Blockchain Advertising Goes to the Real World

AdEx has made some fuss in the industry earlier this year when it held a token sale offering contributors to join its “decentralized ad network” that would tackle problems found in its classic counterparts, meaning expensiveness, intrusiveness, and utter lack of transparency when it comes to monetization.

The company’s campaign was a success, but it didn’t stop at that. Partnership and collaboration agreements with numerous other blockchain-oriented companies that deal with videos and content distribution soon followed.

A week ago, however, AdEx went beyond the cozy shell of the blockchain world when it announced its cooperation with Ink, a global travel media company that serves dozens of companies around the world with magazines you find onboard airplanes, travel apps, flight documents, and so forth.

This alone has marked a notable instance of a blockchain-based company entering the real sector of the economy.

According to the agreement between the companies, Ink was going to sell 1 million ad spaces on boarding passes of easyJet, one of Europe’s biggest airlines that services around 800 routes in 31 countries, via AdEx network over an auction.

AdEx handled the auction process itself while Ink and easyJet decided on whose bids were winning.

The auction was successful, and three companies will now place their ads on the boarding passes covering a million people in one go.

This is a giant step for us as it bridges travel media, advertising, and blockchain to offer advertisers, even more, opportunities for reaching their desired target audiences,” AdEx CEO Ivo Georgiev said commenting the auction.

As it turned out, the companies only tested the waters with their auction as they have recently announced there will be another one this December.

Unlike its predecessor, it won’t be open for everyone and will use a prearranged list of bidders which have to apply for bidding at AdEx’s website, and, if successful, receive an invitation to participate.

While it’s obviously too early to draw any conclusions, it seems that the world of advertising has finally started embracing blockchain. This could lead to a major breakthrough for the technology that is currently associated only with finance and cryptocurrencies. This example proves that its field of applicability goes way beyond that. As it offers cheaper advertisement, precise targeting, and transparent monetization, it might be only a matter of time when every ad you see online or in the real life is in fact profoundly blockchainized.

TelexAI Launches a Crypto Trading Chatbot on Telegram

TeleX AI’s initial coin offering got underway on 21st November and investors can benefit from the lack of fees on transactions during the initial coin offering period. Following the token sale, each trade will have a fee payable in TeleX AI tokens, which will ultimately be TeleX AI’s main revenue stream.

For those looking to invest into TeleX AI’s project to simplify trading across the cryptocurrencies, by removing the arduous process of registering with an exchange and creating a wallet, you can register with your email address at the TeleX AI’s presale page and deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum to the addresses displayed in the user panel.

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For investors looking to carry out some due diligence on the company, TeleX AI received a 91% Low-Risk score on an independent audit report, the report readily available on TeleXAI site.

We would also advise prospective investors to join TeleX AI’s Telegram Group to keep up to date on the Company and its progress with the chatbox and the ICO.

TeleX AI tokens will be in limited supply, with the initial coin offering extending over a 30-day period. TeleX AI’s use of artificial intelligence and a simplistic trading platform is certainly a first mover in the market and will likely become standard in the years ahead, as investors look for a more user-friendly trading platforms.

For more information, please visit their website or email

CRYPTO20 – The First Tokenized and Autonomous Crypto Index Fund

The cryptocurrency revolution continues and as market caps continue to rise, the big question for investors is into which cryptocurrency they should invest.

In the equity markets, there are a plethora of index funds that provide investors with a blended return across sectors and geographies, whilst also offering exposure to the major indexes across the global financial market footprint. The index business that has been developed over the years by the likes of the MSCI and Standard and Poor’s has been a lucrative one. So it is with little surprise that the cryptoworld is exploring successful offerings from the mature financial markets in order to deliver cryptocurrency investors with similar investment solutions. The advancements indicate that the cryptoworld is in a big hurry to catch up and, with the benefit of hindsight, has a best practices platform from the financial markets to springboard from.

CRYPTO20 fills the gap in the cryptomarkets. CRYPTO20 is a crypto index fund that will use ICO funding to buy the underlying crypto assets. As a first mover, there is no better time to deliver an index fund when considering the number of cryptocurrencies that have entered the market.

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. The headline grabbers continue to be Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, but there are others.

C20 gives the investor an opportunity to access the cryptoworld, without having to work out which cryptocurrency is good for today, tomorrow and further down the road.

Following the recent record-breaking runs across the major indexes in the U.S, there’s been plenty of debate over whether to go for an actively managed fund or passive index trackers, which have significantly lower fees, whilst on many occasions deliver better returns net of fees to the investor.

C20 makes perfect sense to those that are cryptocurrency agnostic and just want to be in on the action on the hope that this new asset class is more than just a bubble. As one would expect, C20 also provides the necessary trading platforms and analysis for investors and prospective investors via its fund investor platform.

The good news for those looking to get in on the action is the fact that there will be no broker fees, no exit fees, no minimum investment while providing investors with full control over their assets. It comes as no surprise that blockchain technology will be the added bonus for investors, blockchain giving investors full transparency.

With cryptocurrencies traded 24/7, C20 tokens will also be tradable 24 hours a day and with annual fees of just 0.5% per annum, they are significantly less than traditional actively managed funds that invest in the more nascent asset classes.

If the fees are not enough of an enticement, it’s worth noting that C20 tokens are directly tied to the underlying assets with a unique liquidation option in the smart contract, which protects the asset price. This ultimately ensures that the asset price will never fall below the token’s share of the underlying asset.

C20 is registered as an LLC in the Cayman Islands, a common domicile for investment vehicles and is expected to flatten the volatility seen across the cryptocurrencies with the benefit of a blended portfolio.

We can officially announce that CRYPTO20 has successfully completed the first rebalancing procedure weeks ahead of schedule. This includes a website update so that you can track the fund value and composition in real-time. CRYPTO20 is fully operational and hold the top 20 cryptocurrency assets by market cap, weighted by our data-science optimized hyperparameters.



TelexAI Takes Cryptocurrency Trading to the Next Level with an AI Chatbot

As momentum continues to build in the initial coin offering market, there are some particularly innovative products that are looking to raise funds through the ICO market.

One that has garnered the attention of late is TeleX AI. Unlike the advancements made in the traditional financial markets, the cryptomarket has yet to see the trading platform evolution. Telex AI is looking to change that.

The team at TeleX AI has developed a trading platform that sits on an instant messenger application known as Telegram. The telegram may not be as widely known as WhatsApp or WeChat, but is nonetheless likely to revolutionize those looking for easy access to the cryptocurrency markets, with Telegram being widely used within the cryptoworld.

It’s not just the Telegram component of the interface for trading that is considered revolutionary, however. TeleX AI is taking advantage of the chatbot revolution to take away the current interfaces that users have to tackle when making simple cryptocurrency trades.

Telex AI’s goal is to simplify the trading process for those, not only actively trading cryptocurrencies but also for those looking to enter the fray.

Telex AI will remove the need for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies to scour the numerous exchanges and go through the registration process. For the user, orders are placed by conversations on the Telegram app that are then processed by the chatbot, which interacts with cryptocurrency exchanges and processes the trade.

Gone will be the days of having to work out which exchange is the best exchange to trade on, how to create a wallet and get to grips with the importance of private keys and the difference between private and public keys. Users will also less be susceptible to theft and the ever-present risk of fraud, which remains one of the key concerns for those looking to enter the crypto world.

One thing is certain, TeleX AI will allow the less technologically savvy investor to enter the market and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

For now the simplicity of the first phase of Telex AI will likely provide the developers with the platform to make significant advancements in the years ahead, not to mention open the cryptocurrency world to those that have wanted to get in on the action, but have been put off by the arduous procedures required by exchanges that aren’t even regulated.

The recent record-breaking runs in Bitcoin have created significantly more interest in cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin, not the only cryptocurrency making headlines. Litecoin and Ripple are alternatives and are considerably more reasonably valued for the new investors and there are many more.

For existing holders of Bitcoin and the others, the big question would be whether TeleX AI’s capabilities will, in fact, widen the net and attract even more investors, not to mention increase trading volumes across the variety of cryptocurrencies on offer. Such a capability is not only needed but is a necessity and we will expect investors to embrace the trading platform.

TeleX AI’s token sale to raise funds, through an initial coin offering, kicks off on 21st November 2017 and tokens will be limited, ensuring that the value of TeleX AI tokens is directly correlated with the success of the platform in the cryptoworld.

If prospective investors have any doubt over the IC and TeleX AI, it received a 91% low-risk score from an independent audit report.

Interview with Can Soysal, Telex AI Managing Director

Telex AI has managed to bring artificial intelligence into the financial markets and in particular, the cryptocurrencies trading. With its innovative chatbot that is based on Telegram, Telex AI will issue a token sale that starts on November 21st. We will learn more about Telex AI from company’s managing director, Can Soysal. 

  • How was the idea of TelexAI born?

As a person who is quite interested in and mostly critical of the most funded initiatives and their business ideas within the cryptocurrency space, what I found missing among all the abundance of cutting-edge hi-tech innovations was something that would not only be a mixture of the latest novelties and trends but also brings them down to earth by making them accessible to public and keeping clear of their complexity. So I began thinking along those lines. The public involvement in cryptocurrency market is rapidly increasing, which is why I thought it would be best to direct our attention to their needs.

Meanwhile, I was following many Telegram channels/groups and already knew that it’s gaining traction within the cryptocurrency community. Many cryptocurrency projects use Telegram groups to communicate, and there are many trading signals/analysis/discussion groups. Telegram is also used as a communication line among traders to make trades on a peer-to-peer basis. As I witnessed those developments, the demand seemed obvious – and the market research coming after that confirmed the hypothesis. Thus I told this idea to a few friends, with whom we then started the project.

  • Can you explain the common people about your product?

If I am to explain our product, those whom I believe you referred as “common people” would be the ones who understand it best, because the evergrowing non-tech savvy part of the cryptocurrency community is our primary target.

I would explain TeleX AI in plain English as follows: You want to buy cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to buy? You have bought cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to store? You already use cryptocurrencies but are tired of complicated interfaces with an alien terminology? For all these purposes, you don’t need anything other than a Facebook account. With our services, you will be able to store, use, and exchange cryptocurrencies on Facebook Messenger. How so? TeleX AI is an artificial intelligence powered chatbot; you add it as a contact and you talk to it. You say ‘I want to buy this much from that coin’ and it buys for you from other people who want to sell. Your coins are attached to your Facebook account, and by chatting with the bot, you may transfer them to others, no matter if they use TeleX AI or not. Currently, Facebook Messenger integration is not in place; the chatbot lives on Telegram. In the future, apart from Facebook Messenger, there will be Siri and Genie integrations as well. Is it secure, though? Short answer: It is as secure as to convince many banks to provide money transmission services through chatbots.

Although our primary target is non-sophisticated users, our services may also provide significant benefit to experienced cryptocurrency traders. Especially with the advanced features such as paid high-quality trading signal subscriptions, TeleX AI will be a friend in everyone’s contact list. Also, we think about providing the same services in traditional markets such as FX. “Buy me two lots of EURGBP at the market price, Telex, and close my other Euro position. / -Your EURUSD position is closed. Two lots of EURGBP bought at this price”. This is how we think the future trader might deal in the markets.

  • How does TelexAI differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist TelexAI’s clients?

The primary services offered by TeleX AI are the ones which every cryptocurrency user already uses, namely, wallet and exchange services. The competitive advantage of TeleX AI will be its unparalleled ease of use and convenience.

  • Why do you need Token Sale?

Our token sale employs an example of what I call revenue tokenization. Without the tokens, the revenue of TeleX AI would be in BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies in which the users pay a fee. We abstracted our revenue and tokenized it, thus it made us available to accept ‘pre-orders.’ With cryptocurrencies involved, our example is complex. As a clearer example, think of a carpenter who wants to open her shop to make and sell wooden boxes but who lacks the capital to attain the means of production. She then takes pre-orders; in other words, she sells the boxes before she makes them. To do this, in exchange for the money she receives, she gives the creditors a token with which they can redeem boxes later. The tokens, in this case, is just like in-store currencies or casino chips. Our case is no different than that; we will provide services and accept TLX as payment, and we are selling TLX before they are actually usable – thus, a presale.

How TLX differs from in-store currencies is that in-store currencies are just one way of payment, whereas TLX will be the only way of payment. How TLX differs from casino chips is that the issuer of casino chips has practically an unlimited supply of chips, so it is not expected for casino chips to rise in price, whereas the total supply of TLX is limited, so it may have a floating price, thereby opening the gates for speculative operations. I am aware that I did not directly answer the question, but I hope these explanations have made it clear about the token sale.

  • How do You predict your service can change cryptocurrency trading?

I expect and hope that TeleX AI will bring a new breath to the cryptocurrency community by enabling everyone to be a participant. Payments through chat applications that are already happening and gaining traction – we will bring in crypto to this game and this amounts to a very significant step towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.