Interview with Chance Du, Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures

  • How was the idea of Coefficient Ventures born?

I came to the United States in 2016 to do Venture Capital. I was exploring the opportunities in different verticals by doing Angel investing in the Silicon Valley.  The first vertical I was investing in is Artificial Intelligence. But I realize it’s not demoralized, only a few people who have the strong academic background have the opportunity to create something from the current technology, and the Capital market also dominated by the top tier VC firms and tech giants like Google or Facebook. I like things that more democratized, not only accessible to the few people. Then I started to look at blockchain space in Jan at 2017, right before of the crypto bull market. I started to invest in tokens and ICOs. I am so excited about the democratized investing opportunities that ICOs and tokens bring to the common people. It’s the first time people in every country of the world have the same opportunities as the Venture Capitalist in Valley to invest in ICOs. I believe it’s the future of investing and financial system. I think I have found the next big thing that I want to do in my next few years after I exited from my first startup in China in 2015. Then I launched Coefficient Ventures in September 2017, it’s a crypto fund investing exclusively in blockchain ecosystem globally. We want to build an influential crypto fund to accelerate the process of democratizing the old financial system and build a new world that never exists before. We have made more than 25 investments so far, including Filecoin, Raiden, Zeppelin, Thunder, Nucypher, Tari, Urbit, Tomochain etc, and the capital made more than 20X returns at the peak in less than 6 months.

  • Can you explain the common people about your product?

Coefficient Ventures is a crypto fund, which our capital is holding in crypto assets instead of USD such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, focusing on investing in blockchain vertical projects and startups. We allocate 80% of capital in tokens and ICOs and 20% of capital in equity of blockchain company worldwide. Compared with traditional VC firms, we are more demoralized and community driven, we have more than 500 community members worldwide to support us in terms of deal sourcing, due diligence, and doing post-investing service for our portfolios.

  • As the company is carrying out ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create on the money collected by the ICO?

We haven’t done ICO, so our current money is not from the ICO. But we do have future plans to launch an ICO for an experiment fund, it’s still in stealth mode. We think we should explore more deeply in the token structure and new governance of a fund. I was intrigued by the vision of democratizing the current financial system and decided to all in the blockchain. But because of regulatory issues of different countries, most of the projects canceled their public ICOs and not accepting any money from the common people. We are back where we are before, the top tier VC firms got the top deal flows and made the money, leaves almost no room for the common people. That’s not what the ICO was born to be. We have the mission that we want to all the people in the world should have the same opportunity in this new technology wave, not just people in the Silicon Valley.

I felt excited about the idea of the DAO when I first read about it. That is what the capital market should to be. People from any background and anywhere could get funding as long as the project itself is good, it shouldn’t like how it looks like today, people living in the valley maybe have larger chance to get funded because of network effects.

So we will use our experiment fund to build a more decentralized crypto fund, people from all over the world have the equal access to the top investments opportunities in the world. The biggest challenge is coming from the legal side, but we will try our best to make it work and legal compliance ready.
4, How does Coefficient Ventures different from similar services? How can your innovative service assist investors and the blockchain technology development?

Coefficient Ventures is building a decentralized fund, it will be governed by the community, also part of its returns will go back to the community, to keep move forward towards of our vision, decentralized the financial system, make it accessible to everyone.

We see lots of small and medium sizes crypto funds are rising and performed well, but they are still limited by the team or resources they have and every fund is going through the same process and problems, we want to build a new governance model and infrastructure for all those funds, everyone could use our community resource and let everybody be more convenient to work with each other.

I think we will fund more long-term and diversity projects that help move our industry forward by setting up this decentralized fund and have the chance to change the venture capital landscape.

  • How can anyone join Coefficient Ventures?

Everybody can join our community first and start to know more about our vision. Then they can start to contribute to Coefficient in their own way. Everybody has their unique talent, we think the biggest change that blockchain brings to the world is that we are reinventing what’s the future company looks like. There will be no employees, no Headquarters, no salary. Everybody is their own boss. They can choose to be rewarded whatever tokens that they are believing in and try their best make that project great and get returns. This structure will be more sustainable than the traditional organizational structure. All of us like freedom, not like a machine style living. But we have to do it step by step, the 1.0 stage still we need to combine with hiring some core members in order to move things fast.

  • Why do you need Token Sale?

We think a token sale is the most important thing in the whole blockchain revolution. We can start to build things never existed before in the world based on tokens. New organization structure, new incentive, new projects that changing the world.

The community behind the token sale is the most powerful team member in the world. It’s not just about the funds raised by the token sale, more importantly, it’s about new incentive system empowered by our tokens.

  • What are your plans after ending of the Token Sale?

Building a team, and start to implement our new governance model in a test scale and get the feedback of our community, keep iterating our governance model based on the data we get from the real practice. We want to build something that really works and have the real world use case for blockchain.  The governance we applied on our fund structure, we think it’s could benefit from other projects’  governance model building. This world is all about incentive and governance. If people get enough incentive, problems will be solved.

Interview with Ziqi Chen, Cortex Labs CEO

  • How was the idea of CortexLabs born?

The “Smart Contract idea” of Ethereum is an important supplement to the Blockchain world, but it cannot provide enough computing power to computing machine learning models, which are very common in centralized web apps.  We want to make a decentralized blockchain network for sma3rt AI contracts.  The idea was originated in 2016, but the maturity did not form until Aug.2017. The core team members have machine learning, number theory and blockchain technology background, we thought through the logic behind how this decentralized network can be built. All ideas are original and naturally developed.

  • Can you explain to common people about your product?

CortexLabs is creating an AI blockchain ecosystem. Different from the traditional blockchain platform, which can only support simple smart contracts, the Cortex Blockchain can support much more difficult smart contracts (AI models) by solving both the technical difficulties on the hardware and software level. This is done by creating a more sophisticated computing environment (Cortex Virtual Machine) to run the AI smart contracts on GPU. this overcomes the current limitation of CPU’s computational power. With a greater improvement in computational power, Cortex gives a lot more potential to smart contract. User- case wise, Cortex is building a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that enables users to upload their machine learning models to the public blockchain where other users can use the models to build and deploy decentralized applications.

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  • As the company is carrying out ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create on the money collected by the ICO? What are your plans after ending of the Token Sale?

We can answer these two questions together: We only held one private placement allocation and raised 40,000 Ethereum (ETH) in a month. We had signed strategic agreement Cryptic Labs to have Prof. Diffie serve as our academic advisor. We are hiring talents to develop the blockchain that we proposed in our whitepaper, we plan to complete testnet for mining in 2018 Q3, testnet for smart AI contracts in 2019 Q1, and main chain in 2019 Q2. We are building communities and holding meetups to promote Cortex project worldwide (Taiwan, Sochi, Moscow, Korean, New York ..etc ). Now that we have completed our only round of private placement, we are in contact with the major exchange platforms and the operation team is in progress of preparing sufficient project documents, legal and audit materials for the exchange launch in the very near future.

  • How does CortexLabs differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist the new economic and technological development?

Centralized AI services usually put people into repetitive work, most of them are lead by sales, not really by the progress of science.  While our project welcome community members who commit open-source AI models, prove the advantage of their models over others’ and earn reward from contract calls. We ensure neither AI malware nor AI malfunction can appear on our chain. The AI consensus might become a new standard of currently shattered AI industry

  • How can CortexLabs change the futures of commerce?

Open-sourced models on blockchain will nourish new startups and small businesses, we don’t fear any AI/data tycoons.  Additionally, we are keeping eyes on homomorphic topics such that data privacy and/or model privacy is feasible on CortexLabs’ Blockchain.

  • How can anyone join CortexLabs?

Our project team is currently open for hiring. Anyone can apply through our official site. Investment wise, our only round of private placement is already completed. More tokens could be rewarded by participating in our public bounty campaign (coming soon), buying them after we get on the exchange, or become a miner when our AI blockchain ecosystem come online next year (2019 Q2, as stated in the whitepaper).

  • Why do you need Token Sale?

Just like any other project in the crypto-space, unlike traditional initial public offerings, the token sale is typically used to gather fund for the project team to launch and complete the project successfully.

Interview with Markus Levin, XYO Co-Founder

  • How was the idea of XYO born? 

The introduction of Ethereum in 2013 brought about “smart contracts” which are transaction protocols that collapse payment and execution of an agreement into the same thing. However, Ethereum’s one major drawback was that smart contracts need a centralized third-party for verification, making those contracts vulnerable to hackers. Moreover, there was not a reliable method to incorporate geo-based information onto the blockchain.

To eliminate this vulnerability, XYO set about building the world’s first decentralized location verification system, starting with more than one million Bluetooth and GPS devices used by people around the world. It is blockchain’s first crypto-location oracle network.

  • Can you explain the common people about your product?

The XYO Network bridges the gap between the world of today to the “smart world” of tomorrow by merging blockchain with the physical world. Location data is a quiet cornerstone of our daily lives. Its use has increased significantly over the last decade. With a fully automated world on the horizon, the demand for it will grow exponentially.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have mostly been limited to the internet in online applications – not offline ones. The XYO Network connects blockchain to the physical world with over 1 million location-verifying beacons already in circulation. XYO Network has taken the lead in bringing the promise and benefits of blockchain technology to the real world on a massive, global scale.

  • As the company is carrying out ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create on the money collected by the ICO?

Proceeds from the XYO Token Sale will be allocated in what we deem the best way to achieve our primary vision: displacing centralized GPS. We believe the appropriate mix to make this happen is devoting our resources (which includes our funds, as well as the XYO Network ecosystem’s focus) to Smart Contract Audit, Security, and enlarging the Network to a global scale.

  • How does XYO differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist the new economic and technological development?

XYO Network built the world’s first decentralized location verification system with more than one million Bluetooth and GPS devices already around the world. After years of investment and breakthroughs in crypto-location technology, XYO is poised to help bring the promise and the benefits of blockchain technology to the real world on a massive and global scale in location-reliant trade markets that generate trillions of dollars in activity.

This can have a profound impact on businesses that rely on the delivery of goods and services requiring proof of location documentation, including online transaction enterprises such as Amazon.  It also brings added value for a multitude of industries ranging from airline baggage handling, medical facility equipment tracking, cargo holds inventory verification, package theft detection, car rental key tracking, school arrival notification and countless more.

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  • How can XYO change the Location Data services?

As all forms of commerce become more reliant on location data, smart cities and companies of the future will increase their dependence on that data exponentially. However, one of the biggest challenges is finding a more efficient and foolproof way to deliver trustworthy location data. XYO Network has focused efforts on making trustless location data possible through an ecosystem of crypto-location technologies and protocols.

The TruePlay Platform Was Presented at the Blockchainua Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine

The team behind TruePlay – an innovative blockchain-based platform for gambling sites, presented its platform at the BlockchainUA Conference.

TruePlay – a Silver sponsor of the BlockchainUA event – presented a functional concept of integrating blockchain technology into online gambling.

“Ours is an approach to transparency, fairness, and user experience in online gambling that is dramatically different from anything the industry has seen before,” says Oleksii Ragozin, COO of TruePlay.

TruePlay was first developed in 2017 by Oleksiy Mageramov, Stanislav Makarchuk, and Oleksii Ragozin, who sought to create a truly transparent platform that any gambling project would be able to implement.

With TruePlay, blockchain technology is integrated at every critical level of the online gambling process.

At the paygate, TruePlay’s blockchain-based transaction system allows for quick token deposits and withdrawals, without the headache of long withdrawal periods, surprise commissions and the overall uncertainty that tainted numerous gambling project’s transactional models,

At the game level, TruePlay publishes the game’s result to blockchain before the game begins, sealing the results in a tamper-proof manner, guaranteeing that a game’s results are formulated before the bets are placed on the table. Such a system creates a truly fair game environment, unaffected by the amount or quality of bets.

In terms of gambling affiliates and their relationship with the gambling operator, TruePlay is unique in that it allows for a transparent player ledger, enabling affiliates to see the number of players they brought to the project, their bets, and the commission that results from them. Before TruePlay, affiliates were entirely at the mercy of gambling operators, but with blockchain-based tech, that’s no longer the case.

TruePlay is issuing TruePlay (TPLAY) – a utility token that provides access to gambling platforms. TPLAY allows for an unprecedented level of transparency in gambling by eliminating the game’s susceptibility to manipulation from operators and ensuring the public’s trust. In 2019, TruePlay is planning to enable a blockchain gambling system that is going to have none of the limitations presented by the ETH blockchain.

The TruePlay token:

PRE-SALE: April 15 — April 30


Fair Gaming is the Future: TruePlay Sets a New Transparency Standard for the Gambling Industry

TruePlay Pre-SALE starts on April 15th. TruePlay is a unique gambling platform based on blockchain technology. Its developers presented software designed for creating and supporting gambling apps, with an innovative take on transparency and the functional abilities of online games.

TruePlay is based on its own token – the WinCoin – and its original system of smart contracts which provide security, transparency and guarantee a fair game. Its system eliminates many risks associated with gambling, especially those that concern algorithms designed to produce unfair gaming results. Such a system is by definition more trusted by players and as a result, draws significant interest towards the platform.

The team behind aren’t just blockchain pros, they are longtime veterans of the gambling community, who have over decade’s worth of experience each. Their experience in running European gambling projects, coupled with their knowledge of the blockchain industry, has enabled the creation of an innovative product suited to meet and exceed the industry’s needs.

The advantages of the new system have already been praised by the project’s partners, including major market players, such as Gamingtec, Pokerdom, and Spinomenal. TruePlay’s token sale isn’t based on an idea but on a fully functioning, available product: Utilizing their extensive expertise in online gambling, and the funds attracted during the token sale, the team is going to continue developing the product.

Transactions inside the system

All transactions between the system’s members are done in its internal currency – the WinCoin (WNC). It’s the only currency in use on websites based on the TruePlay platform. Partner authorization is done through an account in a single bank (WinCoin Wallet). There’s no need to go through KYC in each project, all that’s needed is a single authorization in the wallet itself. Due to the introduction of a single currency, the players and affiliates can monitor all transactions on the website, which is also responsible for automatic withdrawals and authorizations.

The advantages of buying WinCoin

TruePlay Tokens are an excellent opportunity to earn a profit on one of the fastest growing industries today. By now, it’s already clear that a large part of cryptocurrencies potential lies within the gambling industry – an industry that’s perfect for a transparent, blockchain-based transaction system. The online gambling market displays steady growth. At this moment the market is valued at $500b., and it’s expected to grow to $1t. by 2021.

Security and transparency opportunities

The ETH-based smart-contract system provides full transparency and protects from any break-in attempts. The project includes games from Spinomenal.

Token sale parameters: 70 million tokens are going to be issued. During pre-sale, the TruePlay platform expects to attract approximately 11.34 Ethereum (ETH) through the sale of 13.5 million WNC, with another 31.5 ETH on the way through the sale of 28.5 million WNC at the token sale itself.

You can find out more about TruePlay at:

Play Games, Challenge Friends and Earn Bitcoins Online with IQeon Gaming Ecosystem

IQeonPvP platform provides facilitated ways to monetize in-game achievements thus giving a chance to 97% of players who were not provided with such an option before. Since January 30, 2018, IQeon is running the main token offer, which closes on March 13, 2018. Right now, the IQeon startup is entering its final Fifth Stage of the ICO that lasts for two weeks and gives the early contributors the bonus of 5%. It means that by purchasing any amount of IQN, the ICO participants get additional 5% of the platform tokens.

Why supporting IQeon gaming platform could be profitable?

One of the main currency to be accepted is BTC. Did you know that by purchasing IQeon currency Bitcoin holders could earn? One of the options provided by IQeon gaming ecosystem is the opportunity to place bets. This could be betting on the results of games online or making motivational bets. For example, one platform user could challenge others, familiar or random ones. The sum put into the bet makes the prize fund that is eventually taken by the winner. The system of bet placement is based on the Smart Contracts Technology. All the betting conditions are automatically written and stored on the network and the payout is guaranteed.

IQeon is actively looking forward to making connections with game development companies and negotiating about placing their products on the platform. IQeon has 27 active partners.

As soon the ICO ends, IQeon cryptocurrency will be enlisted on GetBTC, YoBit, Bankera and Etherdelta exchanges. The team has bright expectations about the ICO because due to the active financial involvement during the pre-ICO, the startup managed to close it ahead of time. Among the biggest IQeontoken holders is ABA Marketing Group, the venture fund holding the assets of around $100M.

In addition to various benefits provided by the IQeon gaming platform, it’s important to mention that it’s an already working product hosting IQClash – a fully-functioning app. IQClash is an intellectual game based on various logical quizzes. IQClash could be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

Since March 2018, IQeon has a new adviser – Jason Hung. He is a successful entrepreneur who managed to introduce several significant inventions into the mobile business. Jason and his team patented 9 unique technologies that are nowadays used by 2000+ mobile apps. He has excessive skills in digital marketing promotion, AI implementation, ERP related business, and, of course, Blockchain. Jason has become a co-founder of three companies: Treascovery, Chidopi, and TimeBox. In addition, Mr. Hung has helped to nourish and brought to maturity more than 15 ICOs, including BitRewards, BlockLancer, Datarius, ICONIC, AIDA, EZPOS, Suchapp, USAT, and SafeCrypt.

To get more details about the platform, its functionality, benefits, and perspectives, visit the official website.

Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn,
Estonia, Harjumaakond,

Solid Rocket Booster Ignition And Liftoff Of The Datarius!

Already today, on March 5, 2018, at 12:12 UTC, the main ITO round of the Datarius project – the first social p2p crypto bank, starts. Users, natural and legal persons from all over the world, will be able to interact directly with each other, thereby avoiding the middlemen and paying only a minimal fee to the platform, at their discretion, based on the additional services selected. The final public round will also determine the total number of tokens in the Datarius ecosystem.

Datarius is:

  • Pay what you want;
  • Three categories of P2P Lending Listings with different risk levels;
  • Minimum system fees in accordance with the AI-based transaction risk levels;
  • The possibility of creating your own microcredit account;
  • The possibility of making lending fully automated due to the Trust Limits and a unique rule designer;
  • Your own rules for accepting loans automatically;
  • Credit cards under P2P lending;
  • Use of the international instant transfer systems;
  • Analysts, risk managers, combined credit rating based on BIGData and partner services;
  • Pools of lenders and borrowers automatically adjusted under AI-based criteria;
  • Complete freedom, reliability, and openness. At everything.

As well as:

  • The strongest team with more than 15 years of banking experience;
  • TOP blockchain advisers;
  • Successfully completed presale x4 over SoftCap;
  • Recognition at the conferences worldwide from Singapore to San Francisco;
  • Agreement with a major banking applications developer;
  • License application filed long before the presale.

Why participate in ITO?

  • DTRC token is a unique key and the only tool to access all the benefits of the Cryptobank; The tokens are based on the Ethereum platform.
  • The emission of tokens will end together with the round;
  • Fintech segment of p2p microlending demonstrates annually almost a 30.5% growth in developing countries;
  • Participation in the final round is the last chance to become an active user of the bank of the future and start earning money with the project.

What to do?

  • Visit the Datarius official website and register as a participant at
  • Hurry up to catch a 30% bonus in the first 6 hours of the round.
  • Participate in the project’s Referral Program and share your vision and information with friends to get an additional 5% bonus.

Are you sick of opacity, greed, and banality of the classical financial systems? Do you aspire to freedom of choice and financial products as a Pay what you want service? Do you believe in the future of decentralization and blockchain technology? Do you want to make money with your bank? Datarius is your social p2p crypto bank.

On March 5, 12:12 UTC at demonstrate by your participation that the old banking system is dying.

Any contribution is of high value.

3..2..1..0 solid rocket booster ignition and liftoff of the Datarius!

#Cryptorize! Announces the Launch of the Largest ICOs Directory & Rating Platforms Group network consists of 54 ICO directory platforms and over 1,000 social media pages and groups spread on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, StumbleUpon, and Google+.

ICOBay services provide prominent and immediate exposure for ICOs, blockchain companies, and marketing agencies on the web and social media platforms.

Mission and vision

The ICOBay team believes that the blockchain technology will change the world we live in. For this reason, the team has created a group of directory platforms to highlight projects with high potential.

Their custom rating system helps investors to lower the risks for potential investments in ICOs by providing extensive information about the ICO, the team and the product behind it.

ICOBay directories & network help:

  • ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings) to effectively promote their projects on the web and on social media channels.
  • Marketing agencies, blockchain companies, and ICOs to distribute their Press Releases on the web and to over 1,000 social media pages & groups.
  • Traders/Investors to get an independent 3rd party opinion about a specific ICO through our thorough rating system.

Industry Problems

Facebook has updated its advertising policy, announcing in a blog post-Tuesday, Jan. 30 that it prohibits ads of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

What if Google and other social media giants decide to stop serving ads as well?

The market & the problem:

As of today( 1 March 2018), the cryptocurrency market is almost $450 billion based on the reputable website. Based on various researches and statistics over $4 billion was invested in ICOs in 2017 alone.

The solution

ICOs listing and immediate distribution to 50 websites and over 1,000 social media accounts/groups/pages to create permanent backlinks and social media signals increasing the organic traffic to a crowdsale website.

The ICOBay founders believe that the blockchain technology will change the world we live in. For this reason, we created our group of platforms to highlight projects with high potential.

The ICOBay founder’s statement about the cryptocurrencies market in 2018:

In 2018 the market continues to grow exponentially and ICOs will continue to raise more and more. We want to help ICOs to effectively promote their high quality projects and raise more funds in order to be able to transform the world we live in.

Introduction of new services in 2018 & 2019:

  • ICO token & smart contract creation.
  • Full ICO support(crowdsale website, video production, token setup & smart contract creation, marketing, campaigns & social media management).
  • The ICOBay group of platforms’ services will be added to the Ecosystem becoming part of the Webcoin project vision and plan for the global development of the digital marketing and advertising services.

Blockchain-powered Ad Exchange AdEx Releases Beta, Meeting its Next Milestone

Advertising exchange platform AdEx has released its beta on February 26th. Among other improvements, the release offers accessible UI for publishers to list their ad inventory on the platform and advertisers to bid for the listed ad slots and submit their ads.

The platform’s core is an Ethereum-based advertising marketplace that has already been tested out in the real sector. Earlier the project has reached a partnership with the global travel media provider Ink and conducted world’s first blockchain-driven ad auction, selling 1 million advertising spaces onboarding tickets.

Fortunately enough, the project has chosen simplicity and accessibility over the bells and whistles offered by a number of projects attempting to get in the niche of blockchain-driven advertising. The team has also developed its second generation of smart contracts, allowing bids to persist as off-chain signed messages until accepted. Such an improvement alone will provide greater scalability potential, which is additionally reinforced by specific smart contract architecture compatible with second-layer scaling solutions. The official release announcement states that the new approach also opens up wider integration opportunities, mentioning Metamask and hardware wallets Trezor and Ledger.

It should be mentioned that AdEx beta was expected to be released ahead of schedule in October 2017, but the company has opted for building a yet better product and reverted to the initial schedule. Considering that typically projects try to please the audience rushing undercooked products to the market, this wasn’t, in fact, an unwise decision. As the company itself puts it in its blog post:

“At that point, we made the decision to stick to our original release date for the benefit of a superior decentralized app. We knew that a part of our community would be disappointed but our choices have always been directed by scalability, efficiency and user experience.” — AdEx Blog.

Yet, the steps are taken, in turn, let the team spice up the beta release with the improvements not meant to be anticipated before 2019 with the AdEx V.2. Therefore, the project is still well on its course, optimizing the whole year-long development stretch. It’s safe to say that shortly advertisers and publishers will be able to figure out for themselves if the tradeoff was worth it. In this regard, the team has expressed commitment to respond to users’ feedback and tweak the product accordingly.

Earlier in mid-2017 AdEx has successfully distributed 40,008 ETH worth of tokens, showing surprisingly steady price dynamics. The project also has a significant list of partnerships within blockchain industry and beyond, including the aforementioned Ink, NEO, Wings platform, Fintech Blockchain Group, Snip, AdHive, and others. As for the future plans, the project aims to further explore scaling options, add more ad types, such as video and interactive ads, and work on its SDK for mobile platforms.

Hero Token Swoops in Over $30 Million In Just 12 Hours of Launch

The total contributions Hero Token has received at the time of writing is 36,399 Ethereum, 38 Bitcoin, 1420 Ethereum Classic, 218,000 Ripple, and other amounts of Litecoin and Waves.

When looking at the USD value, it is currently at $ 33,376,556 — visibly lower than what it was days ago but this is bound to jump up to over $40 million once Ethereum climbs back up to $1100.

Meanwhile, the current prices provide a great opportunity for those who either want to buy more HERO tokens or who have not bought HERO tokens yet. You have until February 28. Create an account at to buy HERO tokens. Keep in mind that tokens are issued only at the end of the sale period.

Hero also announced their partnership with Japanese cryptocurrency exchange QRYPTOS just days before the launch of the token sale. This news was welcomed greatly by early investors and those who just bought in or were planning to since it solidifies the liquidity of the token. It’s also an impressive move on the Hero Token team since most ICOs announce their coin listing days or weeks after they complete the funding stages.

While cryptocurrency experts and social media evangelists have been singing to the tune of 2018 is the biggest year for ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general, the market has seen some very strong bearish movement the first two months of the year. Many, however, remain bullish on the future of digital currency amidst strong regulatory forces taking action all over the world. Through the launching of solid new projects such as Hero Token, the chances are high that the market is on an upward trend from here on.

For more information on how to join the Hero Token ICO, visit the website and read through the whitepaper. There is also a strong community on Telegram of over 6000 members which you can join to talk directly with the developers and other investors.

Interview with John Nahas, Vaultbank Director of Investor Relations and Business Development

  • How was the idea of Vaultbank born?

Vaultbank was formed by Austin Trombley and Christopher Cummock in San Francisco, CA. Austin comes from a data engineering and finance background and Christopher has extensive experience in investment management and hedge funds. They both were avid followers of the cryptocurrency market and had been actively involved in the space and began to notice some key missing elements. Having seen gaps in the market and a need to bridge traditional finance and its tools with the crypto market they formed Vaultbank to be a next-generation suite of financial services to serve customers of the crypto and traditional finance markets.

Having come from finance and traditional banking they noticed that exchanges and many ICOs were lacking basic functionality, customer service, and usability that trading platforms such as Bloomberg, E-Trade, and interactive brokers were providing. The market was lacking a bridge between traditional finance and the crypto market an. In addition, many people in traditional finance were cautious of cryptocurrencies since they were “not backed by anything.”

Vaultbank was formed out of a need to fill those gaps, to provide customers were a trading platform that was easy to use and could serve both utility and security tokens. The ability to tokenize securities can increase liquidity and drive down costs compared to traditional private placements, having a place to onboard such securities and trade them with real-time information while integrating KYC, AML and FATCA would be a huge step in the right direction. By creating such a platform, and by backing the Vaultbank (VB) token with real credit assets the two biggest issues they saw were solved. Backing the VB token with credit assets, cherry-picked for their top performance by our partner organization Random Forest Capital’s Machine Learning and AI algorithm would yield steady returns and pay out a dividend to token holders, creating a stable token.

  • Can you explain your product to common people?

Common people are familiar with their traditional financial institution, and they may have some exposure to the cryptocurrency market. What we have sought to do is to bridge the two industries by providing a suite of financial services. First, we will have one of the first security token exchanges with utility token access. On our exchange, you will be able to buy traditional cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others as well as security tokens with the same ease and ability as you would use a traditional trading platform like E-Trade and Interactive Brokers. We will have up to date information, tax and regulatory compliance built into the system for ease and accessibility to your information and documentation. In addition, our tokens will be backed by real credit assets. That means that the Vaultbank (VB) token will be backed by underlying real credit assets – cars, homes, equipment and other credit assets- which give our token value and generates a quarterly yield. The yield from credit assets and the revenue generated by our fund will be paid back out to our token holders in the form of quarterly dividends- and it is our goal to outperform bonds and savings account returns.

  • As the company is carrying out its ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create with the money collected by the ICO?

Compared to many other ICO’s which raise funds and then go out and create a company, Vaultbank is ready to conduct business the first day the token sale closes with all three business lines far along or ready to launch right away. Our Exchange is nearly 70% built out and we already have a beta version that we are having tested out by a select group. We also are in active negotiations with debit card partners. And finally, our investment vehicle and fund are on standby and ready to receive capital and begin to generate returns on our token holder’s investments. We believe we are ahead of the game in regard to other ICOs and on the legal end, we have already spent a great deal of capital and time to be a fully functioning and SEC compliant entity ready to begin generating revenue on day one after our token sale ends.

  • How does Vaultbank differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist the new economic development and change the current payment system?

Whereas most exchanges offer utility tokens (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc) we will also be exchanging security tokens. Our exchange will have built-in KYC, AML, and FATCA integration and provide our users with up to date news and information on the markets and the tokens they are exchanging with full legal and tax compliance features built in. We also believe there are a lot of utility tokens masquerading as security tokens and that the SEC and other regulatory bodies will crack down, and have already begun, to shut these offerings down. Our token is registered as a security token and will seek to pay out a quarterly dividend and be a stable token without the volatile nature of other tokens on the market. Our Vaultbank wallet, and pending debit card program, will allow users to easily use crypto and fiat currencies interchangeably by selecting their preferred method of tender on our wallet. A major issue with card processors is their reticence to being exposed to the volatility of crypto. The Vaultbank wallet will be integrated into the Vaultbank Exchange and we will spot sell crypto assets in order to allow our users to pay with crypto- in doing so the card company never sees or interacts with the crypto.

  • How can anyone join Vaultbank?

We urge interested individuals to go to our website and get acquainted with our team, our board our product, and our value proposition. If it of interest to them and they would like to invest, they can click on the “INVEST NOW” button on our homepage and follow the investment procedure. Our partners are Crown engine have built our a platform to allow anyone to invest, assuming they pass KYC, AML, and accreditation requirements (where applicable) and invest using BTC and ETH.

  • Why do you need a Token Sale?

We believe that a token sale opens the traditional investment process to everyday individuals (assuming they pass our investor verification criteria). Whereas investing in a private offering or a hedge fund often comes with a certain lock-up period, a token sale allows for increased liquidity and an easier method for the crypto enthusiast and investor to join our company.

  • What are your plans after the Token Sale ends?

As previously mentioned, we are ready to conduct business and begin generating revenue on day one after the token sale ends. We will allow a certain percentage of our funds raised to the Vaultbank fund and begin purchasing high performing real credit assets. In addition, we will continue to finalize the Vaultbank Exchange and hope to launch in late February and onboard clients interested in trading utility and security tokens. We will begin to list additional security tokens and then work to tokenize the securities industry making it easier to offer private placements and give access to investing in a broader segment of the population.

Vaultbank’s pre-sale is already underway, with the token sale scheduled to start on 17th February 2018. The tokens can be purchased via Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD. 

IQeon ICO Picks Up Steam, Not Much Time Left to Invest

IQeon is a revolutionary decentralized PvP platform providing easy ways for gamers to monetize their in-game achievements. The startup is also stuffed with open SDK facilitating the development of the games hosted on the IQeon platform. Open API and smart contracts technology revolutionize the world of online betting. Bets placed on IQeon could be on the results of competitions run on the platform or any other game existing on the Internet.

IQeon is an already working product and one of the first games to be placed there is IQClash Lite. The game is based on the Blockchain technology and covers sessions of intellectual mini-quests where the players compete with each other.

Investment specialists and Blockchain professionals rate the startup quite high. ICORating gave the project low-risk investment score. ICOBazaar and ICOBench rated the project 4.5 out of 5 and ICORanker — 78 out of 100.

Not only rating platforms notice the high quality of the platform technical side and the robust business goals set by the management team but also various business insiders and investors at the conferences the IQeon team frequently visits.

Among the recent conferences and Blockchain forums visited by the project, representatives are London Blockchain Week 2018, Blockchain Conference in Thai, World Blockchain Summit, etc. As the result of active participation, YouTube bloggers and British Cryptonews channels conducted interviews where IQeon benefits and the plans for the future are highlighted. The platform also obtained new partners that are eager to place their apps and games in the IQeon ecosystem.

January 30, 2018, the main tokens offer started and it lasts until March 13, 2018. The Token Sale will be based on the Ethereum platform and IQeon tokens can be purchased via Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

The schedule of bonuses introduced differs depending on what week of ICO you would like to invest in IQeon startup. It means that if you make up your mind to buy IQN earlier, the bonus is bigger.

Don’t miss your chance and become one of IQeon early investors. To get more details, please, visit IQeon official website.

Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn,
Estonia, Harju maakond,

e-Chat can conduct Ethereum Hardfork after the ICO

Hardforks in the Bitcoin system do not surprise anyone anymore, but the Ethereum fork, carried out simultaneously with the ICO conducted by the e-Chat team is really something revolutionary for the entire crypto-community.

The thing is that the project has long outgrown the limits of the usual blockchain-based messenger and transformed into an interesting, self-developing start-up.

  • The e-Chat team decided to transform the messenger into a multi-functional platform where any participant or business can create their applications based on the e-Chat platform, as well as create their own tokens to pay for services provided both inside the application and outside it. A wide range of services will be available, from a taxi to a babysitter in the neighborhood. Similar functionality exists in the WeChat application, but the degree of protection in it leaves much to be desired, and all payments are possible only in fiat currency. At the moment, the only competitor to the e-Chat project may be Telegram, which launches the ICO in March 2018, but it will happen only in March, and the guys are conducting ICO already now.Ethereum – e-Chat fork, can be held in early March. Making such an uncompromising step, the team of e-Chat mobile blockchain platform has 3 goals:
  • Improvement of the Ethereum network;
  • An additional benefit for investors;
  • Instant attraction of a large number of new users and developers to the platform.

Why is it profitable for investors?

The situation is not standard since the futures trading of the ECHT coin will soon be launched on some crypto-exchanges, which will provide a benchmark for traders. All issues of converting ERC-20 tokens into fork coins will be determined by voting for investors.

The approach of the team that appeared on the ICO with an already running application is indicative, which is gaining in popularity both among ordinary users and popular bloggers, such as: Xenia Sobchak (presidential candidate in Russia in 2018), Jay Alvarrez (an extremely popular Travel blogger, 6 mln subscribers), Victoria Lopyreva (Ambassador Of FIFA WC 2018) and many others.

At the moment, e-Chat has launched a vote among investors in order to determine the further development path of the project, the team will change the concept in case if the majority of investors vote for the fork.

All details can be found on the official website and in the social networks of the project.

Unit 25A,

Wing Hing Commercial Building,

139 Wing Lok Street,

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

+8 (528) 009-06441 – Hong Kong

For interested parties looking for more inflation, please refer to e-Chat’s website.

Next-Gen Financial Services Vaultbank Offers a Crypto Exchange and Liquid Asset Backed Security Token

Start-ups who managed to hold off from fundraising schedules until the latter part of 2017 or the early part of this year will certainly benefit from the increased level of interest in blockchain and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

With the cryptomarket cap having hit a record high $832.1bn in the first week of January and with cryptocurrencies seeing exponential gains through 2017, the age-old debate of how to assign the value to the market rages on.

Vaultbank is a start-up looking to address the debate head-on, something that may have been particularly useful during the bubble, with similar questions having been raised at the time on how a value can be assigned to an address or a theory that has yet to evolve into a tangible product.

The Vaultbank team believes that, by offering a stable investment product to investors unwilling to enter the Cryptocurrency market for the very reasons ascribed above, it can also significantly improve sentiment towards the cryptomarkets, while also assigning tangible value.

Described as a Global Decentralized Exchange, Vaultbank is dedicated to building Dapps and bringing securities to the Global markets on the Vaultbank Exchange, with Vaultbank Tokens yielding quarterly Ethereum dividends, whilst also being backed by secured credit assets created by an investment and portfolio management team.

The Vaultbank Exchange is going to be one of the first securities compliant platform that performs all of the mandatory steps including KYC, AML, FACTA, and Accreditation. The platform will facilitate the launch and trading of securities tokens and securities including Mutual Funds at industry low rates.

It’s certainly a convoluted process to invest in the cryptomarkets that puts off a vast number of prospective investors accustomed to trading the more mature asset classes that have particularly simple platforms in place for the everyday investor.

The Vaultbank Exchange intends to make the investment in securities tokens and utility token trading easier, faster and more cost efficient with fees significantly lower than seen in the market today.

Vaultbank is also in the development of a crypto debit card program, which intends to offer future liquidity for Vaultbank token holders, as well as continuing to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Vaultbank’s pre-sale is already underway, with the token sale scheduled to start on 17th February 2018. The token can be purchased via Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD.

The team will allocate 80% of proceeds from the ICO to the Vaultbank Fund, which is best described as a levered credit fund and will be the source of returns to be delivered from secured credit assets. 17% will be allocated for development and 3% to cover operation costs, with the team and angel investors receiving 25% of tokens, and 75% going to later stage investors.

For interested parties looking for more inflation, please refer to Vaultbank’s website.

South Korea Restrictions Increase on Cryptocurrencies Traders

South Korea has continued to crack down on cryptocurrencies exchanges and traders today.

South Korea Ending Anonymous Crypto Trading, More Taxes Coming

South Korea announced early this morning, it intends on putting an end to an anonymous trading of cryptocurrency as much as possible in order to crackdown on ‘money laundering’. The policy will take effect on January 30th, and make traders in South Korea – in theory – connect their cryptocurrency exchanges to their bank accounts. South Korea is also considering increased taxes against cryptocurrency traders.

Will Speculators Buy on the Widespread Dips, Bitcoin Stumbles Early

Bitcoin has stumbled early this morning. On Monday, the cryptocurrency met strong resistance around 11,500 U.S Dollars and began to erode in value. Bitcoin is near the 10,000 juncture. However, trading has not been as violent as last week’s massive movements. Traders need to keep their eyes on support levels of 9,300 U.S Dollars and resistance around 12,500. Speculators should be watched carefully to see if they buy on the widespread dips which have occurred the past day.

BTC/USD 4H Chart
BTC/USD 4H Chart

Ernest & Young Issues an ICO Hacking Report

A report from the accounting company of Ernest & Young, claims that nearly 400 million U.S Dollars have been stolen by hackers against 372 Initial Coin Offerings the past two years. The report validates warnings from regulators, like the Security Exchange Commission in the U.S, for ‘extreme caution’ when considering an investment in an ICO.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Event

Ron Resnick will be hosting an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance event in Davos today. Resnick was recently named as Executive Director of EEA.

  • 23rd, Switzerland, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Event in Davos

Yaron Mazor is a senior analyst at SuperTraderTV.

SuperTraderTV Academy is a leader in investing and stock trading education. Sign up for a class today to learn proven strategies on how to trade smarter.

BANKEX: “We will Become a safe haven for crypto-investors”

  • We’ve heard a lot about BANKEX since you often speak at conferences. The company has successfully completed the token sale. What do you already have and what do you plan to build with the attracted funds?

In general, business owners in a certain industry, such as metallurgy or car manufacturing often suffer from cash shortage or lack of liquidity. Meanwhile, they are sitting on assets. To free up the money and get floating capital, we invite them to buy our tokens. Tokenization of assets will subsequently allow these companies to use our service. And many people buy a significant number of tokens.

So, how does it work? Our processors are similar to the securitization of a real banking menu. Most importantly, our know-how is not the blockchain itself, but an off-chain, which combines blockchain with other technologies. We create a process that transfers reliable and verified data to the blockchain.

Our approach is unique in particular cases: we investigate what exactly can be used to collect data about an asset. For example, machine learning technology that collects data from sensors. The goal is to eliminate human factors and possible frauds. Do not expect the mine owner will honestly tell how much coal is being extracted, because he is interested in numbers, a lot of things depend on them. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain these data from sensors installed on trolleys and automatically read how much coal is mined every day. Another example is data collection by a third-party company that installed its software, which you can trust. The third example is to use the data of a foreign company that is also working on this mine, as well as many others around the world, without the participation of the mine owner. This player can be trusted because the company values its brand.

We provide money to ensure the cash flow of the mine regardless of who owns it. If the ownership of the mine is transferred, all the cash flows or debts will fall upon us. This tool is the tokenization of assets, and we are willing to use it.

We are like Goldman Sachs on the blockchain. As platform owners, we will profit from each transaction.

Our first partner is the Hollywood producer Christopher Woodrow. We are building a joint Moviecoin platform, which will be used to finance movies. This fundraising site is for movies that are used to be produced by Hollywood studios that have tens of millions dollar budget.

Moviecoin will be presented in May 2018 at the Cannes Film Festival. I’ve already been invited to the red carpet. There are a number of well-known producers and directors supporting this platform, which will raise 100 million dollars for its development and initial investment in movies. Then it will raise billions – simply because every year the Hollywood film industry attracts 5 billion dollars. The platform will allow you to create a standard on which investors can invest in blockbusters with minimal losses. It is well known that now the studios operate in a way that causes all the newcomers in Hollywood to lose money. Our goal is to reduce investment risks for newcomers in Hollywood through Moviecoin tokens.

  • What role does BANKEX play in building this film production platform?

Moviecoin platform will use BANKEX tokens in the same way as smart contracts on Ethereum use “gas”. This means that 10% of the commission collected on this platform will be for purchasing BANKEX tokens. Thus, all owners of BANKEX tokens will get buyers from this platform.

Moviecoin is only the first platform we build. In the future, there will be about ten. The next platform, which we think will be designed to fund musicals in Hollywood. Then, a mortgage securitization platform will be launched. In this plan, we also consider the prospect of the secondary market for private shares. In all the areas I just mentioned, we already have clients.

We build a range of these assets. Our goal is to provide each asset with liquidity. The ultimate liquidity lies in the exchange. On our platform, we will build a bridge connecting capitals from the stock exchange with blockchain instruments. A tool like the one used for securitization will be created. That means a SPV will be made. Maybe there will be a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), which will be listed on the stock exchange and provided with tokens generated on the basis of our protocol, in particular through Moviecoin.

  • And which stock exchanges are you considering?

NYSE, New York – I intend to make the company global immediately. I invited to advisors experts who created SPAC 20 years ago. SPAC allows, for example, taking 3 million dollars to raise 50 million in the private market for acquisitions and further development. We give a year to purchase purposes. After the acquisition, the company will become public – i.e. listed on the NYSE.

This is a specially designed artificial method that gives an opportunity to people who have many years of experience in the industry, using small financial means, to immediately gain market confidence and capitals to purchase companies. So you can more effectively manage existing private companies by making them public. We and our advisers will establish a mechanism for creating blockchain assets on the capital markets.

  • Your token costs about 500/ETH. How did you set this price?

We have an understanding of how many tokens we need and what kind of capitalization is needed. We split this capitalization by the number of tokens and chose the unit of measurement. We proceeded based on our understanding of the market price: as a rule, when issuing the tokens, there are several tens of cents, and we tried to set prices in the same area. When we launched, Ether was much cheaper than now – the exchange rate was about $ 200/ETH. And then it was about 55 cents for 1 token. After the token sale, the price is depending on exchanges.

  • How many tokens do you release?

We have 400 million tokens. 220 million goes on sale – it’s 55%. Among this 220 million, 80 million – for retail token sale and 140 million is for institutional buyers. This means that our platform is aimed primarily at institutions, which will use our tokens to tokenize their assets and their clients’ assets.

Small buyers can also use their tokens to tokenize their assets. It’s not necessary to create different protocols for different platforms, they can use the existing tools for their assets.

Among the existing tools, there is a basic contract for asset tokenization, a contract for hedging the cost of Ether. In the near future, there will be quite a lot of derivative contracts.

The difference between institutional tokens and retail ones lies in the fact that institutional ones cannot be resold within a year. They can only be used for their intended purpose, namely: as a “gas” for asset tokenization. The minimum contribution is one thousand ETH. Thus, these tokens will be bought by institutional clients, who need the tokens for future work. Someone can buy them for the purpose of resale, but the person has to wait for a year to do that.

  • Does the value of your tokens depend on the price of Ether?

They are correlated with Ether. In fact, this means that if the price of Ether increases, then our tokens also grow in fiat. If it declines, our tokens in fiat also decline. But this is only during the time when the tokens are released. We will continue our own path, the value of our tokens will depend on capital inflows and real assets on which our platform is based. In this regard, the price of the token will depend on the turnover of those platforms, rather than the price of Ether.

  • For example, if there is an exposure on one of the mines owned by your clients, is the value of your tokens going to drop?

We benefit from providing tools to people and businesses. Our profit comes from helping them to get funding, not their products or how they operate.

  • Does it mean if the movie tanks at the box office, you are not affected?

This can reduce the demand and credibility of the protocol. However, in the moment we profit from the fundraising committee, the film, having raised money on the Moviecoin platform, will have to pay an average 4-6% for the token releasing. This is the average commission in the market where funds are raised from bankers. But it is lower than the cost most companies have to pay for launching their own token sale.

BANKEX will become a safe haven for crypto-investors because our revenues and our supply of demand will be based on the real sector. This is similar to the principle of gold reserves. Perhaps, crypto-funds will even keep portfolios from us, because we diversify the risks.

Interview with Tomasz Tybon, Repux Chief Growth Officer

  • How was the idea of Repux born?

Over the years, we’ve experienced that SMBs struggle with so many things that it’s impossible for them to benefit from the big data revolution. Data-driven decisions are the foundation for solid business development. It’s so much easier for businesses to grow with a data-driven approach, we are helping small businesses take the leap to grow.

  • Can you explain the common people about your product?

With RepuX you can sell your data to (subject matter experts) data scientist, developers, experts – that’s just the beginning. What is interesting happens afterward when data scientist, developers utilize this data to develop and train machine learning algorithms for AI driven decentralized applications. Then you can buy those apps for actionable insights on how to grow your business by deciding to cut costs and spend on profit-generating activities.

  • As the company is carrying out ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create on the money collected by the ICO?

We have a working prototype where you can understand the flow of our blockchain based marketplace. We would be working on a decentralized multi-signature storage system where SMBs would be able to upload their data securely and also allow the data to be consumed in a real-time format by developers. We would also work on integrating with legacy systems for SMBs to upload data.

  • How does Repux differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist the new economic development?

First of all, we have a live platform which is quite unique in this space. Secondly, we have a more holistic approach as to what kind of data can be utilized on RepuX Platform where other platforms are focused on specific data usage patterns or specific data type.

  • How can Repux change SMB’s big data problem?

We are bridging the gap between sophisticated methods of improving business growth and lack of expertise by small and medium business

  • Why do you need Token Sale?

To fully develop the marketplace as there are far more opportunities than those which we’ve done till date. To educate the audience which is challenging as SMBs are in millions all over the world and they are highly fragmented.

  • What are your plans after ending of Token Sale?

That is where work actually begins! After token sale will end we will get back to the product and start reaching out to the target audience.

Our token sale starts on 6th March 2018, with Repux tokens can be purchased via Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) or wire transfer.

JoyToken will Launch its Token Generation Event on February 27

JoyToken is delivering an Ethereum-backed platform and protocol for online gambling that incorporates smart contract capabilities to reward players, developers, and the gaming operators.

JoyToken’s vision is ‘Smarter Games for Smarter Players,’ and will look to deliver smarter games to existing and new casino players by bringing the industry together and provide a central platform for developers, gamers and gaming companies, while also giving access to the smaller independent developers who lack the reach in the existing market.

One of the key issues faced by the industry is trust, with personal data has been far from secure.

Privacy issues are resolved with JoyToken’s platform, with the blockchain technology providing anonymity that protects gamer information. JoyToken will also be taking the gaming industry to a worldwide audience, breaking down legal and regulatory barriers that existing online gaming companies face, while also drawing in millennials looking for more from their online gaming experience.

JoyToken is certainly taking things seriously with CFO of Mr. Green as their advisor and a team that consists of senior executives from bet365 and Poker Stars.

Joy Token’s sale begins on 27th February and ends on 29th March of this year, with a total supply of 700,000,000 tokens priced at $0.20 per token.

Discounts are offered to early buyers with a 50% discount offered through the currently active presale that ends on 13th February.

With JoyToken’s partnership with PlayCosmo casino, licensed in the UK, Malta, and Curacao, JoyToken’s platform will provide developers with immediate access to PlayCosmo, delivering an optimal testing environment before release to online gaming companies.

For interested parties, more information can be found on

Interview with Zeepin Founder & CEO Zhu Fei

  • How was the idea of Zeepin born?

Currently, right confirmation and protection are difficult in the creative market, which reduces the passion for innovation. The supervision and distribution mechanism for copyright assets is not complete, and users lack a trust mechanism. The centralized transaction venue is unable to adapt
to the “lightweight” innovation development trend. The opaque and untrusted transaction mode is difficult to merger into financial innovation.

Zeepin is born to solve these problems.

  • Can you explain the common people about your product?

Zeepin hopes to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem, which can be understood as a public facility in the blockchain field and has various kinds of tools (dApp) that anyone can use.

These dApps can solve the problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing. For example, the most fundamental dApp in the Zeepin community is ZeeRights that helps innovators in copyright protection, ensures tradable digital assets, and solves problems from the industrial source.

  • How does Zeepin differ from similar services? How can your innovative
    service assist the new economic development?

Zeepin has been concentrating on the development of distributed digital copyright restoration with an in-depth understanding of this industry since 2012.
Zeepin’s founder has been running a creative community for more than 15 years,
which empowers Zeepin with pragmatic experience.

Other than precious experience accrued from the past 15 years, Zeepin has also
extended its client base to a global scale covering 1.2 million creative users. It’s
way too apparent that the liquidity of Zeepin token can be maximized by the sharing of the more valuable resource. In addition, Zeepin used to cooperate with more than 200 iconic brands with accomplishing over 500 significant projects.

Zeepin, as a distributed creative industry, mirrors the true meaning of sharing,
which helps the dApps in Zeepin’s ecosystem sound more well-grounded. Among all 8 dApps, 3 dApps are finalized for testing.

Zeepin’s proven the ability to offer the powerful underlying technology depends
largely on the great rapport and cooperation established with NEO, On chain and Ontology.

Zeepin has been making further progress by the strategic partnership with some
iconic insurance brokers, financial institutions and creative groups for more
contribution to the ecosystem of Zeepin Chain.

Can you exemplify a designer life through Zeepin blockchain network?

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    • Why do you need Token Sale?
      All real-life applications and assets developed by the Zeepin team will be launched on Zeepin Chain, with ZPT to be used as tokens for this applications to support service compensation and business application arising from the Zeepin project, so as to allow ZPT to fully circulate. Our token sale starts on 18th January 2018, with ZPT tokens that can be purchased via Ethereum (ETH), NEO or Bitcoin.
  • What are your plans after ending of Token Sale?
    We are going to launch Zeepin Chain in March 2018, then a series of Dapps within the Zeepin ecosystem, including ZeeCrew, ZeeRights, ZeeCreate, ZeeTalent,
    and ZeeFund.

RepuX Ethereum Based Platform Can Solve SME’s Big Data Problem

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) having been facing a dark future, with falling margins stemming from rising borrowing and fixed costs and lengthier operating cycles being some of the issues that small and medium-sized companies have been facing of late. As the FED continues its path towards monetary policy normalization, the margins will only get tighter. Companies are in dire need of making efficiency gains elsewhere to offset the impact of narrowing margins.

RepuX is looking to address the issue faced by SME companies across the world. The blockchain platform will allow businesses to sell anonymised data for RepuX tokens and perhaps more importantly, provide a secure forum where SME’s are able to upload business statistics to enable developers to create necessary algorithms and introduce artificial intelligence systems that can provide the much-needed efficiency gains small to medium size companies need to be able to compete against the larger companies who have access to the necessary funding to keep such development capabilities in-house.

The basic concept is for SME’s, who are in need of technological upgrades, to upload their data safely, securely and anonymously on to the RepuX Ethereum-based data sharing platform.

Developers can then purchase the data from a particular company with RepuX tokens to develop the necessary customized programming and then sell the programming back to the SME.

RepuX will also have a rating mechanism in place to ensure that there are no reputational concerns for SMEs looking to take on a particular developer work.

There are certainly huge benefits to be made. It was more than a decade ago when Tesco supermarkets in the UK introduced a new vertical collaboration strategy to streamline the supply chain process using information technology. The introduction of Continuous Replenishment (“CR”) provided Tesco with the ability to submit stock orders intraday through a central batch processing unit that submitted the order at the moment an item was purchased in one of its stores. The CR program provided better inventory control and reduced stock holdings, not to mention the more efficient use of logistics and speedier sock replenishment. The technological advancements made a significant contribution to Tesco’s market share, rising from a lowly 13% to just below 30% since the introduction of the CR system and other advancements introduced to make efficiency gains to keep ahead of the competition.

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Such an enhancement for an SME would certainly be a game changer, with SME’s being offered access to IT resources through the RepuX Ethereum based platform that would normally only be available to large companies.

The access, use and redistribution of SME data through a secure platform will certainly provide support to SMEs, which are at the mercy of B2B, B2C and B2G verticals.

A shortening of the B2B invoice payment cycle alone will ease borrowing costs, not to mention enable SMEs to refocus on more technological strategies that will likely have a far greater impact on the bottom line, benefitting from the use of artificial intelligence and freeing up much-needed capital to fund marketing campaigns.

Tesco is certainly not an SME and did not benefit from the collaborative opportunities that RepuX provides. Such advancements can only be positive but will need to be embraced by both reputable developers and more prominent SMEs for the blockchain tech to be embraced.

For those interested in Repux and all that it has to offer, the Repux website has a wealth of information.