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FBS “Dreams Come True” Contest June Winner

June winner of the contest, Mr. Sarijo Ama from Sragen, Indonesia, is a man who thinks big and dreams big. He works as a school principal and takes his mission seriously – he believes that children are the nation’s successors, its future, and its hope. With this idea in mind, Mr. Sarijo Ama got very concerned about children overusing smartphones, social networks, and video games. “All these things keep the kids away from books”, – he says, believing that books are the source of true and solid knowledge that modern youth is unfairly missing out on. The school library wasn’t very popular with his students because of its condition – it lacked important books and the overall condition wasn’t satisfactory enough.

When Mr. Sarijo Ama bumped into FBS Dreams Come True contest on the Internet, he immediately knew what he would ask for: a new library for his school. He wanted to refill the books collection and make this place attractive for children again. A few days later, he got a call from an FBS Indonesia representative who informed him that he became the winner of the Dreams Come True contest.

The contest winner believes that education is not only governmental responsibility – private sectors and individuals must contribute to it as well since our kids will build the future, their education must be a shared responsibility. FBS Team helped him refill the book collection by bringing a bunch of books that the library lacked, and soon after, this place started attracting young readers again.

This story is a great example of how social responsibility, passion, and involvement can work miracles and make serious changes – starting from one small school in Indonesia, one principal who cares, and a broker that supports initiative and originality.

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