CryptoMania: TerraNova Surges 500%. Ripple, Cardano, Stellar and TRON with Double Digits Gains

The action continues in the cryptomarkets as more and more coins begin to come under the limelight. The BTC market is in a bit of a lull as the bitcoin futures has helped to cap the gains for now and also, the regulators seem to be focussing increasingly on the BTC market which has made the investors and the speculators a bit edgy. That is why they have been shifting their attention to the altcoins and today, Terranova has been the star.

This crypto had been quiet for a long time and a study of its history shows that there has been very little volume in it during this long period. But it looks as though some big investor or whale seems to have noticed it over the last couple of days as its price has surged by over 500% over the last 2 days and it now trades comfortably over the $2500 region as of this writing. There does not seem to be any specific fundamental developments or news that has made the price of the coin go berserk during this period but it looks more like some serious investor entering into this market.

Other altcoins are also enjoying the limelight as ripple, TRON, Cardano and Stellar have posted double digit gains over the last 24 hours with ripple especially having a great time over the last couple of weeks having more than tripled during this period. It is turning out to be a survival of the fittest in these markets and it remains to be seen which of thee cryptos would be able to overcome the odds and gain the attention of the investors and traders who would in turn help to push the demand and the prices higher.