Tokenbox Partners with Indacoin to Provide Safe Bank Card Depositing

Ever tried buying some crypto with a bank card? We most probably know what it ended up with unless it wasn’t a crypto ATM – purchasing digital assets can still be a headache when one wants to enter the crypto market. Looking for the best solutions for managing crypto assets, Tokenbox has partnered up with Indacoin, a UK based platform that provides the possibility to instantly and safely buy digital assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum using bank cards.

Following the partnership agreement, Indacoin services are now integrated into the Tokenbox platform. How does it work? A user can buy coins and tokens and pay for them with either debit or credit card. The assets bought are immediately transferred to the user’s Tokenbox account.

Tokenbox CEO Pavel Salas: “Indacoin is quite responsive to market challenges and is ready to adapt its services to the features of our product, the Tokenbox platform. This partnership allows our customers to buy any crypto assets, both current with which we are working now and which will be traded on the platform in the nearest future. A standard commission might be a bit higher at the beginning of the partnership, because of the gradually growing volume of transactions. But we will work towards lowering the commission fee, decrease the entry costs and increase the speed of transactions. We believe that this partnership will open doors for more people to enter the crypto world.”

PR Officer of Indacoin Maria Gorshkova: “We are glad to make the integration and become partners with Tokenbox. We share the same vision and values regarding the crypto industry. Hope that while working together we will be able to create higher standards for instant purchases of the cryptocurrencies fully compatible with KYC and AML procedures».

Tokenbox is a Fintech company developing an open platform that unites investors and cryptocurrency funds under the control of professional portfolio managers and traders. The ecosystem provides the technological, commercial and legal infrastructure required for creating new investment funds based on crypto assets.

Indacoin is an anti-fraud platform that is widely used to prevent payments from stolen credit & debit cards. Its algorithms analyze more than 30 different criteria for risk scoring. The company was established in 2014 in London UK and since then has been operating successfully at a global scale.

Ubex’s ICO Success Indicates Future of Digital Marketing

That’s where Ubex comes in. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this startup is revolutionizing the digital advertising market. It circumnavigates the problem of high commission fees by eliminating digital marketing agencies entirely, tokenizing ad slots and having AI collect key data to make sure buyers can purchase effective digital and social marketing. It combats click fraud by adopting the cost-per-action model and saving all actions to the ultra-secure blockchain. Finally, it optimizes targeting algorithms through the use of neural networks, ensuring an efficient use of purchasers’ advertising budgets.

Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and programmatic approaches are the way forward in digital marketing, promising to optimize advertising efforts. Ubex proves this with their great success in their ICO, which was held from May 21 to September 30, 2018. Impressively, the project hit its soft cap in just one day, and over the course of the sale, it ended up hitting its hard cap, collecting 161 BTC, 25,074 ETH, and 3,336 LTC. Clearly, Ubex represents the future of digital marketing.

Thanks to the ICO’s immense success, the UBEX token is now worth even more than it was during the ICO. It’s available for purchase on a number of exchanges: You can get it on BitForex, BitMart, BTC-Alpha, Hotbit, and Bilaxy. The project also has won the voting on the LBank exchange, thanks to its loyal community joining together and voting for its listing. The competition was close at times, but in the end, Ubex won by a landslide thanks to its passionate community.

The token sale may be over now, but even if you missed it, it’s a great idea to invest in some UBEX tokens. They continue to increase in value, and as the success of this up-and-coming startup grows, so too will the tokens.

For more information on the Ubex project and what it entails, please check out these:

Tokenbox Platform Introduces KYC Based on Telegram Passport

Security of clients’ and investors’ data is one of the top priorities when it comes to managing crypto assets and working with sensitive personal information during a KYC procedure. As users’ verification has become mandatory for most of the crypto projects, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tokenbox and the platform’s earliest partners, KYC-provider Sum&Substance, decided to simplify and accelerate the usual process of identity and credentials check. It is now available through Telegram Passport — a single platform for verification and storage of documents based on the most popular messenger in the crypto community.

Telegram Passport is a personal identification authorization tool, which is integrated into the platform’s services. User’s personal data is encrypted with a personal key, and both are accessible only through a service that the user trusts his data with. KYC provider Sum&Substance was the first in the world to launch KYC-checks based on Telegram Passport, and Tokenbox is happy to announce the integration of the tool into the platform’s system.

In order to pass verification, the user will need to upload their data to Telegram Passport only once — photos, scans of documents, information about the place of residence. After the user’s consent, the KYC-provider will access this data, verify it and conduct the Know-Your-Customer procedure. The process will take about 1-3 minutes, and, in case of the user’s errors or poor image quality, they will receive a comment right in the Telegram interface, which will be describing the type of error.

After passing KYC once, the user will not have to upload documents for another online service again — the system will only ask for a permission to process their personal data, and the documents will be automatically sent for verification procedure.

Despite the fact that Telegram Passport stores documents in a cloud, no employees of the messenger have an access to the data. All information is stored in an encrypted form, and the access key is only available to the user. KYC provider gets access to the data only after the user’s consent. Sum&Substance complies to the most stringent data protection law — the European Directive of the GDPR.

Sum&Substance CEO Andrey Severyukhin adds: «We have rapidly become the go-to provider for KYC/AML in the ICO and blockchain sphere. We see that Telegram Passport allows blockchain to take users on board as fast as possible without sacrificing the conversion. So, we help Tokenbox keep all their customers protected in the most practical and friendly way as the blockchain industry faces a lot of scrutiny and regulation».

Tokenbox CEO Pavel Salas: “This is so far one of the most interesting and relevant updates to our platform’s services. I’ve been working in the assets management field for quite a while, and data security still tops the list of users’ vital concerns. Telegram and its creators are already famous for how they treat their users’ data, so we at Tokenbox are thrilled about the fact that together with Sum&Substance we are one of the first to introduce such convenient and safe way of identity check”.

European Parliament Assesses ICO Legal Framework

The proposal has been written by Ashley Fox — a member of the European Parliament — and called for a €8M cap on tokens sales and AML/KYC requirements. What’s remarkable about this initiative is that it would create an EU “standard” for token sales, allowing to conduct them in all the Union.

Fox stated that the proposal is meant to “make ICOs more possible and more successful,” not to impede them. Nicolas Brien — the managing director of France Digitale — said that there is a need for urgent regulation since “the market wants legitimization from every jurisdiction. In the UK it’s particularly bad, none of the banks will bank you if you have crypto.”

Brien also explained that there is a necessity for clarity about the nature of tokens and end the debate about which tokens are securities and which are utilities.

Stricter scrutiny to be expected in the EU

During the meeting, many also highlighted the need for more rigorous inspection of the ICO market due to the number of scams in the ecosystem. Laura Royle — a member of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) — admitted seeing a “huge potential benefit in this space” in raising capital with ICOs but also wanted to point out problems like the lack of transparency, volatility, and potential for fraud.

The estimates that from 25% to 81% of ICOs may result in fraud, but exact figures are hard to establish.

No definitive decision

There has been no clear consensus in the EU parliament on how to proceed so far and amendments can be submitted by the members by September 11. Still, this is a distinct move forward in regulating the space and opening the market to less risk-prone investors.

RSC Endorsed by Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Launches Crowdsale

World Soccer Coin is launching its highly anticipated Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) Crowdsale. It will begin on August 16. The Whitelist has been opened to the public on August 1st.

RSC is a revolutionary blockchain business model that captures multiple unique business areas, and profitable revenue streams within its leading-edge and accessible ecosystem.

RSC is fully endorsed and backed by the Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho (Ronaldo de Assis Moreira), who was twice selected FIFA Player of the Year.

Expressing the support of RSC, Ronaldinho tweeted on July 7: “When one plays soccer, one is free. You are happy. ‘Alegria’ to all soccer lovers in the world. Thank you for all of your support!”

In addition to Ronaldinho, RSC is fully backed by leading blockchain business groups and associations such as ICOBox, The Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association (KBIPA), Play2Live and 03 Labs.

The key revenue generating business streams include:

  • The launch of the RSC token;
  • The development of digital soccer and futsal stadiums globally;
  • The development and expansion of soccer and futsal as sports, through soccer academies and other activities, in existing and new markets;
  • The promotion of eSports, a business sector that is now hugely popular in the U.S. and other key markets and is forecast to grow exponentially in global markets in the next several years;
  • The launch of Sports Betting platform. It’s now legalized in the U.S. and in a rapidly growing number of countries;
  • The development, sale and licensing of leading-edge AI, blockchain and digital technologies, equipment, and content.

In addition, based on Ronaldinho’s vision of giving back to society and enabling children from less-fortunate circumstances to play and develop their skills in soccer and futsal, RSC will be launching the Smile Project. Using a portion of the revenue gained from the RSC project, as an act of charity, the project will distribute soccer balls to underprivileged children. That will help to provide an environment where children can pursue their dreams. Also, the project will be launching funding for promising players to participate in elite soccer academies throughout the world.

The RSC-based payment system will be based on smart contracts and will have credit and virtual and legal currency capabilities. RSC utilizes NEO blockchain, as it has ten times the ecosystem block speed when compared to Ethereum.

The total supply of RSC tokens is 350 million, out of which 140 million was allocated to the private sale completed in July.

Benefits for the Whitelist Participants

Prospective investors who have registered for the Whitelist before the start of Crowdsale will be able to complete the KYC process earlier than others and will be eligible for bonuses.

More information on Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project can be obtained on the following platforms:

Neluns is the next step in the financial ecosystems evolution

The bank side of the system will support operations with crypto and fiat currencies and will have a built-in currency exchange module. The system is likely to create the most favorable conditions for the further evolution and increased maturity of the cryptocurrency market.

Ecosystem Key features


The Neluns ecosystem includes:

  • Neluns Bank is the next generation bank supporting most of the core retail bank features for fiat money and cryptocurrencies.
  • Neluns Exchange is built on the cutting edge technology facilitating the improved accessibility of the secure and fast cryptocurrency trade operations.
  • Neluns Insurance company insures all the transactions and trades within the ecosystem.

Users have access to the following functionality within the Neluns ecosystem:

  • Trade cryptocurrencies with a few clicks
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies
  • Fast deposits and withdrawal to/from the system from around the globe
  • Option to open an IBAN Account that supports multicurrency (private or corporate)
  • Issue debit and credit cards from major card issuers Visa, MC, Amex
  • Promptly send and receive international money transfers
  • Earn more interest on your money in the Neluns savings accounts in fiat or cryptocurrencies
  • Receive loans from Neluns in fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • P2P (Peer-to-peer) Landing Platform allows earning interest on lending to other users
  • Draw profits from the NLS tokens trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Trades insurance is available and can be enabled for select or all transactions
  • Get dividends
  • Lowered risk levels and extra profits are open for the active market participants

Neluns Bank offers a broad range of services to private and corporate customers. The transactions are executed in fiat and crypto money. Once a multicurrency account is open users are able to carry out transactions in USD, EUR, GBR and cryptocurrencies. There’s an option to issue a bank card for the multicurrency account.  

There are 4 types of bank cards and respective software products available: Lite, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Making purchases, sending payments, trading cryptocurrencies and fund withdrawals are available from any ATM around the globe 24×7.

Users can obtain loans in fiat or crypto money from the system as well as earn interest on the savings account in the system. All savings accounts are FDIC (The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured. The P2P fiat and cryptocurrency lending platform will be developed and it will serve as a base of Neluns Bank. Users will be able to extend and obtain loans to/from other users.

Neluns Exchange is based on the bank guarantee principles allowing us to create the new high quality cryptocurrency exchange. These principles combined with the cutting edge technology are the pillars of the system supporting easy fund withdrawals, cyber security threats protection, high availability and peak loads resistance. The system is expected to offer both best user experience for cryptocurrency traders and great deals on savings account interest rates.

There will be apps created for iOS and Android to make sure that the bank and exchange operations are available on the go from mobile devices.  24×7 technical support service will be launched to address any challenges users face.



The project will be run in accordance with respective government regulations and all applicable legal frameworks to minimize the risks and facilitate the successful project execution.  Neluns Bank is in the process of obtaining a banking business license. Neluns Bank will adhere to all respective licensing, regulatory and supervisory requirements that are applicable for the regulated banks.  Neluns Exchange will be regulated as per CFTC (U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and SEC (U.S Securities and Exchange Commission) licensing requirements.

Main ICO Facts

NLS token is ERC20 token (public Ethereum blockchain). It is a security token with 50% dividends payout based on the Neluns ecosystem performance (the bank, the exchange, the insurance company).

Dividends are paid out on a quarterly basis.

Dividends payout formula is based of the number of tokens one holds vs. the total number of tokens.

NLS token holders who use the Neluns ecosystem products enjoy additional advantages. The more tokens are held the greater bonuses and privileges are provided.

  • NLS Token supply – 200M
  • Token price – $1

In 15 days after the first round of ICO starts Form D (an official notification of ICO start) will be submitted to SEC (U.S Securities and Exchange Commission).

ICO stages (rounds)


Hard Cap – $2.000.000

Soft Cap – $500.000

1 stage (round), pre-sale, stage (round) length 14 days, from 08-01-2018 to 08-15-2018.

bonus 30%

extra-bonus 40% investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction

extra-bonus 50% investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction


Hard Cap – $10.000.000

Soft Cap – $2.000.000

2 stage (round), pre-ICO, stage (round) length 21 days, from 08-15-2018 to 09-05-2018.

bonus 20%

extra-bonus 30% investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction  

extra-bonus 35% investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction


Hard Cap – $112.000.000

Soft Cap – $10.000.000

3 stage (round), ICO, stage (round) length 31 days, from 09-05-2018 to 10-05-2018

bonus 10%

extra-bonus 20% investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction

extra-bonus 25% investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction

Projects Website:

White Paper:


You42 To Begin Public Sale On July 2nd 2018

The public sale will come hot off the heels of a successful private presale that has raised $21.1M. Accredited investors may continue to invest via SAFT in the presale until the public sale opens. These presale events give users a chance to get in early and help shape the platform from its launch after the conclusion of the public ICO.

You42 is a social entertainment platform where users can create, share, and consume a wide range of content, from videos to music and games to individual elements such as out-takes and stems. By becoming content creators and curators, users can promote their work through the You42 Token and across the You42 social spaces platform.

Through the ICO, You42 hopes to raise a total of USD $50 million. This will be used to fund content and user acquisition campaigns to attract engaged users and content creators who can contribute to a robust social network of users.

You42’s New Vision for Social Media & Entertainment

You42 was founded to counter the influence of large entertainment firms while giving consumers and creators new opportunities to engage with one another. The You42 platform lets them do this by:

  • Creating Content– Creators can use the platform to release new games, music, artwork, articles and other content. From there they can monetize their work using the U42 Token.
  • Rewarding Fans– Creators can use the platform to reward loyal fans with special discounts, early access to exclusive content, and direct communication through live chat, videos, and messages. Fans get a new level of engagement, while creators have the tools needed to build their fanbase.
  • Cultivating Convenience– You42 offers consumers the option of accessing all their favorite content from the same platform. This sets the stage for a more convenient experience, as users won’t have to switch between platforms for different types of entertainment.

You42 is issuing a fixed total of 525 million Tokens, which will be traded at a rate of 1 ETH to 808 Tokens (current market rate). When the public sale begins on July 2, 2018, consumers will be able to buy these tokens in earnest, supporting the platform while helping You42 reach its initial funding goal.


Don’t Miss the Chance to Get $2,500 for Mobile Start-up Promotion From Digital Agency BDCenter!

The industry is developing quite fast. Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram – the list of start-ups that have won the trust of the global user is endless. Digital agency BDCenter opens a new mobile applications direction and is ready to support young projects. The company will give $2,500 for the promotion of a startup which is developing mobile applications.

There are a lot of talented young teams that create worthwhile products. But very often they don’t have financing for promotion and good marketing, – emphasizes the BDCenter CBDO Pavel Mukhin. – We want such projects to be able to present their application to a global audience and are ready to help.

Any startup that has a complete team and a ready mobile application can participate. Applications can be sent here. The deadline is on the 1st of July 2018, the winner will be announced on the 10th of July 2018. BDCenter together with the project team will work on a promotion plan for the product and will also participate in its development and further implementation.

About BDCenter Digital Agency

BDCenter is a digital agency based in Minsk, Belarus that specializes on digital marketing, PR and consulting. The agency mainly works with start-ups, IT companies, and blockchain projects.

Interview with Ke Xu, CEO & Founder of ONO

  • How was the idea of ONO born?

I think to a large degree, ONO is the culmination of my career, which began with Bitcoin, and was furthered by social networking. I started out with cryptocurrency during my university days, back in 2013, when I had purchased mining rigs with a friend and began mining Bitcoin. We’d amassed as many as 20,000 BTC, which at the time was a small fortune, and had ended up selling it off as the value of BTC rose. Back then BTC was valued between $600 to $700 USD, and we figured it might peak, then again, hindsight is 20/20. That experience first gave me the taste of not just cryptocurrency itself, but also the blockchain technology that Satoshi had first introduced through Bitcoin. Ultimately it was the technology that I’d seen the potential in, and would later become a core part of how we’ve developed ONO.

After graduating from university, I launched a social network called ERA, which introduced the idea of rewarding the community members based on the user’s contributions, skills, and social clout. It was an early example of a novel concept that of rewarding content creators, amid major social networks that were entirely focused on monetizing its user’s data. The ERA was a novel concept at the time and attracted 10 million users before we’d sold it to Cheetah Mobile.

Following the acquisition, I started Nome Tech, which gave me the chance to return to my blockchain and cryptocurrency roots. We began developing blockchain apps, and our first hit was CryptoDogs – the Chinese equivalent of CryptoKitties.

But it was from here I realized, with the way social networks were becoming bigger than themselves, and the power of these social networks were centralized in the hands of their creators, the easy route toward monetization was by taking advantage of user data, while acting as a publisher while offering the original content creators little-to-nothing in return. So this is where I saw an opportunity to radically change how social networking was governed, and thus ONO was born.

  • Can you explain your product to people?

ONO is the first global decentralized social network. From its interface, ONO offers similar services that you’d find on average social networks. Core features include messaging, in-app games, and public posts – similar to what you might find on social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

But its underlying governance and reward system sets ONO apart.

Ultimately, in the nature of decentralization, ONO is governed by its users, who can vote through a referendum (a feature within the app itself) to dictate future features, how illicit content is managed, and more. At the same time, we reward users that share high-quality content with ONOTs, which is our virtual currency and can be used to buy and sell virtual goods within the platform.

  • As the company had successfully fundraised through a presale, what has already been done and what are you going to create from the money collected through the ICO?

We recently announced $16 Million in Series A funding from leading traditional and blockchain VCs including INBlockchain, China Growth Capital, Purple Cow Fund, Green Pine Capital Partners, Korea Investment Partners and Grand Shores. However, we didn’t initially go the ICO route, although these days it seems to be the easy way out, but for a few good reasons.

The future of our social network and community lies in a community that believes in our vision, which is to build a decentralized social network. However because the power of influencing the future of ONO lies ultimately in the hands of its elected Super Partners, and these Super Partners are elected by community members who vote using ONOTs, we didn’t want to give speculative crypto owners the opportunity to manipulate the economy, and instead initially opted to raise our funding from traditional VCs.

However, more recently we had discovered an aggressive black market of speculators selling ONOTs solely for its cryptocurrency value, so we’re planning on combating this by offering a pre-sale of our ONOT token, which we anticipate will restore balance to our community.

  • How does ONO differ from similar services? How can your innovative service change social networking, particularly in China?

Unlike any social network available today, ONO’s governance is centered around a group of 51 individuals, we refer to as Super Partners, who are elected through community votes. These people are what you could consider as power users who would collectively decide on new features, how illicit content within the social network is managed, and more.

At the same time, with our vision to build a community based on a reward system that incentives quality content, ONO rewards users that consistently share high performing content on their channels with ONOTs.

  • ONO will launch its service through the EOS platform; how significant is that for your investors?

While we’re in the running for EOS, and we’re excited for the possibilities that EOS offers to its partners, we’ve ultimately decided to establish our own Mainnet using the open source software.

  • How can anyone join ONO?

Currently ONO has 280,000 users, but in the vein of ensuring that our initial early adopters are a group that would build an engaging community, in fact, our app is only available as an invite-only beta, which you can apply to join through our website,

Suggested Articles

  • Why did you need a Token Sale?

Our token, the ONOT, was being sold on the black market by speculators, and as a measure to combat and curb any opportunities for individuals to game the system, we will be offering a token sale to users.

  • What are your plans for the future?

We’re excited to see the rapid adoption of ONO, even among beta users, and we’re planning for the upcoming launch of the international version of ONO in the coming month. At the same time, with international investors, and users, we’re looking to expand the team to further build out a global ONO ecosystem.

WONO Predicts Tourists, Entrepreneurs, and Students to Become the First Everyday Crypto Users

For now, cryptocurrencies are used for short-term investments mainly, but in a couple of years, they are going to become a part of everyday people’s lives. Who will become pioneers of the new era? WONO P2P platform believes that tourists, entrepreneurs, and students will have the best chances to become trendsetters.

If you put enough effort and political will, you’re able to tokenize any kind of business. But if you wish to sell iPhones using blockchain, you need to make every Apple’s supplier and partner go blockchain. Sounds hardly achievable.

But if you wish to share something in your possession, you just need a customer with tokens. And a platform which helps you find each other and sign a smart contract, like WONO – a P2P platform that unites functions of Airbnb, Turo, Upwork and TaskRabbit on blockchain and lets users earn and spend in tokens.

“We believe that tourists, entrepreneurs, and students will build up a core audience of our project. Sharing becomes extremely popular among travelers of all kinds. Either you travel on vacation or on a business trip, you’re always interested in affordable rentals. Even if you can rent a decent room or a car from a B2C vendor, you can get a better solution for the same price using P2P, and this makes sense on a trip. Students also travel a lot. What’s more, they’re more open to something new like cryptocurrencies, and they’re often seeking for some affordable solutions” – comments WONO CEO Alex Esaulov.

WONO offers a significantly lower commission of 1-5% comparing to 10-30% commission at offchaing services. What’s more, vendors using WONO can legally avoid taxation because, in most countries, including the US and the EU, tokens are determined as non-taxable digital assets. Until your withdraw what’s earned and exchange it into fiat, you don’t pay anything. And WONO platform will offer thousands of opportunities to spend what’s earned on other users’ assets and services.

WONO users can act as vendors and customers simultaneously. It means that you can earn tokens working as a freelance designer or a personal driver, and then spend the tokens renting a flat or hiring someone to fix your computer or clean a mess in your room. Or, using a WONO trusted deal mechanism, you can start spending tokens which are yet to be earned in future. Blockchain technology and smart contracts can make that possible.

The market release of such a promising service is scheduled for the next summer. For now, WONO team is focused on the proof of concept which is going to be shown at the end of July.

Genesis Vision Introduces Genesis Markets, a New Chapter in crypto trading

Genesis Vision launched their newest project Genesis Markets on June 7th.

Genesis Markets (GM) is a crypto brokerage that will provide crypto traders the many benefits that have long been enjoyed and expected by conventional traders. It is designed to provide traders access to all crypto instruments through a single brokerage platform.

Genesis Markets aggregates the liquidity from multiple exchanges which provides deeper order books to buyers and sellers. Genesis Markets is capable of filling your order in parts – the algorithm dissects the market and pulls out the most attractive deals, merging them together to complete your order at the best current market price.

Currently, Genesis Markets is directly bridged to Binance, and additional exchanges are expected to join in the near future, as negotiations with several other exchanges are well underway. There are no restrictions as to which exchanges may participate in the Genesis Markets ecosystem, and any exchange interested in participating may apply to join.

Asset management features will also be incorporated into Genesis Markets — most standard platforms and exchanges are not set up for trust management natively. Since Genesis Vision is ultimately a trust management platform, it is critical that Genesis Markets is fully integrated to support trust management as well.

Last, but not least — Genesis Markets will have a standardized and transparent trading platform interface. This means that traders on Genesis Markets do not need to learn all of the different user interfaces from the multiple exchanges represented within the Genesis Markets ecosystem, they just need to adapt to Genesis Markets’ MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. With a speed, power, and abundance of tools, that is unmatched by any other trading solution, MetaTrader 5 brings the best of accumulated experience of conventional trading to crypto.

“Unfortunately, the current situation with crypto trading is far from perfect. Traders currently need to trade on multiple exchanges just to purchase a particular altcoin. In addition to the hassle of signing up for multiple exchanges, traders also have to learn multiple trading platforms’ user interfaces; many altcoins on smaller exchanges also suffer from low liquidity levels. Conventional traders have gotten used to unified trading platforms and an abundance of assets within one platform. These conventional traders would love to dive into the crypto world and learn a lot more about altcoins if they had access to all crypto trading instruments in one platform. These conventional traders have no desire to perform due diligence on 10 or more exchanges just to have a basic grasp of the market. Our solution was to create Genesis Markets”.
comments Alexey Kutsenko, CBDO of Genesis Vision.

About the Project

Genesis Vision is a platform for the private asset management market, built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. We unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global.

Genesis Markets is a crypto broker with a convenient unified trading platform, designed to make all crypto instruments accessible within a single brokerage. Genesis Markets will aggregate liquidity from multiple crypto exchanges allowing you to purchase crypto at the best available cross-market price

Noah Project Partners with the Large Payment Gateway PayRemit to Expand Its Payment Options

Since the start of the Noah Project in 2016, the team has been focusing on creating a number of blockchain-based solutions aimed to bridge the gap between Japanese and Filipino citizens, connect families, travelers and businesses.

Today the Noah Project is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines – PayRemit. This company enables Filipino workers residing overseas to pay for various products and services via the Internet – either using their online wallet or with the help of PayRemit agents – through over-the-counter transactions.

Pursuing the same mission of empowering migrant workers and supporting economic growth via digital technologies, the Noah Project and PayRemit see a huge step forward for both companies in their alliance.

While the Noah Project gives its users more ways to utilize Noah Coins in real life,  the payment gateway company expands its payment channels providing a seamless and fast alternative to traditional methods.

With this payment gateway, Filipinos and overseas workers who own Noah Coin will have access to a wide range of merchants and vendors on PayRemit. They can shop online on such popular platforms as Sendah – a gift remittance & payment platform;  Goldilocks – a bakeshop chain based in the Philippines, BeamAndGo – a service offering purchasing groceries, medicine, and other life’s essentials online;  Sarisari – an e-gift platform with flowers toys, gifts and food package delivery.

Moreover, it will be possible to pay with Noah Coin for telecommunications services (PLDT, Globe), electricity bills (Meralco) and even purchase flight tickets of the Philippines’ leading airline – Cebu Pacific Air.

Besides, Noah Coin users will have access to the various Philippine government services that PayRemit has partnered with.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Noah Project and PayRemit, millions of Filipino migrant workers will have a fast and hassle-free option to buy necessary goods and services for their loved ones at home, while Noah Coin users can pay for their online purchases in any of PayRemit’s partner outlets.

The process of making a purchase using PayRemit is very easy. Once a customer chooses the item to buy at the merchants’ online store, he selects PayRemit as the preferred mode of payment. After the transaction has been processed, a customer receives his unique PayRemit Reference Number, which will be used to make payments with Noah Coins via the Noah website.

Josef Werker, a spokesperson of the Noah Foundation (the parent organization of the Noah Project) believes that “the alliance of the Noah Project and PayRemit will bring many benefits to migrants. Compared to traditional cash or credit card payments and remittances, online transactions in Noah Coin will give more security and independence in payments. Thanks to blockchain, expats can be sure that the money spent will be received by the merchant and the purchase will be fulfilled and received by their families seamlessly”. 

For the current and future holders of Noah Coin, the ability to use their assets through PayRemit opens the doors to the wide range of more than 100 partner online shops and service outlets. The Noah Project expects this would help to erase geographical borders and create a solution for easier financial transactions and remittances between the Filipino overseas workers and their loved ones living at home.

Join the unique Noah Project, designed to bring new technologies closer to people and let them us all the advantages of blockchain in real lives. To get the latest updates, visit the official Telegram chat, follow the Noah project on Facebook and Twitter.

How Brands Go Local with a PATRON Global Platform?

The rise the of social media influencers and opinion leaders market has experienced steady growth. Now it is estimated to be over $1 billion. By 2019, that figure will double.

While some marketers still question the value of influencer marketing, it has become one of the most effective marketing tactics for many successful brands.

What you should know about “Influencers”?

“Influencers” are able to ride the wave of viral content. They know how to Increase the number of followers and their own content visibility, and can share some of the audience with brands. Sometimes totally for free, sometimes for money. That’s how they work – by creating their own brand and promoting others.

Some brands pride themselves on working only with unpaid brand advocates in their marketing efforts. But in the most cases, brands pay for content. The average price for a single post on a million-followers social media channel is estimated at $763. To spend less and get a better conversion rate, your marketing team should be familiar with the marketing landscape of the region you like to penetrate and know exactly which internet celebrity to scout. We can say, that today’s challenge is localization and how to connect local influencers with global brands on a larger stage.

American celebrities are well-known all over the world. Let’s take Kim Kardashian. She has fans in different countries and products she mentions in her social media are desired by them. People like to follow and admire, but would they be ready to wait for a month for lipstick?

To reach the local market it’s better to work with local influencers. For example, in Japan, social media is an intricate part of society with over 31% of the total population currently active on Twitter. And it is not easy to work with socially active people there if you are a foreigner, because you need to have knowledge of different cultural nuances. For example, what is a more important, the image or text in your post? Or maybe the best solution is manga?

Imagine you work in a marketing department of a European company, which is going to expand to the Japanese market. How will you look for ambassadors? It is hard to find appropriate people for exact brand promotion in an unfamiliar region. It can be laborious to book a local Japanese influencer in a cross-border campaign. But this is what PATRON is looking to solve. We want to create the sharing economy for influencers that can be leveraged globally.

Many influencer marketplaces focus exclusively on celebrity-level influencers with more than 250,000 followers on their social media platform of choice. At the same time, companies choose superstars because they are easy-to-Google. However, having an impressive amount of followers doesn’t necessarily equate to an influencer being able to motivate their fans to action.

Micro-influencers are the new black

Celebrity-level influencers set their rates based on the access to their large follower base. That’s why they are high. Another reason for high-priced promotion by the elite tier of influencers is that they have agents or agencies represent their interests and you have to work through them to come to an agreement. Micro-influencers, or niche bloggers, on the other hand, may have a significantly lower cost-per-engagement, and be able to drive more qualified traffic to your needs. To find such people in different countries you might need help from local professionals. They will conduct special research for your brand to form a list of the most efficient influencers and you will pay for their expertise. At once all of them have their pool of contractors or some home-grown bloggers they promote. Instead of it, you may get an access to an enlarged catalog of influencers without any barriers. Our decentralized platform Patron was created especially for this kind of business.

One more thing you need to understand is the quality of an influencer, while engagement and followers can be quantified, the qualitative ROI for an influencer marketing campaign can be difficult to assess. Your project’s social account can get thousands of followers, who will check news about sales, new products and even “like” them, and etc. But how many of them will really make a purchase? Only such people are counted in ROI.

We spent many sleepless nights working hard and come up with a solution. Developing PATRON we will use three methods of measuring the value of an influencer.

  1. Are they reachable and able to disseminate content easily?
  2. Are they engaged and have engaged followers?
  3. Are they trusted within the community?

These are the foundation of a successful campaign. A more advanced scenario is a win-win outcome for both, the brand and the influencer – it’s what PATRON seeks to provide.

We will be glad to hear from you! Please, don’t hesitate and ask our team any questions you may have via our official social media accounts. And also follow PATRON’s news and stay tuned!

4 Reasons Why Google Experts Joined Game Stars Team

The Team

A strong team is already a half of success. Game Stars platform was created by gaming and blockchain enthusiast who believe in their work. Experience in digital marketing and PR, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is a great benefit for the project. One more advisor Daniel Laufenberg has been leading teams and architecting client solutions in Google and Cisco over the past 4 years. He currently works as a senior development engineer in Exadel and responsible for all stages of the development lifecycle of products.

The Token

Game Stars Tokens or GST are the main currency of the platform. Tokens are based on Ethereum platform (ERC-20) and have a limited emission of 500 million. GSTs are widely used for all actions in the platform: issuing smart contracts, paying tournament participation fee and prize fund forming; payouts for all platform participants.

GST token is already in demand: the pre-sale stage had a complete sold out. The price will increase together with the demand:

  • Tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).
  • Token emission is limited and there won’t be enough tokens for everyone willing to buy them.
  • Unsold tokens will be burned as soon as the Token Sale is over
  • Tokens will be allocated for exchanges after the end of the Token Sale. GST holders will be able to sell tokens at a higher price.
  • As soon as the project reaches Hard Cap point the shortage of tokens can be caused by only 50.000 basic or 14.285 profit-users signing up for the platform.

The Platform

Game Stars platform tends to create the evolution of eSports by providing market participants with one solid solution. Players, managers, organizers are facing several problems:

  1. lack of market infrastructure;
  2. lack of funding for beginner cyber players;
  3. non-payment of prize money;
  4. unfair tournaments.

The platform provides solutions for all contributors using the blockchain and smart contracts:

  • smart contracts are issued for each player together with personal tokens. Players can sell their tokens, raise funding for their professional development.
  • sponsors can evaluate cyber sportsmen based on players statistics, support the most promising gamers and get a share of their income.
  • managers can raise funding for their team development and look for new players
  • everyone now can organize own tournaments. Terms and conditions are powered by smart contracts. Thus the problem of frauds is excluded, prize-money payouts are made completely and in time.

Participate in the Token Sale at the official website, get 20% bonus tokens until June 13th, 2018. Subscribe to accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat to get the latest news about the project.

Interview with Franklin Song, Co-Founder & CEO of DATA

How was the idea of DATA born?

DATA was a brainchild of co-founders and college classmates, Franklin Song, Chairman of DATA Foundation and Victor Ye, Lead Engineer. They both studied Computer Science Master’s program in the US and worked in a large enterprise or social networks. Franklin had started three companies including the mobile game development house Soul Game and the mobile video ads optimization provider Yomob. Their interest in blockchain was rooted in the deep understanding of large-scale distributed systems and artificial intelligence and what the decentralized blockchain technology can be applied toward solving numerous shortcomings of known data fraud that exists and costs immensely in the technology world of advertising ecosystem where data has been created, consumed and paid for. According to the recent report, over 45% of the data traffic flowing in all the ads networks up and down the stream is fraudulent.

Thus Franklin assembled a team including experts that have had years of experiences in various advertising technology sectors and developed the DATA project. The central theme of DATA project is to provide a set of open protocols based on blockchain’s decentralized general ledger and powered by AI as well as to establish a data trust alliance.  The alliance is a vehicle with the shared goals to improve the efficiency of cooperation amongst data producers, data processors, and data consumers, benefitting from an effective reduction in data fraud on the entire ecosystem.

Franklin is the founder and chairman of Blockchain DATA Foundation. He held EE and MSEE from Tsinghua University and Yale University respectively and previously worked in MSRA and Oracle in Silicon Valley. Franklin is a serial entrepreneur. He also founded Yomob a service platform aiming at optimizing global mobile monetization. It has more than 2,000 mobile developers and serves 120 million global end users monthly. Yomob’s founding mission is to help mobile developers to succeed. However, during the process of providing advertising monetization optimization services, Franklin learned that fraudulent data flow has caused advertisers and publishers heavy losses and indirectly reduced the income of developers who are doing practical work. While the current Internet technology cannot prevent data falsification from the source. He hopes to find an effective way to solve the problem that “terminal data fraud” has become increasingly common and severe.

“Advertising fraud” refers to activities issued by advertisers, advertising operators, and advertising publishers intentionally make false goods or services during advertising campaigns, or hide the facts, which may cause consumers to make wrong consumption decisions. The White Paper for Anti-Fraud Advertising in AdMaster describes many types of fraud: Non-Human Traffic, content bias, material that hasn’t been shown, false sales leads, multiple activations or repeated conversions, and so on. In 2016, China’s invalid traffic accounted for 30.2% of the total. This is a 100-billion advertising market. Such a high ratio is an unimaginable waste.

Around June 2017, Franklin found his old friend Victor in Silicon Valley. Victor graduated from Tsinghua University and Columbia University and worked for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. Since 2013, he has begun to study large-scale distributed system and had a deep research about data encryption and blockchain technology. Victor is making great efforts to explore its application and usage in real life. After several months of communication and research, they believed that Data Authentication is an area in which blockchain technology can really generate value. They decided to build a blockchain team in Silicon Valley and create the DATA project.

  • Can you explain the common people about your product?

DATA is a digital data authentication protocol based on blockchain and powered by AI technology and P2P mobile storage structure. DATA aims at providing an efficient solution for data producers, consumers, and processors, assessing the value of data through technical means, and preventing false data from entering the ecosystem, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the industry chain.

DATA Project is the new paradigm for a secured and trusted digital economy, where fraud is proactively detected and prevented much earlier before the damage ripples into the trading chain.  The entire data flow is open, decentralized and cannot be altered.

  • As the company accomplished its ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create with the money collected by the ICO?

DATA only has done institution only private sale in mid-Jan 2018, we have made substantial progress in technology development, strategic partnership, and community building.

For technology development, we work on both the DATA main net and prototype.

The backbone of DATA is based on Ethermint open-source engine, whereas we are able to store extra content in user account system, it’s device level reputation data. Our internal test net is running in a small test suite that’s globally distributed. We plan to launch open test net and contribute code to open source in the second quarter, 2018.

In April, the prototype of DATA integration with Yomob Advertising SDK is successfully completed and tested. The prototype SDK is currently launched on one of Yomob’s developers, Zap Zombies. More selected partners will be introduced in the near future, and the SDK will gradually be rolled out to 2000+ developers and more than 120 million MAUs on Yomob platform. There will be a detailed guide to elaborate how to gain DATA reward soon.

In terms of the strategic partnership, we founded Data Trust Alliance, which is an alliance that aims to build an authentic and trusted data ecosystem. Currently, our members include Blue Focus – the largest communication group in Asia, Kochava – the digital marketing data analysis company and its blockchain based digital marketing platform XCHNG. These partners help expand the application scenarios and use cases by adopting consensus with  DATA protocol.  We have also formed a strategic partnership with blockchain projects such as Distributed Credit Chain (DCC), GIFTO (GTO) and Content Neutrality Network (CNN).

As for community building, DATA has nearly 130K fans all over the world. DTA tokens are held by 160K investors with over 230K total transactions. Last week, DATA’s Korean version whitepaper and official website have been translated by local blockchain marketing & consulting KryptoSeoul.  We will update our official website with the support of Korean language content.

  • How does DATA differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist the advertising industry?

DATA system is composed of four layers:

  1. P2P mobile metadata management layer (M³), a off-chain storage that was inspired by IPFS but designed especially for mobile devices based on Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and Erasure Code;
  2. Blockchain layer, a standalone public chain built from a fork of Ethereum on Tendermint, the Ethermint project;
  3. SDK management layer, in which AI technologies are used to generate AI models for device level reputation modeling and transfer the reputation and activity logs into M³ for peer verification;
  4. Application process layer consists of protocols and smart contracts to perform fraud detection, micropayment, and other services.

In DATA, App developers are rewarded for integrating into the system while users are rewarded for their attention contribution under proof of attention (PoA) mining rules.

The DATA project’s most innovative edge is to proactively identify and measure the fraudulent user data before being injected into the entire network.  While fraud pattern is detected,  the reward is granted to a true user for his or her attention consuming the advertisements and to the associated device contributing to in the P2P mobile storage sharing.

Storing a large scale of user data on blockchain is challenging. DATA introduces a decentralized Mobile Metadata Management system (M³) to store data in end devices while record user reputation on-chain. M³ can also be applied widely as an open infrastructure in blockchain industry.

  • How can DATA improve trust between players in the digital ecosystem?

DATA Project is designed as an open-source protocol, to disrupt the digital landscape, using the most current and proven blockchain technology and powered by AI, enabling data authentication stacked in the decentralized infrastructure.  Data is highly encrypted, stored on the local device yet updated and shared in real-time.

In this economy, the reward is given to end users and publishers with tokens for the actual consumption. A reputation modeling is applied to determine the right amount of reward.  For example, a zombie device can be immediately detected as the pattern of attention is gathered and analyzed. Advertisers are pleased receiving solid ROI instead of spending on chasing and eliminating fraudulently. Trust amongst all parties is measured, certified and incentivized.

  • How can anyone join DATA?

As end-users, anyone can join DATA by signing up for DATA reward system on any apps that partner with DATA. Once register, users can get DATA points reward based on Proof of Attention (PoA) rules. And then, they can use DATA points to exchange for DATA tokens (DTA). Traditionally, users are not rewarded for watching ads on the Internet but in DATA ecosystem, every user can get a reward after paying attention to ads on partner’s platforms/apps.

As mobile developers or platforms, they can join DATA as publishers. Publishers will get a reward based on the “attention data” generated from end-users through using the apps or platforms.

As qualified companies or institutes, they can join DATA as validator nodes in the system. Rewards for validators are issued on each block creation following DPoS rules.

Here is specific guidance on how to get DATA reward token DTA for different players in DATA ecosystem.

In DPoS systems, validators (like miners in PoW systems) can be rewarded for their contribution to the network. In DATA, users and publishers get most of the reward for their attention and data contribution.

Tokens are to be distributed in the following manner:

Initial Launch:

The supply of DATA Tokens (DTA) at initial launch will be 11.5 billion tokens, out of which no more than 40% will be sold to Token investors, and the rest belongs to team, advisors, and Blockchain Data Foundation, subject to vesting terms.

PoA Mining-like Process:

The same amount of tokens as the supply at the initial launch will be distributed as Attention Reward in the mining-like process.

Each relevant contributor is properly incentivized according to the following principles:

  • Rewards for users and publishers are issued on a daily basis and follow this “Proof of Attention” (PoA) rules.
  • Users daily reward depends on its attention contribution represented by its reputation determined by validators.
  • Rewards for validators are issued on each block creation following DPoS rules.

As a first step when launching DATA prototype, it will allow our community to get reward under Proof of Attention (PoA). This will also enlarge our community and holder token since some no coiners will be converted to coiners by signing up DATA reward system.

The attention reward distribution amount has a halving schedule similar to that of Bitcoins (e.g. halving about every 4 years). And when the newly minted amount diminishes, we expect DATA and DATA Tokens (DTA) to become industry protocol and widely accepted. That is the time when advertisers start to purchase DTA as the currency in the ad flow, and the token flow gradually substitutes current money flow in the digital ads ecosystem. The DTA currency represents the real value of the opportunity cost of user attention, which is highly relevant to the user acquisition cost. Given that the aggregate market value of the Internet is continuously growing while the total cyber attention from humans is limited to, it is expected that the value of DTA will keep increasing as the time goes by.

  • Why did you need Token Sale?

As all technology startups, we need to raise fund for our technology development, user rewards, daily operation, and compensation. For that, we had rather successfully completed the institute-only private sale in January 2018.

For every player that contributes in establishing a healthier eco-system, we want to incentivize end-users, publishers, and validators with utility tokens that facilitate the process of data authentication in the ecosystem where such utility can be of true value.

  • What are your plans for the future?

We have made great progress accelerating our technology development on DATA chain and product.  In the meantime,  we are reaching out to more potential partners to join our Data Trust Alliance.  The latter is a crucial part as we intend to keep the ecosystem open to enable the creation of more application scenarios and expansion of a strong community growth based on the nature of consensus in ensuring fraud reduction and data authentication.

Here is the detailed roadmap for DATA project.

PHASE I: Development and Marketing

2018 Q1 Blockchain Data Foundation founded.

2018 Q1 DATA Project institution-only private token sale as ERC20 token on Ethererum. Marketing strategy formed.

2018 Q2 DATA first prototype initial testing including DTA distribution system and etc.

PHASE II: Internal Release to Test on Yomob

2018 Q3 Alpha launch of DATA Chain and system, integrated inside Yomob’s SDK (DATA version). First Go-to-market strategy executed.

2018 Q3 Finish Closed Alpha test with selected participants from developers on Yomob platform. Distribute DTA with developers, users, and miners.
2018 Q4 Conversion of ERC20 based DATA Token to a native token. Closed Beta launch of DATA on Yomob platform with most of its developers.

2019 Q1 Open Beta launch of DATA on Yomob platform. Release Beta version of DATA SDK Protocol.

PHASE III: Soft Launch to Early Adopters

2019 Q1 Start industry collaboration with initial strategic partners including both ad networks and developers. Start building DATA ecosystem and generate DTA.

2019 Q1 Release Alpha Version of M³ for initial testing.

PHASE IV: Launch for Broader Adoption through Ecosystem

2019 Q2 Fully functional DATA system to include a wallet, micropayment. Provide external APIs / SDK solutions for developers to enable the in-app purchase of virtual goods and services to their end users.

2019 Q2 Release Beta Version of M³.

2019 Q3 Partner with selected industry strategic partners such as mobile SaaS service providers, App Stores, developers, ad networks, DSPs, ad exchanges, SSPs and etc. for utilizing DTA as a currency for more use cases.

2019 Q4 Offical launch of DATA Project and parallel marketing promotion for broad industry adoption. Open invite to engage partners up- and down-stream of the ecosystem.

Overall, the planning in our roadmap is rather conservative, but it guarantees the punctuality of our delivery. We expect our progress to be much faster than that presented in the roadmap. Our goal is to build a large ecosystem and we have to start off with small groups of communities and then grow them into something big and self-sustainable. There is no doubt that we have a long way to go. We hope that, together with our great community, we can move forward step by step and eventually find our position in not only the blockchain world but also the broader society.

SPINDLE Project Goes in High Gear, to Be Listed on FIVE Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BLACK STAR&CO., co. ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “BLACK STAR&CO,” head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Masamitsu Hirai) has announced that, as part of the SPINDLE project it has been promoting in conjunction with its partners both home and abroad, its SPINDLE tokens (hereinafter referred to as “SPD”) have been listed on five cryptocurrency exchanges around the world as of May 21, 2018 (Mon).

This reflects high market expectations for the SPINDLE project and we will strive with our ZETA platform. This listing will give SPD high liquidity and put the project in high gear. SPINDLE/ZETA project started with the hope of promoting investment among the public rather than keeping it exclusive to the wealthy, and now we have proudly created the environment as a first step.

ZETA, the essence of this SPINDLE project, will be operative step by step (for more details, refer to our WP in the SPINDLE website). The expert teams of BLACK STAR GROUP (in the U.K. and Japan) with long years of experience in the financial industry have been promoting the SPINDLE project and ZETA to change the future landscape of investment in cryptocurrency. To realize the philosophy of founders, including early investors who favor the SPINDLE project and the abovementioned expert teams, we will leverage Blockchain and other state-of-art technologies to convert the philosophy into reality.

The listing of SPD is just the beginning to realize our vision. SPD will seek to be listed in more cryptocurrency markets around the world.

SPINDLE Token Issue

  • Token name and ticker symbol:SPD
  • Used blockchain :Ethereum ERC20
  • Type of token:Utility
  • The issuer name:SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD

Registration address of the issuer:4 Bedford Row LONDON, WC1R 4TF, United Kingdom

Total Supply:10,000,000,000 SPD

BLACK STAR&Co. co, Ltd.

8F BUREX Kojimachi,3-5-2, Kojimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Zip 102-0083
CEO Masamitsu Hirai

Media Relations Contacts
Double Rainbow co., Ltd

Pre-Sale Complete Sold-Out. Game Stars Tokens Are Favoured By Bitcoin Holders

The token will be in demand as you need to have them in order to use platform’s solutions. As soon as the project reaches Hard Cap point only 14285 profit-users needed to cause a shortage of the tokens in the platform. Tokens will be sold by their holders at the exchanges and the price will constantly grow. Game Stars tokens will be available on YoBit exchange and the team is currently negotiating with WEX and other large exchanges in order to provide more options for GST trading.

The project has launched the 1st round of the Token Sale on May 10th, 2018. The project presents a one-stop solution for eSports market problems. The 1st round will last until May 27th, 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0). Game Stars has limited token emission to 300 million for the 1st round, unsold tokens will be immediately burned as soon as the sale is over.

The best time to participate in the Token Sale is now: there is an opportunity to get 30% bonus with purchased GST tokens. The price of the token is $0.035, the minimum transaction is $10.

What problems does eSports market have?

  1. Lack of market infrastructure
  2. Lack of funding for beginner cyber players
  3. Non-payment of prize money
  4. Unfair tournaments and replacements of terms and conditions during the battle

How does Game Stars solve these problems?

  • The platform provides a package of solutions for all eSports market participants in one place. Players participate in the tournaments, advertisers select the best cyber athletes for promoting their products, sponsors support promising sportsmen and get a share of their income. Moreover, everyone can organize their own tournaments, it’s affordable and not complicated
  • Cyber athletes can raise funding through selling personal tokens that are issued with smart contracts. The money can be spent on tournament participation fee, equipment, coaches etc.
  • The platform issues smart contracts for each player. As soon as the battle is over, prize money is automatically distributed between tournament winners in accordance with their shares established in the contract.
  • Tournament terms and conditions are powered by smart contracts. Any information in the contract cannot be changed after the start of the tournament. Thus the platform excludes any possibility of fraud.

To participate in Game Stars Token Sale visit the official website. Subscribe to accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat, stay tuned!

PayPortal: Small Steps Towards Great Success in the Payment Industry

In India, the payments and Fintech ecosystem has been growing rapidly, as per the EY Fintech Adoption Index 2017. The index denotes Fintech and digital payment users as a percentage of the total digitally active population and has ranked India second in the list of top 20 countries.

PayPortal: Creating a niche in the digital payment industry

An entity which is working towards revolutionizing the payment ecosystem in the country through innovation and collaboration is PayPortal. Established by experts with more than two decades of experience in the international payment services industry, PayPortal is a payment solution company with expertise in mobile recharges, utility bill payments and money transfer. It provides a broad portfolio of services to large Enterprise, Small & Medium businesses, and end-users.

To further develop the existing PayPortal platforms, the developers have adopted the blockchain technology. Adoption of the technology will ensure that the trusted platform of PayPortal can provide highest standards of safety and security and ease of transactions in money transfers

While the payment industry is a highly competitive ecosystem, PayPortal has established its niche through offering its customers quicker service response with customers getting credited within seconds depending on the transactions type they opted for, a high success ratio of transactions as well as instant refund procedure. The company also prides itself on the efficient and highly professional customer support processes and teams. The customer and billing support teams are available telephonically from early in the morning at 7.30 AM till 10.30 P.M. in the night and Whatsapp and e-mail support is available 24×7

Strengthening the partner network and building open communication channels

PayPortal has also recently kicked off many new initiatives to strengthen channel partner network including the introduction of innovative deals like Happy Hours and PayPortal Retailers League to attract and motivate Trade Partners and create a competitive spirit to achieve and surpass targets. The initiative, ‘Flat Retailer’ has been introduced which has made retailer onboarding extremely smooth and easy, so much so that any person can easily connect with PayPortal as a retailer if he so desires. The introduction of KYC (Know your customer) system has helped the organization to keep a track of the partners and customers across the value chain as well as making the process smoother. Additionally, geolocation tags have been added to retailers’ and distributors’ points of sales to keep track of users and help partners with customer-specific solutions.

PayPortal believes in clear and transparent communication and proactively communicates with its stakeholders through varied platforms. The organization is leveraging social media platforms to connect with users to provide information related to new developments. Also, top management regularly participates in industry forums such as the recently concluded, IReC 2018 to create awareness as well as engage in fruitful learning interactions with peers.

Strategies for success

PayPortal adopted some very successful strategies in 2017 to ensure business growth and partner success including providing competitive margins to channel/trade partners as well as improving the spread onboarding new channel partners. The company is also laying emphasis on bringing on board newer API (Application Program Interface) partners to improve business penetration.

The company’s focused area and demography approach have helped in improving the footprint of the organization. The company’s strategy of focusing on the densely populated areas with specific demographic sets as well as bringing on board locals as channel partners has not only helped in improving the service levels for end customers but also created a positive view of the company in the market.

Going forward the company is progressing towards finalizing the integration with state Bharat Bill Payment System to access all utility bills, issued by Indian companies across the country. The company is also releasing a new version of IOS and Android applications with DMT and promoting new bill payment services among the biggest distributors and retailers in the market. A path-breaking step taken by the company is the development of own blockchain for PPTL coins and leveraging the power of blockchain technology for strengthening overall systems.

The Secret of Success: Whalesburg Private Sale Closed in 1,5 hours, Demand Exceeded Supply 6 Times

Mining is a new trend in the tech world and its popularity is constantly growing. This new way of money making is not perfect: miners face difficulties, restrictions, and problems every day.

Whalesburg is the world’s first Mining 2.0 Platform that gives everyone access to the resources needed for mining coins and solves the existing problems in modern mining.

The project has already held a private sale round. The first round generated lots of buzzes and was closed in just 1,5 hours. More than 1500 Ethereum (ETH) were raised when the Soft Cap required only 1000 ETH. In the second round, the demand exceeded the supply 6 times with 44 pools requesting allocation. The project is way ahead of schedule on its planned roadmap.

You need to get on the Whitelist in order to participate in the Token Sale. Hurry up: there are a lot of people wanting to take part in this project. The number of places is limited.

How to get in?

Follow the link to the Whalesburg website and join the world’s first Mining 2.0 Platform. To get on the Whitelist you’ll need to pass our KYC (Know your customer) procedure.

Project CEO John Kitkin is sure that “Mining is created for bringing profit to its participants, not problems. There is a strong community of miners behind us that believes in the idea and the success of the project. We are sure that Whalesburg is the best complete solution to modern mining problems’.

The success of Whalesburg is a Mining 2.0 Platform that includes:

  • Operating system
  • Mining pool
  • Monitoring tools
  • Overclocking tool
  • Profit-switching solutions

Whalesburg gives 5 out of 5 solutions for its users! The working product is already available on the website: you can start mining and making money today.

What benefits does Whalesburg have?

  1. The profit of the working product with a clear business model reached $100.000 during the test period.
  2. Large partnership network (Revain, Hydrominer, Wattum, Baikal-mining, CryptoCapitalMining , Orion, Erman Fund and Aurorafund, GTI One, Oddocash).
  3. In-house developed OS based on Linux with Whalesburg cloud integration.
  4. The monitoring system allows users to remotely control the state of equipment and notifies the user 24 hours a day.
  5. A mining pool is based on Game Theory, switching and focusing on several cryptocurrencies.
  6. The profit-switching tool: the system automatically switches to mining the most profitable coin.
  7. The overclocking tool prevents the system from failures.
  8. The project is live and users can start earning now.
  9. The project has 4 mentors from top 100 companies: Revain, SALT, Cindicator, and SONM.
  10.  The team mostly consists of developers including 20 technical specialists.

The platform aroused great interest in the crypto community. The private sale finished ahead of time and the public token sale is expected to gather even more participants. It is still possible to join the project: visit the Whalesburg website and sign up for the whitelist. The number of places is limited. Don’t miss the chance!

Follow Whalesburg:

Blockchain R&D Project Shivom Garners Support from Government Officials in Several Countries

Shivom, an international blockchain-powered startup that aims to create the world’s biggest data hub on genomic information using decentralized technologies to secure the data and put it to a good use via various apps, has announced in its blog post that it has garnered support from government officials from three different countries.

Shivom will use blockchain tech in order to fully secure genomic data and ensure utter privacy. In particular, it uses blockchain to store encrypted data to make it available only to the designated users while cutting costs of transactions, which is one of the cornerstone features of decentralized ledgers. This security is thought to encourage people to share their genomic data without the fear of having it leaked. The service is expected to be available worldwide, which includes countries that currently have underdeveloped research capabilities.

The current healthcare space is fraught with major problems such as data silos, lack of diversity, lack of interoperability, little privacy and widespread data breaches, which makes effective healthcare and precision medicine challenging,” Shivom’s co-founder and CEO Dr. Axel Schumacher said in an interview to TechBullion. “The Shivom ecosystem plans to solve the healthcare challenges by offering an open blockchain-based genomics database alongside a web-marketplace and innovation hub, which will allow providers and third-party vendors to add and market customized apps and precision medicine services.”

The genomic data are required to drive R&D work in such directions as the invention of a cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other serious and often lethal diseases that stem from irregularities in the DNA. Certain medicines have to be calibrated to match the patient’s genetic code in order to be effective.

For the patient, understanding their genome has fundamental consequences. Once people have uploaded their genome sequence or after they got their DNA sequenced with one of our kits, they get access to various health-related apps to manage their health. Each individual can learn only what they want to learn about themselves. Sometimes, people want to know just parts of their potential future, in particular, that information that has actionable consequences. Using smart contracts on the Shivom platform, people can be guided in their learning process, and they can easily decide if they want to learn about their risk of developing certain diseases or not. Patients can also share their data to help their healthcare providers develop improved treatment strategies to manage their health outcomes and to participate in clinical trials that may ultimately develop a treatment for a disease they are at risk for developing. Thus both the consumers and the industry as a whole benefit,” Dr. Schumacher explained.

As the project’s token sale (accepted by Bitcoin or Ethereum) is drawing to a close, and a referral program proves its efficiency, Shivom has now announced that it received support from Estonia’s former prime minister Taavi Rõivas and Antanas Guoga, a Lithuanian representative in the European Parliament.

Dr. Schumaсher commented:

“We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming a person of Taavi Rõivas’s experience to Shivom and believe he will play an important role in helping us to develop the world’s foremost genomic data-hub to power personalized healthcare. He was at the forefront of Estonia’s genetic biobank project that allowed citizens to control and manage their data to access personalized healthcare and this experience will be invaluable to us as the Shivom project progresses.”

The project has also partnered with the government of India’s state of Andhra Pradesh to sequence up to 60 million local people, which would kick off with a pilot study once the token sale is over. In addition, Shivom has partnered with Genetic Technologies Limited for the development of predictive genetic tests and the use of accredited laboratories.

According to the company, Shivom is headed by a team of geneticists, scientists, digital currency experts, and proficient business and blockchain developers.

This instance is the most recent occurrence of cooperation between blockchain-powered innovative startups and the government sector. Even though the technology was initially conceived as a backbone for bitcoin, which is a currency that by definition defies governments, the powers that be seem to have come onboard of innovations over the years. One of the most notable examples of blockchain’s integration in government operations is Estonia’s e-residency program which is backed by blockchain solutions developed by BitNation.

Now, with blockchain entering the forefront of international studies of the genome, and considering the support it garners from government officials all over the world, it is safe to assume that the humankind is about to enter a brave new world of decentralization.