WONO Predicts Tourists, Entrepreneurs, and Students to Become the First Everyday Crypto Users

For now, cryptocurrencies are used for short-term investments mainly, but in a couple of years, they are going to become a part of everyday people’s lives. Who will become pioneers of the new era? WONO P2P platform believes that tourists, entrepreneurs, and students will have the best chances to become trendsetters.

If you put enough effort and political will, you’re able to tokenize any kind of business. But if you wish to sell iPhones using blockchain, you need to make every Apple’s supplier and partner go blockchain. Sounds hardly achievable.

But if you wish to share something in your possession, you just need a customer with tokens. And a platform which helps you find each other and sign a smart contract, like WONO – a P2P platform that unites functions of Airbnb, Turo, Upwork and TaskRabbit on blockchain and lets users earn and spend in tokens.

“We believe that tourists, entrepreneurs, and students will build up a core audience of our project. Sharing becomes extremely popular among travelers of all kinds. Either you travel on vacation or on a business trip, you’re always interested in affordable rentals. Even if you can rent a decent room or a car from a B2C vendor, you can get a better solution for the same price using P2P, and this makes sense on a trip. Students also travel a lot. What’s more, they’re more open to something new like cryptocurrencies, and they’re often seeking for some affordable solutions” – comments WONO CEO Alex Esaulov.

WONO offers a significantly lower commission of 1-5% comparing to 10-30% commission at offchaing services. What’s more, vendors using WONO can legally avoid taxation because, in most countries, including the US and the EU, tokens are determined as non-taxable digital assets. Until your withdraw what’s earned and exchange it into fiat, you don’t pay anything. And WONO platform will offer thousands of opportunities to spend what’s earned on other users’ assets and services.

WONO users can act as vendors and customers simultaneously. It means that you can earn tokens working as a freelance designer or a personal driver, and then spend the tokens renting a flat or hiring someone to fix your computer or clean a mess in your room. Or, using a WONO trusted deal mechanism, you can start spending tokens which are yet to be earned in future. Blockchain technology and smart contracts can make that possible.

The market release of such a promising service is scheduled for the next summer. For now, WONO team is focused on the proof of concept which is going to be shown at the end of July.