesday’s settlement. As the Asian session comes to a close, the prospects of any negative regulatory chatter will have eased, which will be a positive. Any fall back towards $8,100 could see Bitcoin test its first major support level of $7,830, though the news would have to be quite dire for sentiment to shift to a sell-off that would pull the rest of the cryptomarket down with it.

Elsewhere, Ripple leads the way, gaining 5.49% on the day, with Stellar Lumen up 4.55%, the pair tending to see the biggest moves based on sentiment, which suggests that these are the two major cryptos that will see the most upside should cryptomania return.

The Cryptomarket bulls are certainly doing their best to induce another rally, with talks of Bitcoin hitting $25,000 and even $100,000 still doing the rounds in spite of the volatility that has gripped the cryptomarket through the first 6 weeks of the year.

The projections are certainly looking a little farfetched for now. We have seen manipulation sink Bitcoin and the broader market, with Bitcoin having hit a 2018 low $5,920.72 last Tuesday. So, until there is some greater oversight to address market manipulation and hacking, not to mention greater clarity on regulator intentions, even $10,000 looks to be a stretch at the moment.

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Cryptocurrencies Weekly Update: Cryptos under Pressure, BitGrail Exchange Hacked

After achieving stability last week and seeing values increase, many cryptocurrencies came under pressure yesterday upon hitting resistance. And there is developing news regarding BitGrail and a potential hack of the Italian cryptocurrency exchange regarding Nano tokens.

A Question of Coordinated Government Regulation, Prices Under Pressure

Cryptocurrencies continued to fight back before going into the weekend with rather impressive gains after storm clouds hovering over the broad markets lessened. However, early today, prices have shown volatility as values have begun to come under pressure and support is getting tested via many of the more widely traded digital currencies. Governments will continue to speak about the need for regulation regarding cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. One of the questions that still need to be answered is how coordinated will governments be as they try to supervise the market and what type of actions will they take?

Dead Cat Bounce Being Tested, Ripple Reverses Lower after Resistance Hit

Ripple may be a good bellwether as the week begins anew for traders. XRP went into the weekend sporting solid gains as it attained 1.14 U.S Dollars per coin late on Friday and early Saturday. However, in the past twenty-four hours, Ripple has seen pressure and has lost value while falling to approximately 0.90 U.S cents. Important resistance looks to be about 0.70 U.S cents. The fact that Ripple hit a critical resistance area last seen the end of January, and was suddenly propelled lower will raise eyebrows. Some analysts have suggested the rise in cryptocurrency values made last week was a ‘dead cat bounce’ achieved as speculators came into the market and bought on lows and that headwinds will come back into force. As the week opens, it will be interesting to see if the downturn the past day will subside or grow.

XRP 1H Chart
XRP 1H Chart

Italian Cryptocurrency Exchange BitGrail in Hot Water, A Hack or Worse?

BitGrail, an Italian Cryptocurrency Exchange, announced early on Saturday its site had been hit by cybercriminals and apparently hacked for 170 million U.S Dollars’ worth of Nano tokens trading under the name of RaiBlocks. The cryptocurrency exchange said that it was suspending all transactions, including buying and trading as it tries to get a grasp on the circumstances. However, it should be noted that Nano’s core team of developers appears to be confronting BitGrail regarding allegations the Italian cryptocurrency exchange has been not processing withdrawals in an expedient manner since late December. This story may grow in the coming days.

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A Sea of Red Engulfs the Cryptocurrencies once more

Volatility persisted throughout the weekend, with Bitcoin seeing highs and lows through to Sunday morning, almost reminiscent of the moves through the week that culminated in a more then 50% rally from Tuesday’s $5,920.72 low to Friday’s close.

On Saturday, Bitcoin managed to rally 4.56% to an intraday high $9,090.8, with the prospects of recovering to $10,000 beginning to build, before Bitcoin came against strong resistance and has faced strong selling pressure since.

With the Cboe Bitcoin futures February contract sitting at $8,610 by Friday’s close, a pullback from $9,000 levels was to be expected ahead of Monday’s open, though not to the extent seen through the 2nd half of Saturday and early Sunday.

Bitcoin dominance rose from 33.6% to 34.8% on Saturday and investor jitters over regulatory oversight continues to plague the cryptomarket, with the SEC being clearer on its intentions to heavy regulate the ICO market, whilst classifying the cryptocurrencies differently, depending upon their function.

With the IMF having called for a more coordinated approach to managing the cryptomarket, best in class policies will likely be adopted and that’s unlikely to be too bullish for the market near-term.

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While total cryptomarket cap had moved up to $458bn midway through the day on Saturday, which saw Bitcoin’s market cap move up to $153.55bn, it’s been downhill since, with Bitcoin’s market cap falling back to $134.68bn at the time of writing, with Bitcoin down 8.18% to $7,860.

It’s been a dire 24-hours for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies and the weekend slide certainly doesn’t bode well for the week ahead, with Bitcoin sliding through its first major support level of $8,123.64, with the 2nd support level of $7,687.28 in sight.

A sustained rally through the weekend would have been an important milestone for the cryptocurrencies, with previous weekends ending with similar movements, which continues to reflect investor unease over the uncertainties that lies ahead for the cryptocurrencies and the initial coin offering platform.

Functionality continues to be an afterthought for the market and speculative investors are jumping in and out in herd like mentality that justifies the sizeable swings that are being seen across the cryptocurrencies in recent weeks.

Knee jerk reactions create opportunities, but they also create great unease and Bitcoin’s weekend highs have been on a downward trend this year, which will also be of concern.

For the day ahead, we will expect some recovery through the 2nd half of the day, though we certainly wouldn’t expect Bitcoin to move back through to $9,000 levels, with Friday’s futures close pinning back any material upside. Bitcoin’s first resistance level sits at $8,947.69 today and all things considered, we’re unlikely to see Bitcoin move too close to resistance levels.

Elsewhere, Ripple has slumped 11.36% to $0.907, with Ethereum down 7.38% to $786.82, Ethereum having failed to recover to $1,000 levels in last week’s relief rally.

The worst of the majors was Stellar Lumens however, which slumped 12.8% to $0.5021 through the early part of the morning, pulling back from Saturday’s 0.644 high.

We could see volumes pickup at current levels, which will be considered attractive by many, but rallies are short lived and few are interested in being exposed at the start of the week.

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IQeon ICO Picks Up Steam, Not Much Time Left to Invest

IQeon is a revolutionary decentralized PvP platform providing easy ways for gamers to monetize their in-game achievements. The startup is also stuffed with open SDK facilitating the development of the games hosted on the IQeon platform. Open API and smart contracts technology revolutionize the world of online betting. Bets placed on IQeon could be on the results of competitions run on the platform or any other game existing on the Internet.

IQeon is an already working product and one of the first games to be placed there is IQClash Lite. The game is based on the Blockchain technology and covers sessions of intellectual mini-quests where the players compete with each other.

Investment specialists and Blockchain professionals rate the startup quite high. ICORating gave the project low-risk investment score. ICOBazaar and ICOBench rated the project 4.5 out of 5 and ICORanker — 78 out of 100.

Not only rating platforms notice the high quality of the platform technical side and the robust business goals set by the management team but also various business insiders and investors at the conferences the IQeon team frequently visits.

Among the recent conferences and Blockchain forums visited by the project, representatives are London Blockchain Week 2018, Blockchain Conference in Thai, World Blockchain Summit, etc. As the result of active participation, YouTube bloggers and British Cryptonews channels conducted interviews where IQeon benefits and the plans for the future are highlighted. The platform also obtained new partners that are eager to place their apps and games in the IQeon ecosystem.

January 30, 2018, the main tokens offer started and it lasts until March 13, 2018. The Token Sale will be based on the Ethereum platform and IQeon tokens can be purchased via Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

The schedule of bonuses introduced differs depending on what week of ICO you would like to invest in IQeon startup. It means that if you make up your mind to buy IQN earlier, the bonus is bigger.

Don’t miss your chance and become one of IQeon early investors. To get more details, please, visit IQeon official website.

Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn,
Estonia, Harju maakond,

Bitcoin Dominance Eases with Ripple Trailblazing into the Weekend

What a weak for Bitcoin and the Clan.

Tuesday’s $5,920.72 low was a moment of truth, not only for Bitcoin, but for the cryptomarket in general, with the cryptobears seizing the opportunity to dominate the news wires in the early part of the week.

Goldman Sachs coming out to say that most, if not all of the existing cryptocurrency prices will hit zero, referencing the bubble and the collapse of first to market players who ultimately gave way to the likes of and Google that dominate the market today.

The talk of zero seemed to have little impact on investors however, with focus being more heavily biased towards regulatory chatter than a single opinion that may or may not become a reality down the road. After all, the 90s is quite some time ago and some of today’s innovative platforms have already made progress in the real world, with others ready to hit the market.

Bitcoin managed to close out the week at $8,886.89, an 8.5% gain from Monday’s opening $8,190.78 and more importantly, up 50.1% from Tuesday’s $5,920.72 low.

Relative to its peers, the gains were less impressive, but were nonetheless an important one for the cryptomarket, with Bitcoin being the barometer for many investors. This is largely reflected in Bitcoin’s dominance numbers through the week, which eased from 35.9 to a current 33.6%, as investor appetite for the altcoins improved through the second half of the week and into the weekend.

Fake news was certainly a contributory factor to last Tuesday’s woes, with hackers able to manipulate the markets at ease it seems. Cyber security will need to be ramped up to protect the market and investors and that may be where governments and regulators can step in, without destroying the evolution of blockchain technology that is likely to become a major element of everyday life.

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The good news for the market has been the rise in total market cap, which sits at $458.05bn at the time of writing, up from a lowly $276.82bn last Tuesday.

Going into the weekend, Bitcoin managed to touch a Saturday high $9,090.8 in the early hours, which has led to some impressive early risers going into the weekend.

Ripple is making a splash, surging 21.59% to $1.119 this morning, easing back from an intraday high $1.15977, with Stellar Lumens and Cardano also making double digit rallies this morning, though neither have been as impressive as Ripple.

It’s ultimately going to boil down to how successful the respective platforms will be in the real world and with crypto risk appetite returning, it’s not that surprising that Ripple is on the move.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was up just 2.63% to $8,922.24 in the early part of the day and, with Cboe Bitcoin future’s February contract closing the week at $8,610, how far Bitcoin can go remains to be seen, with Friday’s close likely to be a hindrance that others are free from.

This is not the first weekend rally of the year, but it could be the first to push through to Monday’s open, if investors are able to hold their nerve and not go for the sell button.

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Bitcoin Down but Fighting Back amidst a sense of Calm

A relative sense of normality has returned to the cryptomarkets in the 2nd half of the week, with Bitcoin closing out Thursday with a 4.43% rise to $7,924.49.

The gains may not be as impressive as ones investors had become accustomed to, before the negative sentiment that began to hit the markets back in January, but when considering Bitcoin’s 2018 lows and the cryptobears who seized on the opportunity to write off Bitcoin and the rest, the recovery has been an impressive one.

Throughout 2017, a long debate over the likely adverse effect of regulatory oversight came to a fore this week, with the markets responding to a flurry of regulatory chatter, some accurate and some fake.

As we move through to the end of the week, a sense of calm has returned and with it an acceptance that the cryptomarket will not be allowed to continue as it had done so previously, in the hands of its developers with no interest in self-regulation.

While some of the money that walked out the door may never return, new investors may well begin to take a closer look at the market and what future it has to offer.

For Bitcoin, a 46.08% rally from Tuesday’s $5,920.72 low to Wednesday’s $8,649 high was a telling moment for the market and those doubting that the cryptomarket can survive.

A fall through to sub-$5,000 levels could have been quite damming though even then, one does wonder whether it would have spelt the end.

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For now, there is an opportunity for investors and prospective investors to reflect on the events and crypto moves of the last few weeks and begin to consider the market as one that is likely to continue to expand and grow.

The good news for investors will be the fact that we have yet to see any material correlation with other asset class, Thursday’s gains coming in spite of a global equity market sell off that has found little support, with investors waiting for more before jumping back in.

Granted, we are unlikely to see the Dow rally 46% in a couple of days, but then there are significantly greater risks involved when in investing in virtual currencies.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was down 4.14% to $7,917.85 and, while a bearish trend has been formed through the early part of the morning, we will expect there to be plenty of support at $7,673, with Bitcoin having broken through its first resistance level earlier in the day, hitting an intraday high $8,259.42.

$10,000 levels may be considered too far off for now, but if Bitcoin can move back through $8,000 before the weekend, the prospects of hitting $9,000 before Monday’s open should set things up nicely for next week.

Investors will need to tread carefully however. Following Tuesday’s testimony to the Senate, the calls for ‘do no harm’ from the chairman of the SEC and chairman of the CFTC may fall on deaf ears. Until the U.S government’s intentions are clearer there is little impetus for a more sizable rally.

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