FBS To Carry On The Traditions Of Ramadan: Trading & Charity

Starting May 3, the global Muslim community celebrates Ramadan, a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. How does a Muslim trader’s life change during the Holy Month? First off, let’s get the idea of Ramadan straight.

What is Ramadan all about?

Essentially, Ramadan is the purification of the soul from any sinful things done over the year. This is not merely a period of abstinence from food, but also a time of internal austerity, spiritual education, and remembering the essential principles of Islamic teaching.

Ramadan tradition as we know it emerged back in 624 CE and has been strictly followed ever since. What happens during the Holy Month is purification through the 5 pillars of Islam: faith, prayers, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage to Mecca.

FBS broker is being supportive to its Muslim clients’ traditions, holding a special ‘Ramadan’ promo – a way to work on Forex while helping people in need as required by the Quran.

The mechanism of the ‘Ramadan 2019’ promo

Since alms-giving is considered to be a crucial part of purification, FBS came up with a special system allowing people to earn more while contributing to various charitable organizations. This is the logic behind it:

  • A trader registers a ‘Ramadan’ account which brings along exclusive conditions: a 300% margin bonus and leverage of 1:200;
  • Minimum deposit amount is $100+ which is meant to be transferred from an existing FBS account;
  • Trading with special conditions lasts for the entire month, while the broker forwards the entire amount of spread and IB commission to 8 charitable organizations:
  • Orman Association
  • Tunisia Charity
  • For Human Development Foundation in Yemen
  • Malikul A’la Children’s Orphanage
  • Tambatan Hati Orphanage
  • Tulus Kasih Elderly Care
  • YATIM Malaysian Orphans Welfare Foundation
  • Asnaf Al Barakah Charity House

Thus, FBS managed to engineer a system where your donation amount rises as your profit grows. On top of that, the ‘Ramadan’ account is Sharia-friendly by default, giving Muslim clients a swap-free trading option. Trading on ‘Ramadan’ accounts starts on May 6 and stops on June 7, while registration is open from April 29.

Charity in trading

More than $450,000 was forwarded to charities over the promo’s 5-year history. Generally, FBS largely focuses on social responsibility – and that’s not just for Ramadan. For example, the broker holds a monthly ‘Dreams Come True’ promo where people share their dreams, and the most sincere and life-changing one gets fulfilled by the broker. After all, giving might be just as rewarding as earning – in case of FBS, both emotionally and economically.

FBS is an international broker with over 190 countries of presence and more than 12,000,000 clients. It is famous for regular contests and promotions as well as for its special services, such as swap-free and VPS services, cashback up to $7 per lot, and more.