Is Cash King, And Are You Aware Of Tesla, Apple, and Bitcoin Chart Patterns?

Sometimes there are clear advantages to being in an all-cash position and avoiding the risks in the US/Global stock markets. For example, you should consider cash as a position when the markets begin to execute a broad market consolidation pattern that often results in many weeks or months of sideways, choppy price activity. It would be best if you also considered going to cash when a more significant shift in market trends occurs, putting your account at real risk should there be a 20% to 30%+ downside price correction. Moving your assets away from these risks and into cash as early as possible can save thousands of dollars in unwanted – and worse yet avoidable – losses and stress.

I know how everyone always says, “it is better to ride out the trends and buy into the dips in the long run.” Well, I believe there is a better way to approach these more prominent market trends. It does not include riding out the massive sell-offs and panicking out near the lows—watching your wealth melt away as the market’s collapse, which can last in some cases like in the Nasdaq over 16 years to reach new highs.

We believe the purpose of actively managing your investments/trades should include a “cash position” as an active instrument in your portfolio. Why? Because moving your money away from risks and into a cash position can often create a major advantage for all types of investors. We will get into more detail about this later.

First, we want to highlight the setup of the broad market cycle/trend and bring to your attention the unique similarities in certain symbols unfolding right now.

Understanding Broad Market Cycles

You may have seen a version of the following Stock Market Cycles graphic before. Yet surprisingly, many traders/investors forget to reference these broader market cycles when they focus on the short-term market trends. Often, traders get caught up in the excitement of the rally phase and forget to anticipate the peak, rollover, and breakdown phase that eventually comes into play.

The rally phase we’ve seen recently in the US stock market, certain global markets, cryptos, and commodities may have just completed the Belief, Thrill, and Euphoria rally phase – reaching what we’ve been calling an “Excess Phase Peak.” If our research is correct, we should expect to see a series of price patterns continue to play out over the next 2 to 6+ months that complete the Complacency, Anxiety, and Denial downward phases. There was a recent research report entitled “How to spot the end of an excess phase” back in November 2020, which touched on this concept as well.

The research report shared this understanding of the breakdown setup and the 5 phases that typically process through the Euphoria, Complacency, Anxiety, and Denial phases. And in our Excess Phase Peak example below, where we look at the NASDAQ’s 2008 peak, we have labeled these phases as follows:

1. The rally to the peak – Euphoria

2. The initial breakdown and sideways FLAG in price – the Complacency Peak

3. The breakdown to critical support – Anxiety Phase

4. The extended sideways trending before the eventual breakdown of critical support – transition into the Denial Phase

5. An finally, the ultimate bottom sets up eventually – Denial & Panic Phases

The Benefits Of Developing CASH As A Viable Trading Position

Take a look at the following example accounts that compare between staying invested in varying trends vs. rolling in and out of the market throughout broad market trends. In this example, the “Always-In” keeps the initial $100k investment fully allocated throughout bullish and bearish trends. The “Trading-Trends” rolls capital in and out of the market trends (giving up 20% of each trend before altering allocation levels) and continues to reinvest the full capital into new bullish trends. The difference is staggering – almost 50% more in total returns than the “Always-In” strategy.

Concluding Thoughts:

As markets start to churn and start a new phase, you will undoubtedly hear from different advisors and financial gurus about how you should best manage your assets.

In our opinion, any form of more active position management is better than leaving your decisions up to another individual or chance. Suppose you can dedicate a few minutes a week to watch the markets or find a good trading mentor service to help you make sense of what’s happening in the markets and when to buy and sell. In that case, you can learn to outperform the S&P consistently with only a few trades each year trading ETFs, which is what I like to do myself.

I will highlight three very important charts on Tesla (TLSA), Apple (AAPL), and Bitcoin (BTC) that very clearly show we may be transitioning into the Complacency and Anxiety phases. These Phases 2 & 3 are the Excess Phase Peak transition and are something every trader and investor should be focusing on, in my opinion.

If this pattern continues to play out as we expect, traders and investors could be nearing a major decision-making time regarding how to protect profit and wealth, what to do next, and how to find out what the right answers are to these questions.

Over the next 6+ months and beyond, there are going to be incredible market moves. Staying ahead of these index and sector trends is going to be key to developing continued success. As some sectors fail, others will begin to trend higher, and this is the type of research and work I share each week at Technical Traders Ltd.

For a look at all of today’s economic events, check out our economic calendar.

Chris Vermeulen

Chief Market Strategist


The Fed Induced Twilight-Zone

The past three weeks have been filled with intense drama, incredible highs and lows, political battles that continue to this day, and millions of questions from people throughout the world.  Throughout this COVID-19 virus event and the collapse of the US and global markets, one continued belief has prevailed – the US Fed will attempt to rescue the global markets (again).

Late last week, President Trump announced a task force to evaluate how and when to reopen the US economy and more than US nine states have already committed to a staged reopening process.  COVID-19 virus being what it is, the US is going to attempt to lead the way forward.  This means every resource and every effort will be taken to engage in a proper process to protect our future while battling this virus outbreak.

This was also a pivotal week for the US Stock market. With the US Fed in buying mode attempting to counter the recent weakness in the markets, literally trillions of dollars have poured into the US stock market over the past 5+ days.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 532 points (+2.2%).  The NASDAQ rallied 581.50 points (+7.06%). The S&P 500 rallied 89.25 (+3.2%).  Obviously, capital is pouring into the NASDAQ faster than the other major indexes and this suggests investors believe in the earnings and future capabilities of technology companies over more traditional market segments.

Continued global economic weakness and shuttered US states will have a chilling result on Q2 outcomes and revenue growth.  We continue to believe Q2 and Q3 of 2020 will be much weaker than investors are expecting and we believe the US Fed has lulled many investors into believing a “deep V bottom” is the most likely outcome.  Over time, we believe the loss of 20+ million working Americans and the destruction of the shuttered global economy will translate into much weaker global market price levels.

NASDAQ (NQ) weekly chart

This NQ weekly chart highlights the real potential for downside risks.  The appreciation in price from the 2016 levels are a direct result of investor anticipation of growth after the 2016 election.  What’s changed is that a major risk to the markets has unraveled more than all the growth we’ve accumulated over the past 2+ years.  Investors should stop to consider the real economic outcome over the next 2+ years before jumping into the Fed-backed Twilight Zone.

As the total scope of the global economic environment continues to shift, it does make sense that certain technology companies may benefit from any type of extended virus event.  Gaming companies, technology suppliers and resellers, certain software companies and a host of streaming and content firms may gain users and incomes over the next 12+ months.  Yet, we continue to believe the COVID-19 virus event may continue to present risks in the markets going forward.

The NY Federal Reserve issues a GDP Nowcast which attempts to translate forward economic GDP outcomes in near-real-time.  The current level for Q1 2020 GDP is -0.4% and -7.9% for Q2 2020.  This suggests the second, and possibly third, quarters could be substantially weaker overall than what we’ve just experienced over the past 50+ days.    Even though the stock markets began to collapse on February 25, 2020 – we really didn’t begin to understand the total scope of the economic contraction until nearly the middle of March (very late in Q1).  Q2 may reflect the complete global economic burden of this virus event and we believe investors are failing to comprehend the total scope of this risk at the moment and how it relates to future earning capabilities.

Weakness in Q2 and possibly Q3 earnings for 2020 could have a shock-wave across many sectors of the US and global markets which we are somewhat blindly ignoring.  Asset values, belief in a “V” type bottom setup, lack of disruption for state and local governments and others seem to continue to be the prevailing attitude.  With the US Fed to the rescue, somehow investors seem to believe the recovery process will only take a few weeks or a few months.

We found this information very interesting in terms of how local governments generate revenues and how the virus event may present a very real 20 to 40% revenue contraction for state and local governments over the next 24+ months.  Based on this data, nearly 40 to 50% of annual revenue to state and local governments may be at risk.  When we consider the 20+ million people in the US that have recently filed for unemployment (nearly 6% of the total US population and 8% of the total working population), we can’t expect a stellar economic output.

S&P 500 (ES) Monthly chart

This ES Monthly chart highlights our expectation that the US Stock market will attempt to establish a deeper bottom in price that may take the form of a FLAG formation setup.  We don’t believe the continued disruption to the global markets will do anything to support the past 3+ week recovery in the US markets.  Global investors will likely end up backing the US as the leader in this recovery, yet we believe the actual bottom in the markets will take place over the next 12+ months and likely complete just before the November 2020 elections.

Concluding Thoughts:

Our proprietary modeling systems have reflected the recent strength in the US stock market adequately – yet they have failed to result in any changes regarding allocation into the markets.  For right now, everything stays the same as it was.  We do believe the Fed’s buying will potentially prompt a “false trigger” if the rally continues.  We will assess the trigger when and if it happens in the near future.

Until we get a more accurate understanding of the risks, we feel it is much safer to assume the worst-case scenario going forward.  There is simply no way to paint a positive picture when people throughout the globe are losing their jobs, incomes, and all sense of normalcy.  The reality is that this disruption in the global banking and financial sector is certainly a big one that could last well into summer. If you read this article or watch the video you will understand the magnitude of this market top that looks to be forming.

As of right now, skilled investors are preparing for a potentially deeper price bottom and watching what is happening in the markets with interest – waiting for the right trigger to jump on the next big trend.

I have to toot my own horn here a little because subscribers and I had our trading accounts close at a new high watermark for our accounts. We not only exited the equities market as it started to roll over, but we profited from the sell-off in a very controlled way, and yesterday we locked in more profits with our SPY ETF trade on this bounce.

As a technical analyst and trader since 1997, I have been through a few bull/bear market cycles in stocks and commodities. I believe I have a good pulse on the market and timing key turning points for investing and short-term swing traders. 2020 is going to be an incredible year for skilled traders.  Don’t miss all the incredible moves and trade setups.

I hope you found this informative, and if you would like to get a pre-market video every day before the opening bell, along with my trade alerts. These simple to follow ETF swing trades have our trading accounts sitting at new high water marks yet again this week, not many traders can say that this year. Visit my Active ETF Trading Newsletter.

We all have trading accounts, and while our trading accounts are important, what is even more important are our long-term investment and retirement accounts. Why? Because they are, in most cases, our largest store of wealth other than our homes, and if they are not protected during a time like this, you could lose 25-50% or more of your entire net worth. The good news is we can preserve and even grow our long term capital when things get ugly like they are now and ill show you how and one of the best trades is one your financial advisor will never let you do because they do not make money from the trade/position.

If you have any type of retirement account and are looking for signals when to own equities, bonds, or cash, be sure to become a member of my Long-Term Investing Signals which we issued a new signal for subscribers.

Ride my coattails as I navigate these financial markets and build wealth while others lose nearly everything they own during the next financial crisis.

Chris Vermeulen
Chief Market Strategies
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd.

FXEmpire’s 2018 Best Broker Awards Winners

The FXEmpire Awards, first initiated in 2014, have become the cornerstone of trading awards in their class.  Our goal in creating these awards is to objectively reward the most deserving brokers that continuously strive to stand ahead of the pack, with the objective of pleasing their clients above all else.

Furthermore, we want to help traders make better choices about who they partner with and we hope that when traders see the awards displayed on the winning brokers’ website, they will feel confident about partnering with that company.

This year, we have seen over 20,100 participants voting for their choice of broker across the nine categories through a survey we hold on our website.  Some of the categories include:

Most Innovative Forex Broker, Most Promising Broker, Top CFD Broker, Top US Forex Broker and Best Cryptocurrency Broker.

Top CFD Broker 2018 – Plus500

Top CFD Broker 2017

Plus500 2

Offering over 2000 instruments for CFD traders, this FCA regulated broker is truly a force to be reckoned with in the CFD trading industry. Its millions of traders are well protected and receive some of the most evolved trading technology available in the market today. Established in 2008, Plus500 is owned by a London Stock Exchange AIM market listed company named Plus500 Ltd with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion. The Plus500 brand is managed by several subsidiaries with the main subsidiaries being Plus500UK Ltd and Plus500CY Ltd.

Start Trading with Plus500

*72% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Plus500 Regulations & Product Offerings

Operating under the umbrella of different subsidiaries in different parts of the world, the Plus500 brand is under the regulatory oversight of several regulatory bodies. In the UK, the broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority while in Cyprus, it is under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. In the Australian market, Plus500 is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

To give its traders a secured and reliable platform for them to conduct their trading activities, Plus500 has provided them with a proprietary platform. The platform is available in different formats such as desktop client, a WebTrader, a mobile app and as a Mac application. With the Plus500 platform, you will be able to access in excess of 2000 CFD instruments covering the forex market, the stock market, the indices market and the cryptocurrency market.

With regards to the customer support service provided by Plus500, you can request assistance from the support team whenever you need help, as the service is available 24/7. There are various methods of communicating with the support team such as email and live chat. The website is also translated into more than two dozen different languages hence making it relatively easy to navigate around the website even if English is not your mother tongue.

Overall, one cannot help but be impressed by the large number of CFD instruments that are available for trading at Plus500. In addition to the broker’s large coverage of the markets, there are other benefits of trading the financial markets on the Plus500 platform. For starters, the broker is regulated across several jurisdictions ensuring your legal interests are protected. But most important of all, Plus500 has shown that it is able to meet the trading needs of more experienced traders.

Plus500 Full Review

Best Trading Experience 2018 – AvaTrade

Best Trading Experience 2017

Avatrade 2

Why AvaTrade?

One of the pioneering Forex and CFD brokers in the trading arena, AvaTrade offers a well-rounded trading experience. It provides its traders with a wide selection of trading instruments, an eclectic mix of trading technology and a highly regulated trading environment. The overall experience, from landing on the website to signing up and then trading is smooth and faultless. Meanwhile, customer support is available around the clock to offer care and guidance in a highly professional and efficient manner. It is this streamlined journey that sets AvaTrade apart and wins it this year’s award for Best Trading Experience.

Start Trading with AvaTrade

The Company and Offering

Founded as AvaFx initially in 2006, AvaTrade is based in Dublin, Ireland. The broker also maintains several satellite offices in major cities such as Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. In compliance with local requirements, AvaTrade has voluntarily submitted itself to be regulated by several domestic regulatory agencies such as Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Financial Services Agency and the Financial Futures Association of Japan, the Commodities Futures Association of Japan and the Financial Services Commission (British Virgin Islands).

Since its inception, the broker has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it has more than 200,000 active accounts and executes in excess of 2 million transactions on a monthly basis. In striving to achieve the best trading conditions for its traders, AvaTrade offers a diversity of instruments for trading. These include Bitcoin, Bonds, currency pairs, commodities, equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and market indices. There is also a wide selection of trading platforms to choose from. They range from the industry proven MetaTrader platforms to specialized platforms for automated trading such as ZuluTrade.

For traders who require assistance, AvaTrade is supported by a customer support team that is available 24 hours 5 days a week. The support staff are multilingual and can be contacted by email, fax, live chat, and telephone. With numerous awards under its belt, AvaTrade has certainly proven itself to be a capable and reliable broker. It is hardly surprising that the broker has also captured the title of being the broker that offers the best trading experience considering the many benefits such as low spreads, wide choice of trading platforms and a regulated trading environment that the broker has bestowed on its traders.

AvaTrade Full Review

Best Educational Broker 2018 – 24Option

Best Educational Broker

24option 2

Why 24Option?

In terms of providing its traders with the most comprehensive educational package in the industry, the title of the “Best Educational Broker” unquestionably goes to 24Option. The quality of the broker’s educational offering is second-to-none, ranging from courses, e-books, videos, articles, alerts, and webinars.

Initially established in 2009 as a binary options broker, 24Option has now gone on to focus on offering spot forex and CFDs trading services. The 24Option brand is owned by Rodeler Ltd with its headquarter located in Limassol, Cyrpus. For international clients, they are served by a Belize based sister company called Richfield Capital Ltd. Both the companies managing the brand are regulated, with Rodeler Ltd under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and Richfield Capital Ltd under the International Financial Services Commission.

Start Trading with 24option

24Option Offering and Service

For market access, 24Option uses the Scipio trading platform which was developed in-house. While most brokers tend to prefer adopting third-party solutions for their trading platforms, 24Option has shown real commitment to its traders, by opting to roll out their own platform in order to have more control over the platform’s features and updates. Always with their customers’ needs in mind, 24Option has also made the popular MetaTrader 4 platform available to those who want to stick to something familiar.

Currently, 24Option offers spot forex and CFDs trading on a wide range of asset classes. They include more than a dozen different types of commodities, 18 different indices, more than 40 different currency pairs and hundreds of stocks from major exchanges around the world.

To ensure that its clients can receive assistance whenever they need it, 24Option has made its customer support services available on a 24/7 basis and accessible through email, live chat, Web Contact form and over the telephone. In addition, the broker has also translated its website into several different languages such as Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

24Option has definitely demonstrated itself to be a customer-oriented broker with its comprehensive educational support. Furthermore, 24Option has also excelled in other areas such as having localized and multilingual support, intuitive trading platforms and a wide range of trading assets. However, most important of all, 24Option is a regulated broker and it has already established itself as being a trustworthy and reliable broker.

24option Full Review

Best Customer Support 2018 – FXCM

Best Customer Support 2018


With 24/7 customer support that is both efficient and helpful, FXCM is the undoubted winner of this category. The firm offers support through a variety of channels including email, free phone, live chat and even a physical office where clients are welcome to visit. Founded in 1999, FXCM or Forex Capital Markets has often being regarded as a pioneering online broker. It has been dubbed one of the fastest growing companies in the US by Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, no doubt an achievement assisted by the broker’s excellent customer support record over the years.

Start Trading with FXCM

FXCM Products & Services

Since the beginning of 2017, FXCM has shifted its focus to the international market. The new operations center is located at #20 Gresham Street, 4th Floor, London, UK. Currently, the three main regulatory bodies that are overseeing FXCM’s operations are the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, the South African Financial Services Board, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

For trading platforms, FXCM offers two main types of platforms, the flagship FXCM Trading Station and the MetaTrader 4 platform. The FXCM Trading Station is available in three versions, Trading Station Desktop, Trading Station Web and Trading Station Mobile. For MT4 fans, FXCM also offers an updated version of this popular and proven platform. As for the types of instruments available for trading, FXCM’s coverage of the markets included spot forex, precious metals, stock indices, the dollar index and international stocks. These instruments can be traded on the spot market or as CFDs with a leverage ratio as high as 400:1.

One of the key reasons why FXCM managed to clinch the title of having the Best Customer Support is the fact that the support is provided on a localized level on a 24/5 basis. To date, no other forex broker in the industry has been able to come close to the level of support provided by FXCM. This also shows the dedication which FXCM has in ensuring that all their clients’ needs are well looked after. With the dedicated support provided by FXCM, you can rest assured that your trading experience with this broker will be pleasant and worry-free.

FXCM Full Review

Best Mobile Trading Experience 2018 – Alpari

Best Mobile Trading Experience 2017

Alpari 2

Why Alpari?

Offering a seamless connection between mobile and desktop trading, Alpari is the clear winner of this category. Their app is user-friendly and intuitive and allows traders to conduct and execute trades and to stay on top of the markets throughout the day and night. The app is fast, easy to use and keeps traders up to date on market movements even when they are on the move. It is this app that helped make Alpari this year’s clear winner.

Established in 1998, the broker is one of the pioneering online forex brokers in the industry offering its clients a wide selection of quality services.  With its humble beginnings as a provincial firm in Russia, Alpari today has become one of the most respected brands among traders in the online trading community. The broker has always been an innovator and hence it’s clinching the title of being the broker with the best mobile trading experience has proven to be no surprise.

Start Trading with Alpari

Alpari Offering and Service

Based in Belize and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, Alpari operates under strict regulatory guidelines ensuring that your money with being managed properly and kept safe at all times. In the event of a dispute, Alpari also offers an impartial resolution service through the Financial Commission.

In addition to its versatile mobile trading app, Alpari also offers the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms for traders who want to trade the markets from their desktop computers. These platforms are widely adopted by brokers in the industry and have proven to be reliable. With these platforms, you can easily access the spot forex and metals markets as well as the CFDs market. There are 46 currency pairs on offer and 14 types of CFDs that you can trade in. Apart from these products, Alpari is also one of the few brokers in the industry offering binary options trading.

As part of its customer support service, Alpari has translated its website into 10 different languages. The support service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is accessible through various channels such as email, live chat, Viber, Skype, and telephone.

Apart from offering its traders the best mobile trading experience, trading with Alpari also offers several other benefits such as competitive spreads, choice of trading accounts, intuitive platforms and regular promotional offers.

Alpari Full Review

Most Promising Broker 2018 – FBS

Most Promising Broker 2017


With free deposit insurance, a wide range of assets, leverage of up to 3000 times and extremely low spreads, FBS comes in as this year’s Most Promising Forex Broker of 2017. Their website is a pleasure to visit and their platform is unparalleled for speed and usability. FBS was founded in 2009 and is owned and managed by a Belize based holding called FBS Markets Inc. Their head office is at #1, Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize. In addition to their Belize office, FBS also maintains several offices in its primary markets such as China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Since its inception in 2009, FBS has focused primarily on the Asian markets. In fact, the numerous awards which FBS has won over the years reflect the commitment that the broker has to its customer base in Asia. For example, FBS has been nominated the “Fastest growing broker Asia” and the “Best Forex Broker Asia”. Today, the broker has served more than 2.5 million traders worldwide and has executed over 200 million trades.  It is for all these reasons that FBS wins this year’s FXEmpire’s Most Promising Broker award.

Start Trading with FBS

FBS Service and Offering

Operating from Belize, FBS is regulated by the Belize Financial Services Commission. This means FBS is required to operate according to strict regulatory requirements and must conduct its operations in accordance with the industry best practices.

To provide its traders with access to the financial markets, FBS has provided them with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. Developed by MetaQuotes Software, these platforms have become the industry standard platform due to their widespread usage. Mobile trading is also supported by an app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With these platforms, traders at FBS can trade in 3 main markets, namely the currency market, the precious metal market and the CFDs market.

Ensuring that its customers will be able to get the help that they need whenever they need it, FBS has made its customer support service available on a 24/7 basis and accessible through email, live chat, and telephone. The website is also translated into several Asian languages to enable non-English speaking traders to navigate the website confidently. In addition, the support services are also available in several languages.

Considering the efforts which FBS has put into their operations, it is easy to see why they have managed to clinch the title as 2017 Most Promising Broker. They offer a safe and secure platform and they have ensured that their customer team will be able to communicate effectively with the traders.

FBS Full Review

Most Innovative Broker 2018 – FXTM

Most Innovative Broker 2017


With many features that you will not see with other competing brokers, FXTM is this year’s outstanding winner of the Innovation category. Their product includes a large array of trading accounts, different types of payment methods and interesting promotions. Established in 2011, FXTM or ForexTime is a multi-award-winning forex broker that is based in Cyprus. The broker is well known to traders in the online trading community for offering state of the art trading tools and a secured trading environment for them to carry out their trading activities. Over the years since its inception, the broker has earned a reputation as a customer-oriented broker. This is evident from the kind of services offered by the broker.

Start Trading with FXTM

FXTM Regulations and Offerings

Operating through a group of subsidiaries, the FXTM brand today is recognized as a global brand. Apart from being a regulated platform under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the FXTM brand also operates under the jurisdiction of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, the International Financial Services Commission of Belize and the South African Financial Services Board.

There are two main types of trading platforms available at FXTM, the MetaTrader 4 platform, and the updated MetaTrader 5 platform. Both these platforms are available in different versions such as desktop client, a WebTrader and as a mobile trading app. The broker has also provided support for Mac users. By providing its clients with so many versions of the MT4 and MT5, FXTM has ensured that all trading needs of its traders can be satisfied.

In terms of market coverage, FXTM is able to offer spot forex, spot metals and CFDs on commodities, stock, market indices and cryptocurrencies. Apart from its wide coverage of the markets, FXTM has also provided support for more than 30 payment methods. This is by far the largest number of payment methods that any broker has been able to provide.

With its multilingual support staff available on a 24/7 basis, you can be assured of getting assistance from the broker whenever it is needed. The broker rightly deserves its title as being the Most Innovative Broker for 2017 as it has been able to offer a level of service and forward thinking product second to none.

FXTM Full Review

Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2018 – eToro

Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2017

eToro 2

eToro has already made a splash in the world of cryptocurrency trading, with its new crypto trading product. It offers instant trades, unlimited withdrawals, and secured trading. eToro is a step ahead with its cryptocurrency offering. In fact, eToro was one of the first few mainstream brokers in 2014 to offer cryptocurrency trading as part of their CFD trading package. At a time when Bitcoin could only be bought or sold as a cryptocurrency, the ability to trade Bitcoin as a CFD derivative certainly opened up new opportunities for cryptocurrency investors.

Founded in 2006, eToro has always been known as an industry innovator. The broker was the first forex broker that embraced the idea of social trading and made it a reality for tens of thousands of traders from all over the world when the Openbook copy trading platform was first unveiled.

Start Trading with eToro

eToro Service and Offering

Based in Cyprus, eToro is regulated by both the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and the Cyprus Security Exchange Commission. As a regulated financial services provider of these two regulatory bodies, your funds are protected under the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Cypriot Investor compensation scheme. The maximum coverage under each scheme is 50,000 pounds and 20,000 euros respectively.

Since the introduction of the industry’s first social trading platform, eToro has moved on to further develop its platforms into a new platform called the CopyTrader. Proprietary in nature, the CopyTrader system allow traders access to a wider range of markets as an independent trader or as a copy trader. Designed to be user-friendly, the platform is efficient and requires no training to operate. The CopyTrader platform is also available as a mobile app.

With eToro’s trading platform, you will have access to a large selection of instruments such as stocks, commodities, precious metals, ETFs and currency pairs. As mentioned, earlier, Bitcoin trading is also available on the eToro platform.

As for customer support, you can get assistance from the support team 25 hours a day during the entire trading week. The support team can easily be reached email, fax or by calling them directly on the phone. Their website is also available in several different languages for the benefit of traders whose mother tongue is not the English language.

Cryptocurrency trading is now the rage of the financial world. By allowing traders to trade Bitcoin as a CFD instrument, eToro has made this market more accessible to the average investor. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency trading is not the only benefit that you derive by signing up with this award-winning broker. The broker offers easy access to the financial markets by providing its traders with a low initial deposit requirement and a powerful yet simple trading platform.

eToro Full Review

Top US Forex Broker 2018 –

Top US Forex Broker 2 offers trading opportunities in more than 180 global markets across a wide range of assets. The firm offers cash rebates, trade signals and a market strategist tool to its traders. The broker is part of the New Stock Exchange listed company Gain Capital Holdings Inc. Based in the US, office is located at #135 US Highway 202/206. Bedminster, New Jersey. A well-rounded and innovative broker offering a diverse range of markets, through the support of its parent company Gain Capital Holdings has earned the title of being the Top US Forex Broker in the salubrious FXEmpire broker awards.

Start Trading with Service and Offering

With its roots going as far back as 1999, is a brand that is managed by a subsidiary of the Gains Group called GAIN Global Markets Inc. The subsidiary is based in the Cayman Islands and comes under the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. In addition, through its sister companies and affiliates are regulated in 6 different jurisdictions.

For trading platforms, has provided two main types of platforms. Their flagship platform is the proprietary FOREXTrader. The platform comes integrated with a wide range of tools and offers a world-class trading experience. Apart from the in-house platform, you also have the choice of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Well-liked by traders from all over the world, the MT4’s distinguishing feature is its ability to support automated trading through programs called Expert Advisors.

With these two platforms, offers access to forex, commodities and Indices markets. These different assets can be traded on the spot market or as a CFD instrument. In total, you have a choice of 42 forex pairs, a dozen commodities and 10 market indices to choose from. For customer support, you can reach the support team through email, live chat, and telephone. The support service is available through 10 am Sunday to 5 pm Friday (ET).

With strong support from its parent company and high-quality services offered by the broker, there is no doubt that is deserving of the title of the Top US Forex Broker for 2017. Full Review

Plus500 Has Reached a Settlement Agreement with Belgium’s Regulator

Plus500 (76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money) has reached a settlement agreement with the Belgium regulator FSMA, Financial Services and Markets Authority, for the amount of €550.000.

The settlement came after months of discussions between Plus500 and FSMA. According to the FSMA, Plus500 offered CFDs on Belgian territory without a regulatory approval. Moreover, Plus500 did not submit to the FSMA for approval of any advertisement or other document that are related to CFDs or other leveraged products., while Plus500 denied that it had done so. The settlement put the matter behind both sides.

The settlement was reached in the context of the public offering of investment instruments, including CFDs as offered by the company, in Belgium.

Plus500 did not convey an admission of guilt or non-compliance, claiming that it had correctly implemented all necessary procedures to ultimately comply with legislation in Belgium.

Among all European countries, Belgium has the most aggressive policy towards leveraged trading products. The agreement confirms that the UK listed company could legally operate in Belgium.

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