American Dollar Retaliates

Yesterday’s FOMC brought havoc to the market. The vast majority of the instruments quoted against the USD are going down. Stocks are mixed…with this amount of money on the market that is indeed a great occasion for a correction but definitely not a major sign for a reversal.

The SP500 is still safely above the main uptrend line.

The Dow Jones on the other hand broke the major uptrend line but I do not think it will be permanent.

The DAX is doing great, it’s in a channel up formation above the major support.

Gold dropped like a rock. It’s back inside the flag and the sentiment is negative.

The USDCAD climbed higher with a sweet long-term buy signal.

The EURCHF is fighting for a bullish engulfing on the weekly chart. That is possibly a great occasion to go long.

The AUDUSD broke the lower line of the triangle is aiming lower.

The GBPUSD broke the crucial horizontal support and long-term up trendline, it’s is an invitation to go short.

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