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Next-Gen Financial Services Vaultbank Offers a Crypto Exchange and Liquid Asset Backed Security Token

Start-ups who managed to hold off from fundraising schedules until the latter part of 2017 or the early part of this year will certainly benefit from the increased level of interest in blockchain and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

With the cryptomarket cap having hit a record high $832.1bn in the first week of January and with cryptocurrencies seeing exponential gains through 2017, the age-old debate of how to assign the value to the market rages on.

Vaultbank is a start-up looking to address the debate head-on, something that may have been particularly useful during the bubble, with similar questions having been raised at the time on how a value can be assigned to an address or a theory that has yet to evolve into a tangible product.

The Vaultbank team believes that, by offering a stable investment product to investors unwilling to enter the Cryptocurrency market for the very reasons ascribed above, it can also significantly improve sentiment towards the cryptomarkets, while also assigning tangible value.

Described as a Global Decentralized Exchange, Vaultbank is dedicated to building Dapps and bringing securities to the Global markets on the Vaultbank Exchange, with Vaultbank Tokens yielding quarterly Ethereum dividends, whilst also being backed by secured credit assets created by an investment and portfolio management team.

The Vaultbank Exchange is going to be one of the first securities compliant platform that performs all of the mandatory steps including KYC, AML, FACTA, and Accreditation. The platform will facilitate the launch and trading of securities tokens and securities including Mutual Funds at industry low rates.

It’s certainly a convoluted process to invest in the cryptomarkets that puts off a vast number of prospective investors accustomed to trading the more mature asset classes that have particularly simple platforms in place for the everyday investor.

The Vaultbank Exchange intends to make the investment in securities tokens and utility token trading easier, faster and more cost efficient with fees significantly lower than seen in the market today.

Vaultbank is also in the development of a crypto debit card program, which intends to offer future liquidity for Vaultbank token holders, as well as continuing to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Vaultbank’s pre-sale is already underway, with the token sale scheduled to start on 17th February 2018. The token can be purchased via Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD.

The team will allocate 80% of proceeds from the ICO to the Vaultbank Fund, which is best described as a levered credit fund and will be the source of returns to be delivered from secured credit assets. 17% will be allocated for development and 3% to cover operation costs, with the team and angel investors receiving 25% of tokens, and 75% going to later stage investors.

For interested parties looking for more inflation, please refer to Vaultbank’s website.