CEX.IO Broker Becomes the First Zero-Commission Crypto Margin Trading Platform

CEX.IO Broker is delighted to announce that it has eliminated all fees and commissions, becoming the first commission-free crypto margin trading platform in the world with this unprecedented move.

The number of crypto users globally more than doubled between January and June 2021. Together with investors, the number of traders, looking to benefit from short-term cryptocurrency price fluctuations, also increased.

As new traders flock to dynamic cryptocurrency markets, they often discover that trading fees can eat up a significant part of their profits and even turn their ROI negative.

CEX.IO Broker understands how fees can alter the financial outcomes of trading strategies. That’s why CEX.IO Broker introduced commission-free trading on its digital asset margin trading platform. This move enables clients to trade all pairs supported by the platform without fearing that the fees would take away a great portion of their profits.

By refusing to charge traders commissions for opening, closing, and maintaining positions, CEX.IO Broker offers users greater freedom to take advantage of a wide variety of market opportunities.

The commission-free CEX.IO Broker is a part of the CEX.IO Ecosystem. This means, the more users, to whom margin trading is appropriate, can take advantage of the markets on CEX.IO Broker, the more activity it generates in other CEX.IO products. Users receive a democratized access to the decentralized economy, and the entire CEX.IO Ecosystem benefits.

Besides removing fees, CEX.IO Broker continuously expands the mix of currency pairs available for trading. In summer 2021, an extensive list of pairs with DeFi tokens augmented an already diverse set of markets on the platform. Users can open long and short positions in AAVE, BTT, BNT, KAVA, KNC, SNX, UMA and many others. Aside from the digital assets, users can also trade derivatives on commodities, fiat currencies, and largest equities.

About CEX.IO Broker

As a key product of the CEX.IO Group’s ever-expanding ecosystem, CEX.IO Broker is a robust digital asset margin trading platform that offers high flexibility for its clients. Created to allow market participants to benefit from both up and down price movements of cryptocurrencies, the service allows users to long and short digital assets by trading derivatives with leverage.

Brokereo becomes official Partner of Euroleague Basketball 

Euroleague Basketball is pleased to welcome Brokereo as its official partner for the 2021-22 season. Founded in 2020, Brokereo has been steadily gaining ground in online trading industry.

The online broker of a new generation, Brokereo will have a bold presence in Europe’s premier basketball competitions which offer the perfect pan-European showcase to increase Brokereo’s penetration into the European market.

”We are very proud to welcome Brokereo to the Euroleague Basketball family. The online trading industry has experienced enormous growth in recent years,” Ms. Roser Queralto, Euroleague Basketball Chief Business Officer, said. “Brokereo is a dynamic company that has taken a fresh approach to the online trading, aiming to provide a new experience to its customers just like Euroleague Basketball has been evolving over the years to provide the best possible experience to all its fans.”

Brokereo’s marketing strategy dovetails with Euroleague Basketball in that it has a special focus on servicing Western European countries.  The EuroLeague has enjoyed a rapidly growing presence in Western Europe. For example, fan interest in Germany and Italy has risen 39% over the past two years.

“Our platform is all about putting your skills into action and enjoying the experience as a whole, which is very much in line with the EuroLeague’s approach,” said Denys Denisov, Executive Director “We also share the vision of building a top-tier brand and product that sets a benchmark for others to follow.”

Will the Powell Rally Rollover into September?

China’s factory activity expanded at a slower pace in August, raising concerns over the country’s economic growth. King dollar extended losses as US Treasury yields remained subdued while gold flirted near key resistance levels. In Europe, stocks have opened in the green as investors evaluate the latest inflation print from the continent released this morning before the September ECB meeting.

August has certainly been another positive month for global equity markets with the dovish comments from Federal Reserve Jerome Powell last Friday adding icing to the cake. Equity bulls are loving Powell’s messaging, especially after he stressed that Fed tapering and rate hikes are mutually exclusive events. With the S&P 500 on track for its seventh straight monthly advance and hitting its 12th all-time high this month, the path of least resistance certainly points north.

As we head into the new trading month of September, the key question is how much further can stock markets rally before bears enter the scene? Risks in the form of the Delta menace, concerns around China’s slowing economic growth and regulatory crackdown among other themes could impact upside gains. In the meantime, the overall market mood remains mixed with all eyes on the US jobs report on Friday.

Dollar humbled by Powell

The dollar is struggling to nurse the wounds inflicted by Jerome Powell’s dovish speech last Friday. It has weakened against every single G10 currency this morning with the Dollar Index dipping below 92.50.

Investors who were expecting the Fed Chair to make an official taper announcement or even provide fresh insight into the central bank’s plan on tapering were left empty-handed. Powell offered no concrete taper signals and made it clear that the Fed was in no rush to raise interest rates, despite the recent spike in inflation. According to Powell, the “substantial further progress” test has been met for inflation while there has also been “clear progress towards maximum employment”.

Given how he highlighted how there was “much ground to cover to reach maximum employment”, this makes Friday’s jobs report all the more important. Before this major risk event, investors will be offered appetisers in the form of the US August consumer confidence report and weekly jobless claims.

Currency spotlight – NZDUSD

The New Zealand dollar entered Tuesday’s session with a spring in its step, appreciating against every single G10 currency. Buying sentiment towards the currency remains supported by optimism over the lockdowns successfully reducing new Covid-19 infections. This optimism seems to have overshadowed the fact the New Zealand business sentiment fell in August, even before the lockdowns were enforced across the country. Looking at the technical picture, the NZDUSD has the potential to push higher if prices can conquer the 0.7080 – 0.7110 zone, where the 100 and 200-day Simple Moving Averages reside.

Commodity spotlight – Gold

After experiencing a sharp appreciation last Friday, gold continues to hover around key resistance levels. The precious metal may remain on standby ahead of the heavily anticipated US jobs report on Friday. In the meantime, gold is likely to be influenced by the dollar, treasury yields and risk sentiment. Should bulls fail to secure a daily close above $1818, prices may drift lower back towards $1800 in the near term.

Written on 31/08/2021 by Lukman Otunuga, Senior Research Analyst at FXTM

For more information, please visit: FXTM

Disclaimer: The content in this article comprises personal opinions and should not be construed as containing personal and/or other investment advice and/or an offer of and/or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments and/or a guarantee and/or prediction of future performance. ForexTime (FXTM), its affiliates, agents, directors, officers or employees do not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness, of any information or data made available and assume no liability as to any loss arising from any investment based on the same.

RoboMarkets Named the Best ECN Broker in Europe in 2021

August 31, 2021

Limassol, Cyprus

Global Brands Magazine holds leading positions in offering detailed information and analytics on global brands in different segments of business, which compare favorably with other companies. Awards are presented to those, who make real progress in the spheres of finance, education, tourism, lifestyle, technologies, and the car industry. The main objective of the award is to promote awareness of the brands that really make a difference in their respective fields as a reward for their efforts in gaining leading positions on the market.

Konstantin Rashap, Chief Business Officer at RoboMarkets, is commenting: “For the second straight year, the event organizers named RoboMarkets the best ECN broker in Europe. On one hand, it’s a great honour for us to be recognised, but on the other hand, it’s quite the expected result of the work we’ve accomplished. We put a lot of effort into the improvement of trading conditions offered to our clients and believe that nowadays our ECN accounts can be rightfully considered a “gold standard” for professional traders. However, despite this recognition, we’re not planning to stop and will do our best to make every RoboMarkets product be worthy of the highest honours from traders and experts.

About RoboMarkets

RoboMarkets is an investment company with the CySEC license No. 191/13. RoboMarkets offers investment services in many European countries by providing traders, who work on financial market, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. More detailed information about the Company’s products and activities can be found on the official website at www.robomarkets.com.

RoboForex Rewarded for the Best Investment Products in 2021

August 31, 2021

Belize City, Belize

Global Brands Awards was established to honour companies, which demonstrate outstanding results in different business areas. The organizing committee gives awards to the most successful representatives in the spheres of finance, education, tourism, lifestyle, technology, and the car industry.

Applications are accepted from companies from different countries and regions throughout the year in a wide range of categories. The nominations received on a corresponding national level are estimated by an independent research agency. After that, the nominees that made the final cut are evaluated by a competent jury of the event organizers, which decide the winners based on the objective data.

Robert Stephenson, Chief Business Officer at RoboForex, is commenting: “We at RoboForex put a lot of attention to the development of our investment products, which help our clients to increase their trading potential. CopyFX, an investment platform we created, is unique in many respects and helps clients to invest considering their knowledge and acceptable risk and profitability levels, as well as earn from successful trading and commissions received for the transactions copied by their subscribers. This award both indicates that the direction we chose is successful and provides an incentive for further development.”

About Global Brands Magazine

Global Brands Magazine ranks among leading online media, which publishes the latest news, reviews, opinions, and surveys on top global brands in different market segments. The magazine’s headquarter is located in the United Kingdom. Global Brands Awards presents its awards to the best companies, which have obvious advantages over their competitors due to the provision of high-quality services to clients.

About RoboForex

RoboForex is a company, which delivers brokerage services. The broker provides traders, who work on financial markets, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. RoboForex has the brokerage license IFSC 000138/210. More detailed information about the company’s activities and operations can be found on the official website at roboforex.com.

German Elections 2021 Market Outlook Report

Veteran fundamental analyst and Head of Investment Research at BDSwiss Marshall Gittler shares his insights, views and projections on the possible impact of the German Elections on the EUR forex pairs and other markets.

All eyes on the German Elections

The German federal election will take place on Sep. 26th. This is the first such election in 16 years that won’t have Angela Merkel on the ballot. It will elect a new leader for Germany and in effect a new leader for the European Union. Will German policies change dramatically after 16 years under Merkel? As Germany is the pivotal economy in Europe, accounting for nearly 30% of Eurozone GDP, its future strongly influences the continent and the currency. In this piece, I’d like to explore the likely winner(s) of the election and what they might mean for Europe and the world at large.

There will be six political parties contesting the election. Germany’s electoral system makes it difficult for any one party to form a government on its own, meaning that coalition governments tend to be the rule. The key to predicting the election then is to predict which parties are likely to form a coalition.

Where do we stand?

The polls show the CDU/CSU well ahead, but with the Greens, rather than the SPD, in second place. As usual, no party is likely to be in a position to govern by itself. The focus, therefore, is on what parties might form a coalition and how they need to compromise in a coalition that might affect their policies.

The possible coalition combinations are often referred to by the pattern that their colours would make.

Currently, the only two-party coalition possible seems to be the CDU/CSU and the Greens (the so-called “black/green” coalition). This is the most likely outcome of the election at the moment. These two parties have similar views on infrastructure investment, social policies, and climate change, although the Greens are more aggressive on the latter issue.

However, they have serious differences in fiscal and EU policy. The CDU/CSU doesn’t want any tax hikes and wants to keep the debt brake and balanced budget target, while it rejects the idea of an EU debt union and wants to keep the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) rules limiting countries’ budget deficits. The Greens on the other hand want a wealth tax, higher taxes for the top income earners, want to make the debt break more flexible, and support a common EU fiscal policy and reform of the SGP. This is one of the main areas of difference that’s important to the euro.

Market Implications:

Bundestag elections are held around the same time in September. If we look at how EUR/USD behaved from the beginning of August until mid-November, we see that in general EUR/USD has risen (i.e. EUR has strengthened) going into the election, then weakened immediately after. This probably reflects a typical “buy the rumour, sell the fact” reaction: investors buying EUR in anticipation that Merkel will win, then taking profits after she does.

At the moment, US fiscal policy is making a bigger contribution to growth there than EU fiscal policy is, but in coming years as the US winds down its extraordinary policies and the EU’s NGEU fund continues to disburse funds, the EU’s fiscal contraction should be less acute than the US’. That may be one-factor supporting EUR/USD. If however, Germany goes back to ploughing the furrow of Teutonic rectitude, EU growth could slow and EUR/USD move still lower.

How to access the full report:

Keeping current on important news is now more critical than ever. If there’s anything that the events of 2020 have taught us, it is that market opportunities can arise from the most unexpected and unlikely circumstances. The difficult part is sorting through all of the available news to get to the updates that are most salient to your investment portfolio.

BDSwiss simplifies this process by offering targeted, timely, and actionable research and information on different asset classes and market sessions through a series of live webinars, daily analysis articles, weekly outlooks, real-time trading alerts and of course special reports on major market movers such as the German Elections. Visit bdswiss.group to access Marshall Gittler’s full German Elections Report and get a complete breakdown of what we can expect from the markets before and after the elections.

BDSwiss Releases 2021 German Elections Market Outlook Report

Prepared by Head of Investment Research at BDSwiss and renowned fundamental analyst Marshall Gittler, the report explores the possible coalition scenarios, the pre- and post-election impact on the forex and EU markets, as well as the long and short-term opportunities in key assets such as the EUR/USD and the German DAX.

BDSwiss has also announced a series of free live webinars focusing on the German Elections and their impact on the markets, in multiple languages. The webinars will be hosted by BDSwiss leading analysts including Mr Gittler and veteran technical analyst Frank Walbaum. Attendees will benefit from the opportunity to watch a number of industry experts analyse the markets in real-time, to hear their exclusive insights and projections on the German Elections, and to have their questions answered live.

Following through on its commitment to offering traders more when it comes to trading conditions, support, and education, BDSwiss provides unlimited access to all its educational material including special reports, trading courses and live webinars with a free registration. In recognition of the company’s continuous investment in market-leading research and education, BDSwiss was most recently granted the ‘Best Forex Research and Education Provider 2021’ award by acclaimed finance magazine and awarding body World Finance.

About the BDSwiss Group

BDSwiss is a leading financial services group, offering bespoke CFD trading and investment products to more than 1.5 million registered clients, in over 180 different countries. Since its inception back in 2012, BDSwiss has been providing top-class products, a wide range of platforms, competitive pricing and fast execution on more than 1000+ underlying instruments including Forex, Shares, Commodities, Indices, and ETFs. BDSwiss complies with a strict regulatory framework and operates its services on a global scale under a number of different entities.

Key Events This Week: Cooling US Jobs Market May Give USD Bears Room to Breathe

Here are the events that could move global financial markets this week:

Monday, August 30

  • JPY: Japan July retail sales
  • EUR: Eurozone August economic/consumer confidence

Tuesday, August 31

  • JPY: Japan July industrial production and unemployment
  • CNH: China August manufacturing and composite PMIs
  • NZD: ANZ August business confidence
  • EUR: Eurozone August CPI
  • CAD: Canada GDP (June, 2Q)
  • USD: US August consumer confidence

Wednesday, September 1

  • CNH: China August Caixin manufacturing PMI
  • Japan, Eurozone, UK, US manufacturing August PMIs
  • EUR: Eurozone unemployment
  • Brent Oil: OPEC+ decision on production
  • US Crude: EIA crude oil inventory report

Thursday, September 2

  • EUR: Eurozone July PPI
  • USD: US weekly jobless claims

Friday, September 3

  • CNH: China Caixin August services and composite PMIs
  • JPY: Japan August services and composite PMIs
  • GBP: UK August services and composite PMIs
  • EUR: Eurozone July retail sales, August services and composite PMIs
  • USD: August US nonfarm payrolls, services and composite PMIs, ISM services index

Tapering now less-feared?

Despite saying he is open to pulling back on the central bank’s asset purchases this year, Powell sought to divorce the idea of tapering as an immediate precursor to a US interest rate hike.

In other words, although the Fed’s tapering may indeed start this year, the rate hike may not follow soon after the tapering ends.

This is because the Fed Chair once again said he wants to see sustained above-target inflation and a broad-based recovery in the jobs market. At Jackson Hole, he sent out a reminder about the 6 million jobs that are still lost since the pandemic, as well as reiterating his belief that the inflation surges may be “transitory”.

That message was heeded by the markets. After Powell’s speech, markets lowered their expectations for a November 2022 US rate hike from 53% to 40.5%. However, they still are forecasting a greater-than-even chance (76.5%) of a pre-Christmas rate hike in December 2022.

And this is where Friday’s jobs report comes in.

Markets are currently expected a figure of 750,000 jobs added last month, which is lower than the June and July figures that were above 900k.

USD bears could breathe a sigh of relief on signs of moderating jobs growth and a stagnant unemployment rate, as those should mean a longer runway before the US interest rate hike. And given the persistent threat of the Delta variant’s spread through the world’s largest economy, that could delay workers’ return to jobs. If this Friday’s jobs data indeed prove to be subdued, that might lower the chances of a sooner-than-later Fed rate hike, while preventing the greenback from surging higher in the interim.


Oil markets await OPEC+ decision

Recall that back in July, OPEC+ agreed to raise output by 400k barrels per day (bpd) starting in August, accompanied by subsequent 400k bpd hikes each ensuing month.

However, since that July decision, the Delta variant’s resurgence in major economies has forced lockdowns once more in countries such as China, Australia, and New Zealand. Hence, it remains to be seen how OPEC+ takes into account these demand-side risks, while ensuring members can claim enough market share to keep them satisfied.

Although oil markets are still expected to tighten through year-end, one doesn’t need to be reminded about how swiftly the Delta variant can alter that outlook.

Should OPEC+ press ahead with its intended supply hikes, that could signal confidence that global demand is robust enough to absorb that incoming supply. Still, if traders and investors don’t share that same optimism, should OPEC+ leave its supply hike plans unchanged, that could prompt Brent oil to unwind recent gains and falter back into the sub-$70/bbl region once more.

Oil markets will also be closely monitoring the impact of Hurricane Ida on US oil supply infrastructure. Signs of tightening supplies, depending on the duration, could spur oil prices higher despite Brent being resisted at its 50-day simple moving average at the time of writing.


For a look at all of today’s economic events, check out our economic calendar.

Written by Han Tan, Market Analyst at FXTM

For more information, please visit: FXTM

Disclaimer: The content in this article comprises personal opinions and should not be construed as containing personal and/or other investment advice and/or an offer of and/or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments and/or a guarantee and/or prediction of future performance. ForexTime (FXTM), its affiliates, agents, directors, officers or employees do not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness, of any information or data made available and assume no liability as to any loss arising from any investment based on the same.

A decade of reliability urges OctaFX to recall the ten most crucial events for Forex

This past decade culminates in 6.6 million Forex trading accounts opened, 200,000 Trade &Win gifts delivered, over 102,000 followers on social media, 44 Forex industry awards received, providing services in more than 100 countries, and 500 million trades executed on the platform since inception—to just name a few company achievements to date.

To pay homage to this special anniversary, the fintech company recalls the ten most prevalent Forex occurrences of the past decade for all the history enthusiasts out there.

Trend-defining events rarely occur as isolated affairs, touching upon Forex alone—they naturally encompass and impact the vast financial world as a whole.

The following list shows an engaging view of the last decade from OctaFX’s very own perspective.

The ‘Flash Crash of 2010’

Around a year before OctaFX’s inception, an event took place which came to be known as the ‘Flash crash of 2010’. On 6 May, in a matter of mere moments, the stock market suffered a steep downfall leading to a loss that ranged around 1 trillion USD, before recovering again in the days that followed. The stock market’s fall and swift recovery, in turn, tremendously impacted Forex market confidence in the world reserve currency.

2012’s initial public offering of Facebook

No initial public offering (IPO) of any company has captured the industry’s attention and the public’s imagination quite as much as Facebook’s IPO has in 2012. On 18 May of that year, the social network’s IPO shares were valued at 38 USD, boosting a volume exceeding 16 billion USD and making it the heftiest tech IPO in history up to that point. As of July 2021, a Facebook share hovers at a value of 341 USD.

BREXIT 2016 (including the 2016 flash crash of the GBPUSD pair)

Now common knowledge, but when in June 2016, the results of the Brexit vote first came in, it caused utter panic in the European Union, the Western world, and in Great Britain itself. Most observers assumed that the British people would decide to remain in the European Union. The British pound sterling moved in an upswing trend right before the results of the vote were announced, but the currency pair GBPUSD ended up closing down 8% on that day.

Oil prices collapse in 2016

Crude oil prices traded between 75 USD and 115 USD per barrel for most of the first half of the 2010s. This extensive era of high prices led to a booming shale oil production and an outright revolution of U.S. fracking technology. The U.S. almost doubled its oil production in 2014 (compared to 2008), prompting a severe supply flood. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices in crude oil fell almost as low as 26 USD per barrel in 2016. This turned into a persistent trend, as oil stocks continued to have a rough time in the second half of the last decade.

The Trump phenomenon

Donald J. Trump won the 2016 U.S. election against Democrat candidate and former U.S. secretary of state, Hillary R. Clinton. This in itself was a great shock for the worldwide political landscape and engraved itself on the financial sector as well. Among the Trump administration’s most impactful moves would have to be legislation that in 2017 has led to 1.5 trillion USD in tax cuts which stimulated domestic corporate profits by over 16% a year later.

The Twitter presidency, or how everybody learned to love Trump tweets

OctaFX felt that president Donald Trump’s sometimes erratic Twitter account deserved a separate mention. The former president often decided to publish his take on the most pressing issues like the Iran nuclear deal, relations with North Korea, Syria, and the Middle East as a whole⁠—usually, catching most by surprise. Doing politics via the American microblogging network added to Trump’s unpredictable political persona, influencing the sentiments of the financial markets considerably.

Plummeting USDJPY and AUDUSD pairs in 2019 (flash crash)

In January of that year, an official statement by Apple is believed to have brought about the flash crash. The tech giant emphasised a struggling Chinese economy that consequently drew traders to sell out of more volatile currencies, among them, the Australian dollar. Many jumped on the Japanese yen, as well, which often happens when confidence in the Chinese economy fluctuates, and with it, its most significant trading partner, the Australian government.

Whoever had the right analytical outlook and strategic assessment in the professional trading community could bank on the consequences of this ‘flash crash’.

Joe Biden’s ascendency to the U.S. presidency

Amidst the biggest virus pandemic, Donald Trump as the sitting president, eager for reelection, lost to his Democratic challenger. After much controversy and political drama, which saw fervent uncertainty in society and the markets, Joe Biden won the election with a new record of becoming the first presidential candidate to gather more than 80 million votes.

Crypto’s March 2020 ‘Black Swan Event’

As the mother of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin falls to almost 3,500 USD per coin, losing around 80% of its value from its previous all-time high of close to 20,000 USD (December 2017). Ethereum likewise dips to 86 USD after having reached an all-time high of almost 1,500 USD, taking down with it the entirety of the altcoin market. Only a few could have suspected that the beginning of the most extensive bull run in crypto history yet was just a few more months off. Experts unanimously consider the coronavirus crisis to be the leading cause of this crash.

The Coronavirus crisis, 2020–present day

Last but surely not least, and probably most important of them all—the worldwide pandemic that changed and keeps changing the world. Much has been written about how the COVID-19 pandemic and the political and economic measures that followed have impacted legacy finances, especially the fluctuating confidence in the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

OctaFX hopes you liked its picks. By no means does it represent a complete list of trends, so if the fintech company missed any significant events or trends, it sure will include them in a future publication.

The Argentine Football Association presents T1Markets as its new Digital Sponsor

Buenos Aires, August 23, 2021

The Argentine Football Association keeps getting new sponsors in different categories and regions. This time, T1Markets, a company dedicated to financial services, will from now on be the new Digital Sponsor for the National Teams.

Thus, the AFA now has a new sponsor that trusts and is committed to the growth of the Association’s teams and commercial projects.

The President of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, said “Several years ago, we began this process leading the AFA and one of our main goals was to grow at a commercial level, create new revenues and ensure that our brand has a worldwide presence, hand in hand with business partners that support us in this process. We are very pleased to announce this new agreement in the Fintech industry, with the addition of T1Markets as one of the digital sponsors of the Argentine National Team. We will certainly develop a strategic and very productive alliance for both parties, which will definitely be enhanced by the success of our National Team in the last Copa América, which consolidates years of work and poses an even greater challenge for the upcoming 2022 World Cup.”

Michael Andrew Paul, Executive Director of T1Markets, added: “There is a lot of talent in the soccer world, but what makes Argentina stand out is its commitment to moving forward and building its path to success. We believe that this success is the result of shared values: being professional, performing at our best and always seeking to improve. T1Markets embodies these values by adding more and more capabilities to its already thriving online trading platform, aiming to help its traders reach new trading heights. A quick look at our training center is enough to prove it, where you can find videos, e-books and online courses that will assist beginners in their professional trading journey.”

RoboForex Named the Most Trusted Broker 2021

August 26, 2021

Belize City, Belize

It’s been the second consecutive year RoboForex won this title. It is another confirmation that over 11 years on the market, the company has earned customer loyalty with its flawless reputation and quality of provided services.

International Business Magazine Awards was established in 2018 to honour the best companies in their respective spheres related to international business and finance. Awards are structured in the way that they allow to highlight the industry’s leading corporate players with the most outstanding achievements in the quality of provided services, adherence to business ethics, and business performance. The procedure of choosing the winners is strictly controlled by the council, which consists of key experts in their respective areas and the jury panel on behalf of the event organizers.

Robert Stephenson, Chief Business Officer at RoboForex, is commenting: “RoboForex has become the winner in this nomination for the second year in a row. Client confidence is the result of many years of day-to-day work on the company’s products and services. We did put a lot of effort to establish a reputation of a reliable broker and are really glad that our achievements are duly appreciated. In the future, we’ll keep doing our best to provide our clients with the highest-level services and prove that we are rightfully considered one of the best companies in the industry“.

About RoboForex

RoboForex is a company, which delivers brokerage services. The company provides traders, who work on financial markets, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. RoboForex Ltd has the brokerage license IFSC 000138/210. More detailed information about the Company’s products and activities can be found on the official website at roboforex.com.

RoboMarkets Recognised as the Best Broker for Investing in Indices in 2021

August 26, 2021

Limassol, Cyprus

The company has received this award within the frameworks of the International Business Magazine Awards for the second straight year. The event organizers highly appreciated RoboMarkets’ achievements in the area of services for investments in indices in 2021.

Starting from 2018, International Business Magazine Awards has been discovering the best companies from all over the world, including the Near East, Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. The award was established to highlight the best achievements in different areas related to international business and finance. The procedure of choosing the winners is strictly controlled by the council, which consists of key experts in their respective areas and the jury panel on behalf of the event organizers.

Konstantin Rashap, Chief Business Officer at RoboMarkets, is commenting: “It’s really nice to be among International Business Magazine Awards winners once again. We’ve been recognised for the best services for investments in indices for the second consecutive year. Over the past year, we’ve significantly reduced spreads and commissions for trading indices. As of now, RoboMarkets offers some of the most competitive trading conditions in the market in this segment”.

About RoboMarkets

RoboMarkets is an investment company with the CySEC license No. 191/13. RoboMarkets offers investment services in many European countries by providing traders, who work on financial market, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. More detailed information about the Company’s products and activities can be found on the official website at www.robomarkets.com.


Following these recent developments, Axiory Global CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio said; “Adequately managing risk means to be proactive rather than reactive, by analyzing risks both in terms of impact and likelihood, utilizing specialized expertise in the interest of both the firm and its clients. We at Axiory pride ourselves on prioritizing the stability of our trading environment and the safeguard of our clients’ trading and assets over any other element.”

Axiory is one of the first global brokers to take definitive steps to protect its clients from the potential of greater or extreme volatility around the CHF.

Earlier this week, the broker informed its clients of the potential for an increase in market volatility and advised them to be vigilant and adopt a risk-based approach while trading CHF crosses.

The volatility expected around the CHF is due to recent actions by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Since 2015, the Swiss National Bank has been purchasing foreign currency-denominated securities to try to curb the rising value of the franc. In July, their reserves surpassed 1 trillion Swiss francs for the first time and their investment portfolio became one of the most expanded balance sheets among Central Banks in terms of foreign currency holdings.

While the SNB is not alone among central banks in expanding its balance sheet in recent years, it stands out because it invests almost a quarter of its reserves in foreign equities rather than government bonds.

In view of this possible increase in volatility, Axiory will continue serving its clients by taking every measure necessary to protect them.

About Axiory:

Axiory Global Ltd is a fully regulated (authorized by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, (license number 000122/163) award-winning broker that has been serving traders across the globe since 2012. The firm offers a savvy, friendly and intuitive space for accessing Forex, CFDs, and direct investments, where clients’ needs always come first. Axiory traders are privileged to excellent trading conditions, unique risk management tools, tier-1 liquidity, and the constant support of an international, highly professional, and extremely friendly team.

September Checklist for Forex Brokers

Traders may be daydreaming in hammocks right now, but when the mercury drops, they’ll be ready to trade again, so being on top form is crucial. Here’s your September checklist to plan for increased acquisition and trading volumes in September.

But First … The September Effect

No one really knows why, but the stock market typically performs worst during the month of September. Stock analysts will tell you that September is the month when the stock market’s three leading indexes usually do their worst.

Since 1950, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has seen an average decline of 0.8% in September. Likewise, the S&P 500 has suffered a 0.5% decline on average during the ninth month of the year. Lastly, since 1971, the Nasdaq’s composite index has fallen an average of 0.5% during September trading. Those numbers really help to show how bizarre this historical fact really is. Because of this correlation, the month of September is now notorious as a non-trading month, with some dubbing this the “September Effect.”

This isn’t a purely US-only phenomenon either, it affects markets all over the world. It has led many analysts to attribute the negative effect of September on the markets as seasonal behavioural bias, with investors changing their portfolios at the end of summer to cash in.

The Latest Trading Stats You Need To Know

Covid19 has brought about a seismic shift in the financial markets. Of course, the markets were already primed for change, given that Brexit, the rise of China in the geopolitical arena and the US presidential elections formed the backdrop for the pandemic. And, this perfect storm, so to speak, not only drove the markets in 2020, but continues to do so well into 2021.

So, here’s what awaits brokers:

  • About 15% of all retail traders today started their journey in 2020 – so they’re new to the markets.
  • The median age of retail investors today is about 31.2 years. Compare this to the median age of 48.1 prior to 2020.
  • In January 2021, the number of trades placed via the largest retail e-brokers rose to 8.1 million average daily trades, up a record 23% from December 2020.
  • Over 50% of retail investors today are millennials.
  • 43% of retail investors say that they plan to invest more in future.

These statistics should guide not just the services that brokers offer, but also the way they reach out to, and engage with existing and potential clients. So, what exactly does it mean in terms of service provision? The Trade-Ideas Retail Services Survey provides key insights.

The survey asked three questions. The first was about the use of third-party tools. 81.4% of the responders stated that third-party service providers could be a good avenue for client acquisition for brokerages, based on how robust their execution API was.

Chart, pie chart Description automatically generated

The second question was about the relative satisfaction with brokers’ data, information, and research provision. The responders were evenly split on this one. What this highlights, is that it is necessary to see where gaps might lie in delivering research and analysis to help traders develop their strategies and make trading decisions. Keep in mind that the largest population of traders are millennials today. Talk to Contentworks Agency about relevant and engaging financial content.

Chart, pie chart Description automatically generated

The last question addressed this needs gap by asking traders what they would like to see from their brokers. Look at what they want.

Chart, pie chart Description automatically generated

Data from Trade Ideas

What stands out is peoples need for news, charts and connectivity. This shows us that traders today have a higher understanding of what moves the markets, how to read them and their desire to react quickly to not miss opportunities.

Summer 2021 – the Regulations You Need to Know

Summer is a notoriously chilled time of year for the FX world. But when it comes to financial regulators, nobody is sleeping. Rules change at a rapid rate to keep up with an ever-adapting sector. Here are the regulations you might have missed during summer 2021.

Chinese Regulators Warn on Cryptocurrencies

If you’re promoting a crypto offering, it’s particularly important to know what’s going on in the sector around the world. Prices dropped in May 2021, for example, when Chinese regulators warned about coin volatility. The National Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and Payment Clearing Association warned their members against dealing with digital assets.

The statement was posted by the People’s Bank of China, the country’s Central Bank. The regulator also barred financial companies from offering cryptocurrency savings, trusts and issuing crypto-related services. While this may be part of the larger big-Tech crackdown that China seems to be on, it was a major event considering the nation is a leading player in the cryptocurrency industry.

SEC on Crypto Regulations

All eyes are on crypto now, especially as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to work on a set of regulatory policies alongside Congress. In a summer statement, Gary Gensler, the new SEC head said that regulatory gaps needed to be filled, which essentially paves the way for more regulations soon.

Basel III Regulations Shake Up the Gold Market

New banking rules known as Basel III came into effect over the summer. They mark a big change for European banks and the way they deal with gold. This will potentially alter the landscape for precious metal demand and prices. Allocated gold, in tangible form, will be classified as a zero-risk asset under the new rules, but unallocated or ‘paper’ gold, won’t. Under the new regime, physical, or allocated, gold, like bars and coins, will be reclassified from a tier 3 asset, the riskiest asset class, to a tier 1 zero-risk weight.

CySEC’s latest updates

On June 16, 2021, CySEC published a draft law, the Proposed IFA Law, which introduces regulation of investment fund administrators and providers of similar services. The aim of this new proposed law is investor protection and maintaining market integrity. Cyprus-based fund administrators are also regulated under the Administrative Service Providers Law of 2012. However, a need was felt for bespoke regulation regarding the operations of such administrators.

CySec has also issued a directive regarding the registration and operating conditions of cryptocurrency-related services providers. Included in these guidelines is a series of procedures that will need to be followed to comply with the recently enforced AMLD5 by the EU to combat money laundering and terror financing.

The fee for registration of such service providers has been set at €10,000, with a renewal fee of €5,000.


Following widespread lockdowns and a move to remote work in 2020, the UK FCA was quick to set out regulations pertaining to anti-fraud, market abuse, conduct and data privacy. The regulatory body highlighted the need for financial services providers to ensure information security and “operational resilience.”

The FCA suggested that financial services providers should use “enhanced monitoring,” especially for the prevention of market abuse. With remote work still a reality in 2021, the UK’s regulatory watchdog published further guidelines, stressing on ensuring that “the
right controls… are in place” to curb insider trading and other misconduct.

More recently, in July 2021, the FCA has proposed changes to the transparency and disclosure rules related to diversity in the boards and executive management teams of listed companies. The definition of diversity has been broadened and might include considerations such as sexual orientation, socio-economic background and disability, apart from ethnicity.

A Broker’s Guide to September Marketing

The financial market is a fiercely competitive space right now, but with the right marketing strategy, you can gain the edge. We have spent the summer months strategising with brokers looking to stay ahead of the game. Here are some September marketing actions to tick off your checklist.

#1 Book Events To Attend In Q3 and Q4

It’s been a long year of virtual events for the finance sector, but physical networking opportunities are beginning to emerge. And you need to make the most of them.

One of the biggest events of the year, IFX EXPO International, will take place at the 5-star Parklane Resort & Spa in Limassol, Cyprus from the 5-6 October 2021. Organised by Ultimate Fintech and welcoming top financial minds from across the globe, this event offers unparalleled networking opportunities, insightful speaker sessions and hospitality like no other. It’s a great way to meet new contacts and grow your network. As media partners we will be attending and covering the event via social media.

Planning in advance for upcoming events will allow you to:

  • Promote your attendance to your traders and partners on social media.
  • Announce your participation through PRs or newsletters.
  • Arrange travel and understand any restrictions that might impact you.
  • Have a contingency plan in case some of your members cannot travel last minute
  • Plan a social media strategy for the event itself, including real-time tweets, live videos or interviews from your very own expo booth.
  • Arrange contests and prizes to add some sparkle to your booth
  • Interact and engage with other attendees to get the networking process started. You can also arrange meetings in advance to maximise your time.
  • Decide who will attend and who will do the work behind the scenes.
  • Prepare any physical marketing materials such as business cards, e-books or leaflets.
  • Book your tickets now to avoid missing out!

#2 Prepare Your Own Webinars

42% of marketers say that they plan on using webinars in 2021. And with the webinar market projected to reach $800 million by 2023 it’s clear that creating a webinar is one of the best ways to engage with traders in an increasingly remote world. There are more newbie traders than ever in the market, and they want to learn and engage. Here are some useful webinar creation tips.

  • Provide value to your audience

What questions are your traders asking? What are they typing into Google to find you? What questions does your FX support team deal with on a daily basis? What’s going on in virtual chats and social media? Delve into the data to find questions that need to be answered. From there, you can pull together website content that provides value to your audience.

Top tip: Segment your webinars by ability so nobody is excluded. Beginners don’t want to get lost in a sea of complex trading terms and advanced strategies.

  • Choose a webinar format

How you host your webinar is up to you. You could run a panel discussion or a Q&A. You could offer a single-speaker presentation or host an interview. You could even carry out a platform demo for your audience. Panel discussions featuring industry experts are a great way to shine light on a particularly niche topic. But all of this needs to be arranged and promoted in order to achieve maximum interest. If you decide to host an interview, you could opt for an industry expert or a top trader or partner.

Remember to follow all current financial regulations. So include all relevant warnings and always give a balanced and fair view or your products and services that’s in no way misleading.

  • Choose the right day and time

When choosing a time and date for your webinar, you’ll want to consider where your audience is located. Use tools like Google Analytics to see where people are so you can choose a convenient day and time zone. According to ON24, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to host webinars, with 10 am and 11am being the preferred times. Both are ideal for a wide range of time zones and should avoid most commute times or work hours.

#3 Improve Your Video Education

Brokers know that video is an excellent marketing tool helping to communicate complex finance and fintech subjects. 91% of marketers feel the pandemic has made video more important and 83% say video helps them with lead generation. Additionally, explainer videos have seen huge success. An overwhelming majority of people (94%) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being swayed to make a purchase.

If you haven’t got a video library in your education centre, September could be the time to start. Some popular videos right now include:

  • Explainer videos that introduce your platform or your trading tools
  • Monthly outlooks featuring your analyst or head of dealing
  • Footage featuring live trading of key events like the NFP
  • An FAQ series answering your traders’ questions from social media or chat
  • Meet the team series- adding faces to names improves credibility for traders

TIP – Make sure your YouTube channel is up to scratch. Have you got enough content or is this something to work on? Do you have nicely organised playlists that’ll make your content easier to find and work through? Consider deleting old or outdated information and spring cleaning your channel. Remember to add SEO friendly captions, hashtags and thumbnails.

#4 Evaluate Your Social Media Platforms

Finance is a fast moving space but so is social media marketing. With new tools, platforms and demographics to explore, there’s no place for complacency. Take TikTok for example.

During 2020, 16% of Britons aged between 18 – 24 began investing for the first time, compared with 10% across all age groups according to a survey by Halifax. Roughly 50% of TikTok’s audience is under the age of 34 with 41% of users aged between 16 and 24.

There’s a big opportunity to reach Gen Z through TikTok. Finance brands can leverage the app at a time in these young people’s lives when they are just becoming interested in the world of finance. Effectively reaching and aligning with this audience before competitors get the chance is key.

Financial trends are viral-worthy, especially among younger generations who are looking to increase their capital. Take, for example, how Redditors recently took on the hedge funds to manipulate the GME stock, resulting in losses of billions of dollars from the large corporations in a David and Goliath-style battle. This phenomenon in the trading industry provided a unique opportunity for fin-fluencers to take advantage of people’s interest in the story by offering information and tutorials on the stock market. Reddit is another hot pick to explore if you haven’t already done so.

Meanwhile, evaluate your existing channels by checking your engagement levels and the resources you need to improve them. You don’t need to be everywhere, and each channel should ideally deliver unique content for its unique audience.

As well as trying a new platform, why not kick off the new trading season by utilising a new tool? You could post to IGTV to keep your consumers updated or utilise Instagram Reels to showcase products or tools. If you’ve never gone ‘Live’ before, then how about a live trading demonstration or an end of day roundup featuring all the latest news? Summer is the perfect time to practice using new tools and to get familiar with them!

#5 Get Organised

There’s lots to be getting on with to ensure your marketing team is ready for September. If things are in a mess, it won’t be easy to perform at your best or offer the service traders expect. It’ll also make day-to-day tasks a lot more tedious. So, think about:

  • Tidying up your internal image library. Create categories and folders that’ll make it much easier to source the image you need, whether you’re writing a FX news story or are looking to update your blog. Archive all the old stuff you don’t need anymore.
  • Update risk warnings. It’s a tedious task but it must be done. Review your landing pages, social media channels and images to check your risk warnings and info is correct.
  • Preparing evergreen content. Summer is the perfect time to put together some evergreen content. This could focus on trading tools that are useful or talk about trading techniques. You could look at when the markets are open around the globe or talk about the most famous forex traders in history. Keeping evergreen content on standby can help you out of tight spots later.
  • Review popular content. Use Google Analytics to see what content performed the best. And then create a schedule for re-writes.
  • Edit client emails. Another thing you can do to ensure a smooth transition back to daily trading is to add a ‘welcome back from summer’ message onto client emails. You can also prepare news updates and a September trading roundup to ease your traders back to the charts.

Are you ready for September? Talk to Contentworks Agency, the leading marketing agency for the financial services sector. We work with top brokers, fintechs and banks to deliver analysis, blogs, PR, social media, video marketing and much more.

Charlotte Day – Creative Director, Contentworks Agency

Charlotte is a content marketing strategist heading up social media and storytelling at Contentworks Agency. A content marketing thought leader, she has 1000+ articles published, guest writes for leading social media hubs and frequently speaks at events. She also maintains her own blog at www.charlisays.com and a writer’s life presence on social media. When she’s not writing and managing the agency, Charli enjoys swimming in the Mediterranean, writing poetry and reading.

Meet the AIRSOFT Team at the Biggest Forex Events This Autumn

With brokerages struggling to support the huge influx of traders in 2020-2021, the company believes that the forex events would offer the best platform to create awareness regarding its turnkey technology solutions. Now that fintech events are live once again, they offer excellent opportunities to network and build brand awareness.

iFX Expo International, Cyprus

Scheduled for October 4-6, 2021, iFX Expo International will be held at the luxury resort, Parklane, in Limassol. The largest and most well-known B2B fintech event promises to be an exciting one, if iFX Expo Dubai event in May 2021 is anything to go by.

AIRSOFT is the sponsor for the Sea View Lounge at the event. This is where participants are expected to meet and greet each other. To make the experience even sweeter, the company is also sponsoring the beer at this venue. Additionally, the AIRSOFT team will be exhibiting their leading-edge technology solutions for brokers at Booth #98 at the iFX Expo.

This year, the theme for the expo is “Back to Basics.” The focus will remain on networking and how it can spur the industry to grow. The event also intends to highlight innovation and resilience, which have proven to be crucial factors in success during the most challenging times. Limassol is the perfect venue for such discussions, not just because of its extremely hospitable culture but also because the city has risen to become a global hub for fintech and innovation.

iFX Expo is one of the most trusted venues for brokers, liquidity providers, fintech solutions providers, payment services providers, IBs and affiliates, banks, crypto and blockchain projects from all over the world. This is where industry leaders and pioneers discuss their thoughts and opinions. Some of the brightest minds in the fintech world are expected to speak and hold workshops at the event.

AIRSOFT looks forward to connecting with business leaders and demonstrating why its technology solutions are the go-to choices for brokers worldwide.

“At AIRSOFT, we believe that brokers today can only achieve long-term success through exceptional services. This is what helps attract new clients and retain existing ones. Our technology solutions aim to ease and enhance customer experiences to drive growth for brokers. iFX Expo provides an excellent venue to meet with industry leaders and up and coming entrepreneurs and we are very excited to be sponsors for the event,” stated Julia Rotenberg, Head of Sales and Business Development at AIRSOFT.

The London Summit 2021

Organised by Finance Magnates, The London Summit is another event that fintech firms eagerly anticipate each year. This year, it will be held on November 16-17, at Old Billingsgate, London. Since its inception, this annual event has seen increasing popularity, bringing together fintech brands, technology providers, payment solutions providers, fintech startups, retail and institutional brokers and crypto projects. The conference is the perfect venue to meet and connect with the key decision-makers shaping the future of the financial sector.

The London Summit Awards are the other main attraction at the event. Some of the most sought-after titles in the industry are granted right here for firms that excel across various business categories. What makes these awards special is that industry peers vote on the recognition, making it even more meaningful.

AIRSOFT looks forward to being part of the elite gathering at the London Summit. The company will also be exhibiting its technology at Branded Wall Stand #D. Brokers looking for cutting-edge solutions that will not only provide turnkey solutions for their operations but also seamlessly scale as they grow can meet the AIRSOFT team and learn more about their technology right here.

Meet AIRSOFT in Dubai and Amsterdam

AIRSOFT will also be attending Forex Expo 2021, to be held on September 29-30 at the World Trade Centre, Dubai. Forex Expo is another much-awaited annual event for forex professionals and those involved in the FX trading sector. This year, the event expects to see 5,000+ traders, 100+ forex brokers and 70+ speakers from more than 30 countries. Some of the leading minds in the finance industry are expected to speak at the event.

Forex Expo 2021 presents another great opportunity for AIRSOFT to meet with existing and prospective clients about its powerful technology solutions. Brokers, affiliates and payments providers can book a meeting with the team in advance for a one-on-one discussion. The company will be able to guide new and veteran professionals on how to grow their business amid rapidly changing customer demographics and preferences.

The AIRSOFT team will also be present at iGB Live!, to be held from September 28 to October 1, 2021, at RAI Amsterdam. This event brings together pioneers, leaders and startups from the gaming industry. The aim of the event is to help businesses network, learn and drive growth by building connections with the worldwide iGaming industry. In this industry too, success depends on being able to offer the latest technology and best user experiences, something that AIRSOFT excels at.

To book a one-on-one discussion and learn more about how AIRSOFT can help brokerages succeed, book an appointment with the team for any of the above events in advance.

Key Events This Week: Will Jackson Hole Deliver on The Hype?

Besides the comments by Fed officials at the symposium, here’s a list of notable market-related events for the week:

Monday, August 23

EUR: Eurozone August manufacturing, services and composite PMIs
GBP: UK August manufacturing, services and composite PMIs
USD: US August manufacturing, services and composite PMIs

Tuesday, August 24

EUR: Germany 2Q GDP (final)
USD: US July new home sales

Wednesday, August 25

EUR: Germany August IFO business climate
EIA crude oil inventory report

Thursday, August 26

USD: US weekly jobless claims and 2Q GDP (second estimate)

Friday, August 27

CNH: China July industrial profits
USD: US July personal income and spending
USD: US July PCE price index
USD: US August consumer sentiment (final)
USD: Fed Chair Jerome Powell delivers speech virtually at Jackson Hole Symposium

Market participants will be clinging on to every word uttered by Fed Chair Jerome Powell, and those of the other Fed officials who might be commenting as part of the yet-to-be-unveiled full agenda (to be released on 26 August).

US policymakers are seemingly on the cusp of easing up on their asset purchases that have shored up global financial markets since the pandemic. The FOMC July meeting minutes that was just released last week suggested that the tapering could even begin before 2021 is over.

Experienced market observers know that the symposium, where policymakers traditionally engage in open discussion, could produce the slightest hint about the Fed’s next policy move and such hints, if they happen, could jolt multiple asset classes.

Dollar poised to climb another leg up on more tapering talk

Some market participants think this will be a non-event, given how much various Fed officials have already telegraphed their tapering intentions over recent months. Others however are bracing for heightened volatility on potential cues out of Fed officials, judging by positioning in the options markets for various asset classes.

Should Fed officials on Friday point to an even more bullish case for tapering, that might push the US dollar even higher while prompting the likes of gold and US stocks to unwind more of their recent gains.

However, should Fed Chair Jerome Powell, in his virtual speech on Friday, pour cold water on the thought of announcing the Fed’s tapering plans anytime soon, that could prompt the greenback to unwind recent gains while potentially evoking a cheer out of gold and stock market bulls.

Friday data could overshadow Powell’s speech

Investors and traders worldwide will also be assessing whether the views espoused by Powell, a notable dove, would be in line with the latest US economic data. Before the Fed chair even utters a single word on Friday, investors will be poring over the trove of figures on US personal income and spending, as well as the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge, the PCE price index.

If the data suggests that the US economic recovery is roaring ahead and that the Fed has to taper sooner rather than later, market participants might pay less heed to Powell’s potentially dovish coos and instead race ahead of the world’s most influential central bank that markets think might be at risk of falling behind the inflation curve.

USD Index forms a golden cross

Note that the equally-weighted US dollar index is now pulling away from technically overbought territory, as it moderates back to within its Bollinger band and its 14-day relative strength index returns below the 70 line which typically denotes overbought conditions. Yet, it has the potential to set a new 9-month high if dollar bulls are emboldened by heightened prospects of a Fed’s tapering announcement that’s looming closer.

And having formed a golden cross (where its 50-day simple moving average crosses above its 200-day counterpart), such a technical event also typically paves the way for more upside.


For a look at all of today’s economic events, check out our economic calendar.

Written by Han Tan, Market Analyst at FXTM

For more information, please visit: FXTM

Disclaimer: The content in this article comprises personal opinions and should not be construed as containing personal and/or other investment advice and/or an offer of and/or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments and/or a guarantee and/or prediction of future performance. ForexTime (FXTM), its affiliates, agents, directors, officers or employees do not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness, of any information or data made available and assume no liability as to any loss arising from any investment based on the same.

Cryptocurrencies Trends – An Interview with Spotware’s Head of Business Development

1. The key to business success in such a competitive market as Forex is, of course, staying one step ahead of the competition. Who do you see as your main competitors, and what are the platform X-factors that are keeping Spotware in the league of leaders?

Indeed, we are part of a super fast-paced industry. This means that the skill of noticing trends early on bringing supporting features to life in our platform really adds value. To be entirely honest, I would like to see more competition in the market, but unfortunately very few established platform providers are actually improving their products, rather sticking to “don’t fix something that’s not broken”. That being said, even small startups can be healthy for the market. It’s all about product focus for your appropriate market.

At this point, what puts us ahead is the fact that we continue to improve and deliver based on the feedback of our brokers and traders. This year was marked with a whole series of major product improvements, including bringing cTrader Copy to Mobile. The immense growth of Copy volumes is a good example of how we are doing in this sector. In fact, some of our brokers are now doing double the volumes they were doing on cMirror – a cTrader Copy predecessor.

2. We hear you have made enhancements for cryptocurrency accounts that have little to no Fiat requirements. Could you tell us a little more about it?

Well, for starters, it would be hard to ignore crypto in 2020 and 2021. Crypto traders love to get exposure to other assets when crypto volatility dies down, and while crypto volatility is usually high, it is currently on the very low end of normality.

On the one hand we have these traders representing large volumes. On the other hand, we have transactional benefits for both brokers and traders. With the new Crypto accounts, traders don’t need to undergo the lengthy process of selling crypto to fiat, then sending funds to their account, and then depositing the sum into their brokerage account. Brokers, in turn, can process deposits/withdrawals immediately and cut down on banking and PSP fees. Additionally, brokers generally prefer to have funds in their wallets straight away, rather than holding them for up to 6 months with their PSP.

3. Do you see cryptocurrency becoming an even greater trend as central banks enter the crypto space?

By now we all know about the US’ Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC]. plans, and there are similar initiatives in countries like China. Ultimately it makes sense for authorities to have everything on-chain. Both for programmable money and for financial crimes’ transparency. Anyone with a basic understanding of blockchain will agree that most currencies are in fact unbelievably transparent. Bitcoin never was anonymous, only pseudonymous.

From a trading perspective, crypto offers excellent risk/reward opportunities and that is why many traders are now demanding crypto in one form or another – the light demand being crypto deposits.

4. How do you see the development of the crypto asset class from here?

By now it is clear that crypto as an asset class is here to stay. We already have so many sub-asset classes within this – just think about NFTs, DeFi, Derivatives, etc., and each one has its own respective market.

Focusing more on our niche, I can confirm that more brokers are making crypto CFDs available and the number of pairs available is vastly growing. Obviously those pairs have become more liquid, and therefore it is easier for liquidity providers to facilitate the addition of more pairs and leverage.

Outside of trading instruments, the crypto macrotrend means that we will be seeing both – traders from traditional crypto exchanges and forex traders, looking to have crypto deposits/withdrawals and even crypto-denominated base accounts.

5. Could you tell us a bit more about Spotware’s future plans and ambitions?

Crypto deposits/withdrawals and base accounts are a new feature that our brokers are very excited about because it represents reduced costs and a whole new market share of traders. The accounts will have 8-digit decimal accuracy which is a first. It is a complex task to sustain this kind of accuracy, but we feel like it’s a great challenge to face now, as opposed to when the price of Bitcoin is much higher, and these decimals become more and more meaningful in dollar terms.

Another plan I can share and tell you about is a charting-specific release. We are going to give FX/CFD traders an unsurpassed charting experience. While there are good all-round platforms, as well as those for specific markets (e.g: futures or options), there really are no go-to packages for the FX-focused trader, which is what we are planning to bring to the industry table.

Tradeview Markets Opens Its Doors to EU Traders with Unmatched Trading Conditions

With the establishment of Tradeview Europe Ltd., and an office in Malta, the company’s exceptional trading services are now available to both retail and institutional traders across Malta, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The Company has chosen Malta for its EU base due to the strong legal framework, excellent infrastructure, open stable economy and business environment the nation offers.

The global Tradeview brand serves thousands of clients and affiliates worldwide, and offers forex, CFDs, futures and equities trading via their online trading platforms. Traders in Malta, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain can now benefit from Tradeview’s ILC account structure that brings market-leading trading conditions and the lowest spreads in the industry, starting at 0.0 pips.

Tradeview’s ILC Account Structure Enables the Lowest Spreads in Industry

The proprietary account structure, Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC), offered by the company provides access to the best bid/ask quotes from multiple top-tier liquidity providers. The ILC structure enables ECN trading with zero mark-ups and incredibly low commissions of just $2.50 per standard lot, per side. Traders can access the best prices in real-time via ILC’s BBO (best bid/best offer) system. Market volatility can be captured with low latency execution and minimal slippage.

Tradeview offers the most popular MT4 and MT5 platforms that can be easily tailored to suit the needs of clients. The state-of-the-art platforms offer multi-device accessibility, copy trading, expert advisors, multi asset trading and signal subscriptions. Armed with in-depth ECN technology, these premier platforms provide complete turnkey solutions for online trading.

Tradeview Europe Ltd.’s clients can therefore benefit from exceptional trading conditions, with the some of the lowest spreads in the industry and innovative technologies. The company provides its clients a true ECN environment, meaning they don’t engage with a dealing desk or experience price manipulation. Tradeview’s ECN pricing is available to all ILC clients with no minimum volume requirements.

The company can accommodate traders of all styles and experiences subject to the satisfactory appropriateness test. Apart from the ILC account, clients can choose from other account types (individual or joint or corporate account) with similar trading conditions

Tradeviewpromises no ridiculous promotions, no gimmicks, no Formula 1 sponsorship, JUST SERIOUS TRADING, with the best trading conditions in the industry via a true ECN environment.

Market Leader in Online Trading Technology

Tradeview has a 17-year history of offering world-class trading services to retail traders on par with institutional clients. Through its cutting-edge technologies, ancillary account services, account security, and multi-jurisdictional client support services, the brand has been a leader in providing electronic direct market access to the forex and equity markets.

Today, it is a global broker, offering exposure to Tradeview. These include CFDs on the world’s most liquid currency pairs, precious metals, futures, energies, and cryptocurrencies. Tradeview also enables access to over 5,000 real shares including top US companies like Apple, Tesla, Netflix and ETFs on the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 and more.

In 2020, the company announced its sponsorship of TradeGATEHub, an educational and social trading website. The platform allows novice traders worldwide to connect with institutional grade traders via real-time chat where they can freely discuss trends and the latest news concerning the markets. TradeGATEHub acts as a centralised platform to provide access to the latest financial news, trading strategies, opinions, EAs, and more.

Tradeview’s continued focus on client education, strong regulatory compliance, and excellent customer services has made it a brand to reckon with in the EU financial services landscape.

“We take great pride in the way we do business. We are committed to offering every client unmatched trading conditions so they can make the most of the financial markets. Despite continuous growth and expansion to new regions, this commitment has never taken a back seat. From educational resources to analytic tools and true ECN trading, we always ensure a market leading trading environment,” Tradeview’s CEO, Tim Furey, stated.

With a client-first approach and emphasis on regulatory compliance, Tradeview strives to connect its clients with leading technology for ease of trading.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. For further information on Tradeview and associated risks please refer to: tradeview.eu risk section.

Tradeview Europe Limited is licensed as a Category 2 in terms of the Investment Services Act and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Names of stock mentioned were included purely for information purposes and should not be construed as investment advice. The value of such investments may go up as well as down and you may lose all your capital invested.


Tradeview Europe Ltd.

157 Archbishop Street


Malta, VLT 1440

+356 2031 1017



NAGA Becomes The New Primary Sponsor of Sevilla Football Club

From now on, various areas of the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium will represent NAGA’s branding, and Sevilla FC fans will be able to enjoy exclusive content, offers, and services made available by the sponsor. Both NAGA and Sevilla FC are growth-oriented and striving for the highest standards in what they do, so both parties are well-aligned on this partnership.

Club Chairman José Castro was delighted with the new agreement: “We’re excited to partner up with and associate ourselves with a brand like NAGA that has proven itself as a leader in its industry. That’s a great boost for our team, aside from the financial side of the sponsorship. We believe our fans will also be happy that our team has a cooperation with a modern and rapidly growing company. We’re looking forward to our shared future and we’re convinced it will be a successful one.”

Benjamin Bilski, CEO of NAGA, said: “Sevilla FC and Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium is like a rare gem in the football world, and we couldn’t be more delighted to support the team and its local fanbase with our new partnership. We’re sure it will both benefit the Sevilla’s community and help grow NAGA’s brand globally, as Sevilla FC has such a rich track record and history. So, we wish the best for the Sevilla team in the upcoming seasons and let’s aim for the stars together!”

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About NAGA and Its Platform

NAGA focuses on the social aspect of trading: learning, sharing experience, copying trades of other successful traders and much more. Traders of all expertise levels can share their trading experience and discuss further market movements and global financial news on a public News Feed.

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NAGA Features

NAGA offers far more than just a tool for smart and social investing. It offers its clients valuable market knowledge, key trading education for free, as well as a large offering of financial assets to choose from. Here’s the full list of advantages NAGA offers its clients:

🧑‍💻 1+ million – A huge community of traders that you can copy and learn from

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NAGA Auto Copy

Mirror the trades of the best investors at NAGA — They trade, you copy 😎

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✅ Pick from thousands of active real-money traders who show their daily performance

✅ Follow trades with a fixed investment or copy their trades in percentages

✅ Fully automated trade opening & closing by the trade-master

Inside NAGA

Feed – share your posts, follow other traders and get market news

My Trades – see your open, closed, and pending trades

Markets – find all available tradable assets at NAGA and open trades

Leaderboard – view the best performing traders that you can copy trade

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Videos – learn from articles and videos, and download free ebooks

Crypto Wallet – send, receive, and store your cryptocurrency assets

Help Center – get the answers to your questions and reach out

Did you know?

NAGA has also had one of the most successful IPOs of all time on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our platform is publicly listed, licensed, regulated, as well as backed by a multi-billion holding FOSUN. In short – your funds are in safe hands.

Valuable Partnerships

NAGA is proud to be a new sponsor for  Sevilla Football Club for the upcoming seasons! From now on, various areas of the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium will represent NAGA’s branding, and Sevilla FC fans will be able to enjoy exclusive content, offers, and services made available by the sponsor. Both NAGA and Sevilla FC are growth-oriented and striving for the highest standards in what they do, so both parties are well-aligned on this partnership.

NAGA also boasts of its sponsorship of Tio Ellinas, a professional F1 driver from Cyprus, who is now taking part in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2021.

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