Three long-term Forex occasions. EURJPY, AUDJPY and CADCHF

Traders are slowly getting bored with the Coronavirus. In financial media, this topic is mentioned less frequently and slowly, the attention of the market participants is being shifted towards the other information. This allowed to perform a bullish correction on the indices and a bearish one on safe heavens. Today, we will show you long-term situation on the three currency pairs, where we could spot interesting trading opportunities.

First one is the EURJPY, where the recent pursuit to safe heavens increased the appetite for Yen and triggered a negative sentiment. It all started with the bounce from the 122.8 and the upper line of the wedge. Wedge is a trend continuation pattern, so it was naturally promoting the breakout to the downside. It happened on the 24th of February and after that, the price created a small rectangle. This rectangle is promoting a further slide and this is our current outlook on this instrument.

Similar setup can be found on the AUDJPY, where the price also bounced from the horizontal resistance and later broke the lower line of the correction pattern. In this case, it was a flag. What is different is the price movement after the breakout. On AUDJPY the price dropped like a rock, without a pause like on the EURJPY. Well, Australian Dollar is simply much weaker right now. Today, the price tries to initiate the correction but we are not convinced about the durability of this movement.

Last week was absolutely crucial for the CADCHF and you need to look on the weekly chart to understand why. After few weeks of a decline, the price eventually broke the lower line of the massive symmetric triangle pattern. In theory, that can start a new long-term down trend on this instrument. As long as we stay below the triangle, the sentiment remains negative.