Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Continue Bullish Pressure

Silver markets initially drifted a little bit lower during the trading session on Thursday but then broke higher to reach towards the $27.35 level. The market certainly looks as if it is on its way to the $28 level, but it is obvious that the market has a lot of noise involved in it. After all, the silver markets do tend to be very choppy to say the least, so it does make quite a bit of sense that we would continue to see volatility. With that being the case, the market is likely to continue seeing short-term pullbacks as potential buying opportunities and of value.

SILVER Video 07.05.21

Underneath, we have the 50 day EMA sitting at the $26 level, and that could of course attract a lot of support and buyers get involved. If we break down below the $26 level, it could open up a move down to the 200 day EMA underneath. We are in an uptrend, there is nothing on this chart that tells us that we should be looking for buying opportunities only, and a break above the $28 level would open up the possibility of a move to the $30 level. All things been equal, I do think that we get there and perhaps even higher as we continue to play the “reflation trade.” Silver has a major industrial component built into it, so it certainly makes a bit of sense that we would be looking at a “buy on the dips” type of scenario. I have no interest whatsoever in shorting this market, as we have such bullish pressure and of course a huge fundamental driver of price.

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