Free Online Course: Trading from A to Z

Every day we are bombarded with news that the price of oil has increased, gold dropped, the euro weakened, the dollar strengthened, stocks went up, etc. Millions of people around the globe are using this information every day to potentially earn through trading in the global markets.

In order to trade successfully on the global markets, you need the relevant knowledge, so if you want to learn how to successfully trade, or you just want to learn how to successfully manage your own capital, then this free online course is for you.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, this online course will teach you absolutely everything, from basic terms to advanced trading strategies.

The course is divided into 6 chapters, with more than 70 video lessons:

  1. The World of Global Trading – Introduction to trading with an explanation of basic terms, different financial instruments and factors that can impact the market.
  2. Trading Psychology – Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence and how to cope with a loss.
  3. Money Management – Why it’s important to manage your capital and the most important rules of managing capital.
  4. Market Analysis – What is market analysis and how to conduct it, technical and fundamental analysis and chart types.
  5. Basics of Technical Analysis – Technical analysis as a tool for predicting future price movements, trend types, support and resistance levels.
  6. Advanced Technical Analysis – Japanese candlestick charts, how to recognize a trading pattern, how to identify risk and how to trade after recognizing a trading pattern.

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