Etherlite: Burj Khalifa Lights Up To Mark The Launch Of This New Blockchain Revolution

With a giant step in this lineage, EtherLite, the Ethereum hard fork has outdone everyone in the aspect of putting crypto on the map of the world.

On the evening of 1st May, EtherLite became the first-ever crypto to be featured on the highest building in the world; Burj Khalifa.

As you can see down below the thrilling launch of EtherLite on Burj Khalifa is a big step ahead in the direction of mass crypto adoption and EtherLite has now become the only project to be featured on such a large scale.

It is imperative to say that EtherLite with its Mainnet launch on Burj Khalifa, will bring out an influential status quo of blockchain technology into our real-world applications.

After the successful completion of the Private Sale, EtherLite is now coming out with one of the biggest airdrop in the crypto world.

Under this airdrop, all the ETH holders will be rewarded with ETL (the native token of EtherLite) tokens.

This Airdrop will bring more users to the platform where there will get to see:

– No Congestion issues

– Negligible Gas Fees

– An interoperable, one-click DApp migration tool

– Staking and Validator Rewards up to 18% APY

EtherLite is a product of this manifestation, built to empower the community of blockchain development, DeFi building and offer high staking rewards to its users in a fully scalable and decentralized way.

The EtherLite Airdrop is set to complete by 15th May, after which the IBCO will go live making it universally available for the community members to buy, trade, stake and utilize the power of ETL and earn massive rewards off it.

And now, there’s nothing left to say, but for you to quickly visit and explore this new champ on the block.