The TruePlay Platform Was Presented at the Blockchainua Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine

The team behind TruePlay – an innovative blockchain-based platform for gambling sites, presented its platform at the BlockchainUA Conference.

TruePlay – a Silver sponsor of the BlockchainUA event – presented a functional concept of integrating blockchain technology into online gambling.

“Ours is an approach to transparency, fairness, and user experience in online gambling that is dramatically different from anything the industry has seen before,” says Oleksii Ragozin, COO of TruePlay.

TruePlay was first developed in 2017 by Oleksiy Mageramov, Stanislav Makarchuk, and Oleksii Ragozin, who sought to create a truly transparent platform that any gambling project would be able to implement.

With TruePlay, blockchain technology is integrated at every critical level of the online gambling process.

At the paygate, TruePlay’s blockchain-based transaction system allows for quick token deposits and withdrawals, without the headache of long withdrawal periods, surprise commissions and the overall uncertainty that tainted numerous gambling project’s transactional models,

At the game level, TruePlay publishes the game’s result to blockchain before the game begins, sealing the results in a tamper-proof manner, guaranteeing that a game’s results are formulated before the bets are placed on the table. Such a system creates a truly fair game environment, unaffected by the amount or quality of bets.

In terms of gambling affiliates and their relationship with the gambling operator, TruePlay is unique in that it allows for a transparent player ledger, enabling affiliates to see the number of players they brought to the project, their bets, and the commission that results from them. Before TruePlay, affiliates were entirely at the mercy of gambling operators, but with blockchain-based tech, that’s no longer the case.

TruePlay is issuing TruePlay (TPLAY) – a utility token that provides access to gambling platforms. TPLAY allows for an unprecedented level of transparency in gambling by eliminating the game’s susceptibility to manipulation from operators and ensuring the public’s trust. In 2019, TruePlay is planning to enable a blockchain gambling system that is going to have none of the limitations presented by the ETH blockchain.

The TruePlay token:

PRE-SALE: April 15 — April 30