The Crypto and Blockchain World – Trading and Investing in Today’s World

The Landscape

Throughout 2018, we saw regulators across key crypto markets including, but not limited to, China, India, Japan, and South Korea, clamp down on what was commonly referred to as the Wild West of the Global Financial Markets.

Over the course of the current year, however, the public attitude has shifted.

There are numerous reasons behind this, including significant steps by regulators and governments to shut down the more cavalier exchanges permitting the trading of cryptocurrencies, without the need for the standard disclosures seen across exchanges offering to trade of more traditional asset classes.

While jurisdictional restrictions continue to be a thorn in the crypto sphere’s side, crypto exchanges have also made significant strides in delivering more technically advanced trading platforms.

Not only have exchanges delivered the platforms for the effective trading of cryptocurrencies, but a number have also been built on blockchain tech, adding an additional layer of security.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Since the early days, when investors were only able to invest in the actual cryptocurrencies across exchanges that were no able to protect investor funds, times have changed.

The crypto trading market has evolved from exchanges offering crypto to crypto trading, into trading between cryptocurrencies and fiat money, but also the trading of certificates of deposits, derivatives and more.

As crypto exchanges have developed, risk management and other platform capabilities have been introduced. Encouraged by the volatility and potential earnings the crypto market offers more seasoned investors crossed over.

Across the crypto exchange spectrum, the types of exchanges on offer vary. While some are under the more standard web-based models, others are built on a blockchain platform.

As the blockchain world expands, the number of exchanges and trading platforms based on blockchain is also on the rise.

One such trading platform is Torex.


Torex is a multifunctional blockchain platform supporting cryptocurrency trading.

The advantage of using Torex is that it consolidates different exchanges, coins, and analytical tools onto the Torex platform.

In the first quarter of 2020, traders will be able to trade, gain experience and share trading strategies.

The Torex trading platform delivers the following capabilities to support both more novice and advanced crypto trading:

Centralized Parallel Monitoring

Enables the tracking of cryptocurrency rates on different exchanges on the Torex platform.

Advanced Analytics

The platform is planned to provide diverse analytics, ranging from embedded news aggregators to detailed technical analysis.

Multi-Exchange & Multi-Coin

Fast operations with any coin or token (like Bitcoin and Ethereum for example) from different exchanges.

Diverse Trading Tools

The platform, in 2020, will allow traders to choose between API-trading, copy trading, arbitrage trading, crypto betting, and more.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Torex’s Arbitrage Tool analyzes the liquidity and depth of order books across multiple crypto exchanges, providing traders with easy access to liquidity-driven price arbitrage.

Cryptocurrencies are considered to be the most volatile of asset classes, with values capable of rising or falling by a few percentage points in a matter of minutes.

The volatility delivers traders with the rare opportunity of inter-exchange arbitrage.

Torex provides traders with the platform to take advantage of arbitrage windows. An arbitrage window develops when the strike price of a cryptocurrency at one exchange is higher or lower than found on another.

Using the Torex Arbitrage Tool, traders are also able to adjust the parameters. Traders are able to select the exchanges, cryptocurrency pairings, minimum trading volumes, and the minimum percentage of profit expected.

This capability is delivered through the manual mode of the Torex Arbitrage Tool. In automatic mode, an arbitrage assistant will carry out the functions, with the trader being required to make only minor inputs.


Torex is fully functional on PC and mobile devices. (A fully functional mobile version for Android and iOS is due out in Q4, 2020)

The Future of Crypto Trading

The nascent nature of the crypto trading world means there are plenty of opportunities for traders, both the novice and more advanced alike.

Crypto exchanges will need to continue to develop and introduce greater capabilities to hold onto existing liquidity and fee income.

Additionally, being flexible as such to meet the ever-fluctuating demands on the regulatory front, is also an important factor for traders domiciled across multiple jurisdictions.

The minimum requirements for the vast majority of crypto traders now include:

Stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop orders. Traders now can simultaneously place stop loss and take profit orders.

Trailing stops have become more popular in the volatile world of crypto trading.

Trailing stops allow traders to adjust the order limit along with the price, which is essential within the more volatile crypto sphere.

Other Modern Trading Platform Capabilities

API Trading

API Trading allows traders to make transactions and monitor currency rates across different exchanges. The added advantage is that it supports the managing of several accounts on one exchange.

Torex uses the official APIs, developed and released by the leading stock exchanges. These APIs allow users to manage all of their exchanges on the Torex platform.

Crypto betting is similar to the futures markets, where investors and traders forecast future prices.

Crypto Betting

Another development in the crypto world is the offering of crypto betting. In crypto betting, the user needs to predict how the rate of a coin or token will change in a given period of time. (Due for release in Q3, 2020).

Idea Sharing

On the Torex platform, there is also the opportunity to share trading tips through an encrypted TOREX end-to-end messenger.

Trader ideas is a recommendation to open a transaction that a trader creates and makes visible to all users on the platform.

Within the Torex world, traders will be able to purchase a subscription for a given number of published ideas for a given number of days. In 2020 traders will have a possibility to make payments in Torex tokens, called TOR. Basic Torex functionality is and will be available free of charge.

For an investor, the investor pays a commission for the ability to view and accept trading ideas.

The platform uses a Telegram Messenger bot to ensure both quick and easy to view trading ideas and signals in support of the network.

Trading ideas provides traders and investors alike with the opportunity to seize on a series of trading ideas.

Torex will release the idea-sharing capability in Q1, 2020. The copy trading capability is due to roll out in the 2nd quarter.


As the cryptocurrency world has evolved, the number of exchanges developed on blockchain technology has also increased.

A key attribute to the use of blockchain technology is the level of trust and transparency it delivers.

There are a number of increasing advantages of using blockchain tech. These go beyond the recording of transactions on the exchange.

The use of smart contracts is certainly one, which delivers even greater transparency.


As the crypto trading world evolves, more traders and investors continue to cross over from more mature asset classes. Trading platforms, including Torex, will need to continue to deliver equivalent, if not, more advanced trading experience than seen across traditional exchanges.

Catering to the need of both traders and investors will further fuel interest in crypto trading.

Alongside the necessary tools to trade and the appropriate transaction logging, security and speed are also significant priorities.

Since the early days, when hacking and theft was rife, cryptocurrency market players have begun to provide a far safer environment.

Exchanges are increasingly using cold wallets, which holds funds offline and out of reach from hackers. 2-factor authentication (“2FA”) is widely offered to further protect investor and trader accounts. With that in mind, 2FA authentication is implemented in Torex universal trading platform as well.

Coding has also become more sophisticated. Ensuring that hackers are unable to break into the system and take what very little is online is key.

We can expect the use of blockchain and an ever-increasing number of capabilities across the exchanges and trading platforms to further support the cryptomarket.

By historical standards, more recent crypto exchange offerings are certainly more sophisticated.

This is not surprising when considering the risks associated with trading in cryptocurrencies.

For investors looking forward to Torex, the IEO is coming soon. The soft cap has already been reached. Torex’s intention is to create a sophisticated, transparent and truly universal platform to meet the needs of every crypto trader.

How to get Started with cTrader: cTrader Overview

When forex trading became widely accessible, there wasn’t a big choice of trading platforms, if any at all. But today, you, as a modern trader, have a much bigger variety and can choose to trade with the platform that best suits your needs.

One of such trading platforms is cTrader. It is a powerful platform with a vast number of advanced features and tools, especially the charting and technical analysis capabilities, that you may not find elsewhere. It comes on desktop, web and mobile applications for both, Android and iOS devices. It is also probably the only platform that offers Manual, Copy and Algorithmic trading, as well as provides you with your trading performance analytics all in one platform.

In recent years, it has become quite a popular choice among traders, not only because of its great features but also because it is very transparent and is built that way that it protects traders from brokers’ manipulations. It also has a large community of traders, so you can easily connect and share with others in its forum.

Getting Started

cTrader offers Public Beta versions for desktop, web, and mobile. What it means is that you can easily download the platform on any device and try its latest features commitment- and risk-free, as it’s purely a demo, not linked to any broker. Each broker has their own branded cTrader platforms, on which you can open a Demo or Live account. The features may differ depending on the version the broker is using. From Public Beta, you can also open a Live account with any of the featured cTrader brokers.

To login to cTrader, use your Facebook or email address. These credentials will be treated as your cTrader ID. cTrader ID allows you to login to any future accounts of any broker on any device (unlike login in with account number). The other benefit of cTrader ID is that you can login with it to cTrader ID Site where you can manage all your accounts, sessions and more, as well as to cTrader Community website. This is achieved thanks to a cloud infrastructure which distinguishes cTrader from other trading platforms.

Once you are in, you will see the side menu with Watchlists, Apps, and Settings on your left side, charts, Tradewatch in the center and Active Symbol Panel (ASP) on the right side. The menu can be easily collapsed horizontally and vertically and resized to show longer symbols. There are different chart modes, including a full-screen mode and the possibility to detach charts on separate screens if you are working with several monitors. Tradewatch and ASP panels can be shown or hidden by choosing the preferred option in Layouts. The interface offers personalization choices including the selection of 22 languages and either a black or a white theme. There are also links to useful resources such as Marketwatch for example, as well as Help section.

cTrader Web 3.1 Main Screen

All your preferred options, such as chart configurations, settings, layouts and alike can be saved as Workspaces, another cloud-enabled feature of cTrader. You can load your saved Workspaces from the multiple accounts across different brokers. The cloud infrastructure also allows you to switch between all your accounts in one click and manage sessions on devices you are using.

Symbol Information

The ASP panel provides you with a full market overview on a particular symbol at a glance to help you make informed trading decisions. It contains Market Sentiment, Market Details, Trade Statistics, Market Hours, related Links, Inverted Rate, Leverage, as well as Depth of Market (Standard DoM, Price DoM, and VWAP DoM). You can open new charts, create new orders and change symbols from the ASP panel. It can also be linked to switch symbol from it in Watchlists, Tradewatch, and Charts.

Active Symbol Panel

The Watchlist provides you info on the bid and ask price, the change in price and how many opened positions you have per symbol. You can group, save, add or remove your favorite symbols as desired into multiple Watchlists. There is also a section with Popular Markets and a convenient Symbol Finder. All of these are integrated inside the menu under the Trade application.


Charting & Technical Analysis

cTrader is popular for its charting capabilities and technical analysis tools. To start with, you can choose from 3 chart modes, 6 chart types, 28 timeframes, and more than 60 technical indicators. You can customize the color of charts and chart elements, and draw different lines and shapes on charts.

The chart displays a vast amount of information, such as your Positions, Orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels to name some. You can create a new order directly from the chart, open it in full screen or detach on another monitor.


Another cool feature is Linked Charts. It allows you to link a symbol to several charts so you can switch between symbols while retaining specific chart settings like timeframe, chart type, indicators, drawings, and others. So, you don’t have to configure it all over again for every newly selected symbol. You can create multiple groups of charts as well.

Trading Tools

Unlike many other trading platforms, in cTrader there are several options for order placing. Firstly, you can open, close and modify orders with QuickTrade mode just in a single click from every section of the platform. It’s very useful when trading in fast-moving markets. Apart from that, there are advanced order types such as Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Order, and Stop Limit Order which you can also protect with Take Profit / Stop Loss settings and use Market Range feature (with your Market Order) to avoid slippage.

New Order

When selecting the volume of the order, cTrader keeps you informed on pip value, trade value, commission cost, and margin required. For every deal, you will be able to see detailed information on such parameters as execution time, market snapshot and matching time. Your orders will be filed against the full order book using Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), and you can also see the full range of executable prices coming directly from the liquidity providers in the depth of market section of ASP panel.

Deal Info


VWAP DoM in Active Symbol Panel

In the Tradewatch panel below the charts, you can view all your positions, orders, history, transactions as well as set price alerts (which you can also configure to be shown on charts).

In general, you can set up different push and email notifications using cTrader ID website. This can be an alert for Margin Call, Stop Loss / Take Profit, Stop Out and others. Being a cloud-enabled feature, you will be able to receive push notifications in-platform across all devices you are using.


To sum up, cTrader is a very transparent trading platform that provides you with important information throughout every step of your trading experience. It equips you with a wide selection of important tools that help you achieve your goals and enables you to stay in control of your trading.

If you want to try cTrader, download its Public Beta version on any device following this link or open Demo or Live account with one of the cTrader featured Brokers at

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