Capital Spreads Announces New Charting Package for Clients

Capital Spreads is planning to subscribe to a new charting package. This new package will enable its clients make better informed choices. The current charting package offered from Capital Spreads is relatively simple and is provided by IT Finance and recently clients have been asking Capital Spreads to provide a more well rounded package.

The new charting package is to go online on the 16th of July, 2011. It is said to include:

– Flash charts instead of Java which will be more easily accessible from all computers

– Strategy builder capacities with the possibility of back testing systems

– E-mail and MSN alerts on specific designated triggers

– Larger capacity of retrieving more history for each time frame

– Many more indicators to satisfy charters

– Fibonacci tools which enable easy drawing of retracements, arcs, time zones and fans

The new charting tools will be free to all Capital Spreads clients.

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